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Improving Your Hearing Improves Your Quality of Life

Hearing loss affects 27 million Americans. Hearing loss is a condition that, in most cases, develops gradually — many people do not realize they are affected. Fortunately, modern hearing care has become more aware of the symptoms of hearing loss. This increased awareness has helped millions hear better and enjoy life more.

Undetected but Significant 

Hearing is one of the basic ways we communicate and interact with each other. Undetected hearing loss can have serious consequences. According to an independent survey, older people with undetected hearing loss are more likely to report depression, anxiety, paranoia, emotional problems, and reduced social activity. The survey concluded that seniors who treat their hearing loss have better relationships with their families, improved mental health, greater independence, and stronger feelings of security.

Warning Signs  

Although hearing loss is a very personal condition, the symptoms of hearing loss are fairly consistent. The following are warning signs of hearing loss:

  • People seem to mumble more frequently
  • You hear, but have trouble understanding all the words in conversation
  • You often ask people to repeat themselves
  • You find telephone conversation increasingly difficult
  • Your family or friends complain that you play the TV or radio too loudly
  • You no longer hear normal household sounds like the ringing of a doorbell
  • You have difficulty understanding conversation when in a large group or crowd

If you experience these warning signs repeatedly or in combination, it may indicate a hearing loss.

The Only Way to Know For Sure

Hearing loss itself can be misunderstood. A hearing screening provides an accurate evaluation of what you’re hearing and what you’re not.

Testing Is Available for Free

Beltone offers free hearing screenings at their 1500 hearing care centers throughout the nation. If you’re interested, please call toll-free 1-866-735-8333 for the nearest location.

AMAC, Inc. recommends that you always consult your personal physician before making any health care decisions.


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I commented on a couple of comments above. I have hearing aids that have a remote control which gives me better control of sound, background noise, cell phone, television, etc. When my cell phone rings or I make a call, I hear it through my hearing aids which shuts out all other noise and I speak through the remote control. I have to say this is the best feature of the remote otherwise I could not hear on the cell phone at all even with hearing aids. You can do the same for the land line except if the remote is turned on the phone will always go to the hearing aids when it is answered, not good if there are other people in the home. Also the television works the same way, I hear through the hearing aids and it shuts out all other sound, I am not a… Read more »


I don’t hear as well as I used to. I got the candle wax at the Wild Oats and followed instructions. The wax build up was hugh when I unrolled the last of the candle. There was some still there so I went to the ear doctor for the rest of it. Made all the difference in the world. I can hear a lot better and not so much mumbling.I also use a Neti Pot to keep the sinuses open. Maybe it is mind over matter – OK with me. I can hear better.


I feel that all hearing aids are way overpriced. Compare their cost versus other modern electronics such as MP3 players ….

Al of Mountain View

I have tried 4 different types of hearing aids. No have worked. Do you have any suggestion/recommendention for a natural method (i.e, stem cell)?
Thanks, al

Doris Ehlenfeldt

My friend is the caregiver of her 90 yr old father and disabled (wheelchair bound) 39 yr old son.
She has an extreme hearing loss. She is not able to be employed,so there are no funds for hearing aids.
It’s a terrible situation since she is always concerned for fear of not hearing a call for help.
Do you have any suggestions.that would help remedy this situation?

Thank you,

Joe Watkins

Have to admit, my symptoms are all of the above+ – Could use some specific advice.

virginia cook

Would like AMAC’s recommendations on the best hearing aids and some guidance in buying them. My husband really needs to upgrade his. Thank you


Hearing aids today are quite sophisticated – smaller and lighter as well as including different functions for various environments such as normal, tv listening or crowded resteraunts. A person need not miss what is going on if they will just have their hearing tested.


Hearing aids are very good now – smaller, lighter and more functional. The price varies by the sophistication of the individual device. The drawback is the price. Some, by Oticon, have different programs for normal, noisy environments, or tv listening. I have had two pair over 6 years and am very active in my late 60s.

Sandy Moss

I have interviewd several hearing facilities and there is a huge difference in price for what they are trying to tell me I need.
My question is what are the “bells and whistles” I really need, and how do I get to the bottom line when it comes to making this very costly investment in hearing aides.

George Albanese

Our traditions should be maintained to preserve the American way of life