Impeachment Proceedings – Profound Strategic Error


Like finding Cold Fusion, the Northwest Passage, or Big Foot, impeachment is a consuming passion – a fixation for House Democrats.  Any sighting, inapt combination of words, or excuse to push the gamble is ample.  Note: That is not how most Americans feel – and it is their money being squandered.   

A non-partisan Pew poll, taken September 19th, found Congress is the least trusted institution in America.  Only four percent believe Congress is effective, only 12 percent believe members care, and only 16 percent believe they act ethically.  That should be a wake-up call, but Congress stumbles on.

This week’s pitch for impeachment proceedings – based on an innocuous call between President Trump and Ukraine’s President – ups the ante.  This rush to judgment may be the most profound strategic error in living memory.  In short, Democrats have overplayed their hand.  They are wrong, and some know it.

Around the country, a swelling sense of indignation is afoot.  Americans want their Congress to govern, not play “gotcha” – especially not with impeachment.  Respect for Congress is plummeting, if that is possible.  According to the Pew study, only four percent believe Congress is held accountable for lapses.  One can only wonder where this will lead. 

As the storm gathers, there is growing disbelief at House Democrats’ impeachment-mania.  In their first year, House leaders achieved nothing – except to inflame public opinion with press conferences, hearings and wild accusations.  The entire, wasteful Mueller mess came to nothing.  Appropriations bills remain unpassed, the US-Mexico-Canada trade deal languishes, border wall is unfunded. 

Objectively, House Democrats have tilted hard left.  They mistake and misstate US and world history, misunderstand economics, show no grasp of tax law, and misuse the public trust.  They allow their caucus to become a bullhorn for socialism, anti-democratic, anti-capitalist, anti-constitutional ideas, like Medicare-for-all and “the green new deal.”  These departures from American tradition are ill-conceived, unworkable, and cost 30 trillion dollars each – over the existing 23 trillion-dollar national debt.

Since we must, consider the impeachment gambit.  A “complaint” – which may prove unworthy of whistleblower protection – was filed by an anonymous intelligence staffer, based on rumors heard, alleging facts proven untrue, and implicating a former Democratic vice president. 

An overzealous House, desperate for an impeachment trial, did not await legal process. They did not allow the Inspector General, Director of National Intelligence, Attorney General and White House Counsel to consider Executive Privilege, then release complaint and transcript.  They pounced.

House Democrats opted for a bum’s rush, started impeachment proceedings – no full House vote, no dialogue, just venting of spleen.  They did so despite White House release of the complaint and transcript, no redactions, restrictions or claims of Executive Privilege.   The transcript rebuts the hearsay complaint, but on comes the rush – facts notwithstanding.  Have you ever seen such an irresponsible act? 

Never mind that impeachment is, by definition, a constitutional process that imposes an incalculable burden on the nation.  It pits institutions against each other, was considered an extreme remedy for “high crimes,” divides parties and inflames passions, disunifies the nation, destroys any hope of legislation, upends regular order, and can paralyze national security.  

Who in their right mind would choose this course – unless forced by a high crime?  But there is no high crime.  The transcript disproves allegations of extortion; there is no indication of threats to withhold monies for personal gain – as a former vice president did when coercing the same government to fire a prosecutor investigating his son.  President Trump withheld nothing, threatened to withhold nothing, and the transcript shows that clearly.

So, what did the President do? He conducted an open-ended conversation with a foreign leader about a range of topics, including concerns over potential illegalities by a former US official – under Ukrainian and perhaps also American law.  Is that a high crime?  Hard to see how.  

Since everything this president does is misinterpreted – and this is the third time a confidential call with a foreign leader has been leaked – he might better have let the Attorney General, Secretary of State, or Ambassador seek legal clarifications.  But not doing so hardly seems cause for impeachment.  

To understand congressional intent, consult last week’s hearing.  The House Intelligence Committee glibly misrepresented the call transcript.   Taken to task, they claimed “parody” – but that is not how it came across.  Let’s be clear:  Impeachment is no joke, no painless process, no game.  It is deadly serious – and should not be subject to “parody” by a committee chairman.   

