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The white house has decided to completely refuse to comply with what it calls an illegitimate inquiry. Also, new lies by Senator Elizabeth Warren are revealed. Finally, the bias behind the whistleblower reports brings light to the continued attempts to remove the president from office.

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The problem Elizabeth Warren has is the same problem all compulsive liars have – she can’t keep track of her lies. It’s difficult to keep a history of lies straight.


Trump is greatest president ever!!!




Bring troups home—patrol borders & streets—destroy illegal drugs


Trump has done amazing things, I know he is bating them with his tweets but I can’t stand it. he’s lowering himself to their level and brings on more hate from the media and other party. he can’t seem to keep employees or officers. I do NOT believe that talking to Ukraine was bad. I want a full investigation of Biden and his son who was dishonorable discharged for drugs; making 50,000 a month for doing nothing and what he got from the Chinese besides, while his dad was VP and making treaties with them and then holding up the funds until they fired their investigator that was going into the company that paid Hunter 50,000 a month. And that was on film with him saying about holding up the funds. But they blame Trump for holding up funds??? With have Biden on air saying it out of his own… Read more »


Its long past the time when the democrats get back to doing the job that they are paid to do,help AMERICA recover from nonobamba and his AMERICA killing agenda.Leave our President alone.Your corruption will come out eventually anyway,whether its President Trump or someone else.You democrats and rinos should be very concerned,because what goes around will eventually come around,TO HAUNT YOU.


Bring our troops home! Haven’t former presidents promised the same thing?? Go! Mr, President!!


“keep our DEMOCRACY alive and well”. Really? I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the DEMOCFRACY (?) for which it stands………….. Democracies are mob rule by 51% or more of the people. C’mon AMAC


Pelosi means, that protecting the liberal criminal leakers is important to the partisan prosecution to unseat a fairly elected president. There are no “whistleblowers.” There are traitorous, lying leakers.

John Hubbard

Hon much does it cost


This is and has been under the Mueller investigation a coup detat against a sitting president which makes it a treasonous act. ALL involved should be indicted and dealt with as treason carries the death penalty.

Mark Meshay

On the whole Trump is a complete failure. He’s broken more of his campaign promises that he’s kept He lied and lied to get us to vote for him. the Kushner’s run the White House and push their liberal programs on us through the back door. Tens of thousands of Muslims who risk death if they assimilate into our culture have been allowed into this country via the back door of Obama’s UN refugee programs which Trump could stop with an executive order overnight but he won’t. Welcome to Somaliopolis Minnesota . Frankly we don’t need a wall we need land mines and a shoot to kill order but he doesn’t have the balls to pull that off either.