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House Passes Bill to Repeal Death Tax – Thank You AMAC Members for Responding to Our Call to Action!


Hello AMAC Member,

ACTION ALERT: On Thursday, April 16, 2015, the U.S. House of Representatives will be voting to repeal the death tax permanently. As a strong supporter of H.R. 1105, the “Death Tax Repeal Act of 2015,” AMAC needs your help to ensure this bill is passed!

Death should not be a taxable event. Grieving families should not be forced to pay a tax on their loved one’s life savings, which were already taxed when the income was originally earned.

The death tax imposes substantial costs on small businesses and hard-working Americans. The death tax is responsible for closing the doors of many family farms and ranches and is the reason that more than 70 percent of family-owned businesses do not survive to the second generation.

Repealing the death tax will lead to increased economic activity and federal revenue. When owners are given the chance to reinvest in their businesses and hire more workers, the economy, the government, and the American people stand to benefit in the long run.

One thing is clear: Americans deserve better.

Please lend your voice to this significant debate by sending an email and/or calling your Representative. Tell your Congressman to stop government overreach by voting to repeal the death tax once and for all!


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7 years ago

I think the social security benefits should go only to the ones that have paid into the benefit and the Family
young children and wife’s
the ones that didn’t pay in should not see a dime of it

Marsha Torgeson
7 years ago


Steven T.
7 years ago

Yes Death to The Person or Person being willed/left anything of value so you have to sell it to pay the taxes!

7 years ago

do you all really want to know what is going on. helpless us seniors have to take reverse mortgages and have sometimes all or huge amounts of their home sale equity go to pay it all back. why cannot my generation have a benefit of their parents inheritance to their children. why has this country worked so hard to quash every and any things to help middle income americans get a financial break like “so many” all get when they go to Washington to “NOT DO” what we elected them all to do. the Rebublican party is now officially basterized themselves after yesterdays nonsense with the constition’s treaty item that they shit headedly allowed this awful Pres to get away with; we need the conservative party to flourish…………….we need it now……………….Hillary cannot be president. if Americans do not wake up we are in worse trouble down the pike.
my comment is this, please AMAC do all you can to stop the death tax.

Diane Hinz
7 years ago

why do we have pay taxes even when we are dead what is the matter with you guys awayI think it is time to end these taxes to us we are taxed to death now think about it before and by the way it is time to get rid of obama you do any
yuou guys have to stop him about our banking he want to run it for all of us.

Donna Sliger
7 years ago

I believe it is WRONG!! If those in government had to actually abide by the laws they passed themselves, we would be living in much better conditions!! Social Security and Estate Taxes….Money Hungry government. Like spoiled children….wanting what is there before them and everybody else’s also!! Just can’t seem to understand you BUDGET for a reason. Guess that is why they keep robbing the people who DO work responsibly and give to those who DON’T….government included!!

Robert R Peterson
7 years ago

I have said this for years, when is this tax going to stop!

7 years ago

$5,430,000 …… that’s $5 million 4 hundred 30 thousand dollars is what your estate would have to worth before paying a tax on the EXCESS OVER $5,430,000. Get it! Only the excess is taxable.

How many members of AMAC have that high of a gross estate for federal income tax purposes?

Seniors spend your time writing to your congressional representative about strengthening your Social Security benefits and Medicare benefits. Not about something that only benefits the upper 20% of income earners.

7 years ago
Reply to  PaulO

The death tax is a tax on those who are extraordinarily successful and are able to make money which they SHOULD be able to bequeath to their heirs. That money does not belong to the government and should not be seized by the government. Money seized by the government is spent on government projects which do not generate economic expansion or any real benefits to most people.

In reference to Social Security, I think we all want to see Social Security strengthened. In fact there are several proposals from many different entities, including AMAC, which are being presented on that very subject. If we can get the federal politicians to stop raiding Social Security to pay for votes, that would be a big step to saving it. In addition, we have to fight the idea that is being touted by some that Social Security is an “entitlement”. Social Security is basically an insurance program which working Americans are required to contribute to. For those of us who have paid into Social Security all our adult lives, it is an earned benefit, not an entitlement.

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