Then, House Democrats tried to slip a Watergate mickey into the record, and not subtly – saying delayed release was a “cover up.”  Only neither the complaint nor transcript were withheld – and neither redacted, thus no cover-up.  Having lived through Watergate, this is no Watergate.  Everything was released – to Congress and the public.    

This farce is worse than the last.  The so-called non-partisan whistleblower not only got facts wrong but enlisted a partisan lawyer to trot out legalese to obscure a material fact – that the whistleblower knew no material facts.  

Any lawyer worth their salt knows what happens to a hearsay complaint, where nothing is known, false facts are alleged, and interpreting them against the accused produces no claim – that complaint is dismissed. 

Congress should know something:  All this smoke and mirrors, hype and gripe, does not escape Americans.  They are not stupid, even if House leaders think so.  They may not be constitutional scholars, but they know when they are being played – and they resent it. 

The impeachment game has gone too far.  Taxpayers’ money and time are being squandered.  House Democrats overplayed.  They are wrong, and some know it.  This may be the most profound strategic error by a US House in living memory.  I guess, we will see.  What we will not see- is what does not exist, namely grounds for impeachment.  

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Just what has the House of Representatives accomplished in the last 3 years? NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE! With shiftless Schiff, Parody Pelosi and The Squad among others, they have done nothing for the American people. Please, Please remember this when you vote in 2020. President Trump is draining the swamp and with our help at the voting booth, we can rid our country of these evil, blood sucking scum that inhabit the House of Representatives.


It is truly sad to see how far that Congress has devolved. What little they do does not justify their ripe salaries and pensions. It has become clear that no matter what one party says or does, the other is sure to object. No matter what Trump does, some ridiculously stupid Congress person will spin it so it was a vile thing to do or say. Seriously wish there was a way to throw them all out and start over.


Someone should start a running tally of what the dim-wittocrats folly total is costing the American taxpayer from the beginning of the FBI/DOJ/DNC smear campaign in 2016 until current date. Maybe the DNC could then be handed the bill for their indulgences.


We need term limits. Polosi has been languishing in Washington forever. We need her OUT, home to play with her great grandchildrens’ puppets and not with the citizens of this Country. As I see it, the Democratic Party’s actions will actually increase the resolve of the voting citizenry to support the Republican Party. Like the article above says, we see right through their – Democrats – actions. They are out to get President Trump by hook or by crook, and we won’t stand for it! He is my President and I support him 100 per cent.

Gary W Miller

I think that impeaching the entire congress would be in order.

Dean Brittain

Well said. Nuff said. Vote all lying Democrats out in 2020


Hypocrites, the Dems in entirety in Congress are phonies and hypocrites. Some might respect them if any single voice of concern had been raised with the Bidens “energy” involvements using the powerful seat of the Vice President of the United States, or Clinton’s “uranium” involvements using the power of the Secretary of State of the USA that enriched these Dems in the millions and millions of dollars. Congress’s Democrats and shamefully a Rino or two, their actions, spending taxpayer money to unseat an opponent duly empowered through legitimate processes to perform his job as President, if transpiring in corporate America by a corporate board member or members, would be subject to criminal prosecution.


The Dems are Addicted to impeachment. They wanted to impeach the President when election put him there, then it was Justice Kavanaugh, and again with President Trump. The Democrat led house is so desperate for some kind of success or achievement, they willingly create a scenario, even lie or imply a crime committed in order to keep Dem power. Sad. Totally unethical, but it is just one example of the (lack of) values they represent. Worst part is that taxpayers not only fund their undeserved salaries but also fund this ridiculous drama being produced with complete support by the mainstream media. Unfortunately too many uninformed voters are brainwashed by media. I hope we outnumber those!

Pam Robbins

Great article. I just wish the main stream media would follow up with an interview of you.


I think they are doing a great job!…of being communists. We used to study that term in Civics class during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and were trained to be wary of any unwarranted criticism, especially of our nation’s great leader. But this lost generation of power-mongering idiots ignores history and former teachings. Just show me the buck! Oh, and let’s not forget what a great job Obama did of gunking up the system and sending us back to the race riots of the 60’s and undoing generations of good will. And he’s still doing it. I’ll bet he learned that in Hawaii, where he was born. Yeah, right. That one just won’t go down and stay down. Spare the rod and spoil the child as the old saying goes. But since nobody goes to jail for slander or liable anymore, the press is allowed to be a cesspool of… Read more »

Paul DAscenz

I’m sick and tired of hearing about Impeaching President Trump. Why, the Hell aren’t the Democrats doing the jobs, that’s Serving the American People!!! To Hell with The Democrats!!!!

Linda Hutson

Pelosi, said yesterday that IMPEACHMENT would be worth LOSING the HOUSE OVER! Well, I think we can Accommodate her. With all we had to put up with these past 3 years and the total waste of millions of our tax dollars chasing phony Dossiers, Russians, Stormy, this lastest fiasco is a NEW LOW even for the Democrats. The same Lawfare Alliance group that put together the phony Russian dossier, along with the OCCRP/Open Society/Soros and others have put this Schiff Dossier together! It’s all in the footnotes of the “ complaint “. Just follow where and to whom it leads! If I had not left the Democrat Party years ago, I would be RUNNING away now.


It is time for U. S. A. voters to insist on term limits for Congressional Representatives and Senators. Representatives should serve no more than 6 years and Senators no more than 12 years. Also, Congress should pass a law to stop receipt of salaries at the end of 4 years after the expiration of their last term.

stephen russell

Impeachment= Vendetta, only, vs past events for, Clinton etc.
Pure vendetta folks, Dems HATE US that much.
House votes Yea, Senate votes No, Zero results, now what will Dems do Next?
Cant Re Impeach?
Civil War bloody next.
IF lose Impeachment

Bo Dalton

I seriously enjoyed Robert Charles’s factual article and hope to see more like it !. How do we get a bunch of “Brain Dead” Socialists to read it or then understand what the American people are really thinking ?


The Destruction Party
Church: EPA
Heaven: WEALTH at the expense of others
Religion: SEX
Sacrament: ABORTION
Hymns: Racism and Bigotry. Anti-guns. False Accusations. I’m a victim. You are a raciest.
Smear. Guilty until proven innocent. Impeachment. Intimidate. Defend the Swamp. Open the Borders. Attack Law enforcement. Demonstrate. Destroy property. Insult all Christians and white men. Harbor no remorse. Only my biases and politic matters. What Morals. History does not matter. Political Correctness. Rights and Freedoms come from government not GOD.
Catechism: Make laws from the bench. Destroy the Constitution. Oppose all vintage of Capitalism and Conservatism. Attack Free Speech. DNA of HATE. Global warming. Define deviancy down. NO guns.
Worship: Every day. Every Hour.
Objectives: Freedom and Justice are an illusion. Public opinion overrules Truth. Facts do not matter. Search and Destroy.
The Bible: Rules for Radicals.



Such a continued experience waste of taxpayers’ money. Our Democratic Congress is totally inept on everything pertaining to our laws.


Is there no crimes being committed, conspired and falsely filled that these mutinous Democrats are committing?


Who in their right mind would choose impeachment – unless forced by a high crime? Maybe there is a high crime – but it remains swept under the rug and they do not want it exposed?

Dr. Ray Looker

This type of action began with the Clinton Administration when the harlot and the DOJ conspired to take way the Constitutional Rights of Innocent American Citizens so that the Clinton Administration could secure the progressive Liberal agenda, to weaken the Constitutional Rights of the American people. Creating ficticious crimes to destroy their opponents to which the FBI and the DOJ moved in concert to eliminate and even terminate those who opposed Hillary and her Billy Boy. I ran for the House of Delegates in WV and called for individual responsibility and accountability in government, and moved against the Clinton (Hillary) Health Care Bill. Within 2 years, actually it took the FBI 16 months to create enough false evidence to send me to federal prison for 20 years. By use of a well paid Agent Provocateur to create false evidence by mandate of President Clinton and Hillary and the DOJ ,… Read more »