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Impeachment Forever? No, Abuse of Impeachment Forever

Impeachment power abuseWhat is the bottom line on this impeachment? Compliments of an overwrought US House, frustrated by a popular, effective, patriotic president, the American people are about to suffer their third presidential impeachment trial in 200 years.

Truth is, we are witnessing a majority abuse the constitutional impeachment process.  Every American who watched House impeachment hearings knows they were partisan and unfair.  Due process was hardly honored.

Americans know witness interrogation was conducted in secret, misusing an intelligence committee. They know House staff were complicit in shaping the “whistleblower complaint.”   They know it was hearsay, violating traditional complaint forms.

They know the presidential inquiry behind that complaint turned on potential criminal conduct by a former vice president.  They know his son was implicated, and legal justification existed for the inquiry.  They know a US treaty allows cooperation on potential crimes.  They know Congress ignored the facts.

They know Congress violated sworn oaths.  The majority of “investigating” Democrats are lawyers – sworn to uphold due process and abide civil and criminal procedure, which they did not.  In this, they also violated their congressional oath.  These Democrats imagine Americans don’t notice, only they do.  Ends do not justify means in a constitutional democracy.  Americans care about fairness.

Far from “fair and impartial,” House Democrats ignored points of order, procedure, and meritorious questions, silenced political opponents, and ditched 200 years of precedent.  They refused to discuss the whistleblower and who drafted the complaint.  They misstated facts, lofted false narratives, overplayed witnesses, stopped exculpatory evidence, and thrust a partisan “impeachment” on America.

After the first partisan impeachment of a president, they howled with pride and strutted with condescension.  These are not behaviors Americans take pride in.  They do not confer confidence.

Now, the miscarriage continues.  A Democratic House Speaker is on talk shows laughing.  Having wrapped herself in near-religious solemnity signing the articles, she now gloats.  Seeming to take pride in one-upping a president she despises, she preened.  The spectacle, embarrassing to watch, possessed an adolescent pie-in-the-face cockiness to it.  Headline: “Pelosi gleefully reminds Trump he’s ‘impeached forever’ during appearance on Bill Maher Show.”

Asked how she converted from “reluctant” to “no choice,” she cheerfully asserted “the president was self-impeaching almost every single day.”  Laughter.  Interesting invention – this idea of self-impeaching presidents – and now “every day,” not just on one phone call seeking legal cooperation.

Questioned about the absence of moral authority behind this impeachment – “being impeached is a bad thing, right?” – she exclaimed “and you’re impeached forever!”  In effect, gotcha!  To gild the lily, she added: “If I knew the president was listening, I would want him to know that he is impeached forever!”

To reassure forgetful Americans:  “Because he used the office of president to try to influence a foreign country for his personal and political benefit and doing so, he undermined our national security, he was disloyal to his oath of office to protect the Constitution and he placed in jeopardy the integrity of our election” – presumably, the next one.

This spectacle is wrong in so many ways.  Not only were due process, civil procedure, historic precedent, statute and treaties ignored to fashion bogus articles of impeachment, which should make them void ab initio, but the claims are factually inaccurate.

In April 2018, President Trump delivered 100 percent more military aid to the Ukraine – prior to any phone call – than President Obama ever did.  Trump delivered javelin missiles and launchers, receiving a thank you from then-president Poroshenko.

In June 2019, President Trump announced another $250 million in defense aid for Ukraine, plus $141 million from State.  As in similar situations, all Administrations have wanted accountability.  Trump wanted assurances the new government was serious about past, present and future public corruption.  He wanted assurances on taxpayer dollars.  He wanted parallel aid from lagging European allies.

To be clear, the president had a legal right to ask these assurances – and proof of seriousness about public corruption, protection of tax dollars, and European participation.  He could delay funding on such bases without violating the Impoundment or Anti-Deficiency Act.  History is replete with similar examples.  Moreover, any US Senator can “hold” funds to allies – for any undisclosed reason – and they do.   Democratic Senator Patrick Lahey (D-VT), for example, held up security aid to Colombia.

Moreover, the President’s asserted delay was short, well within requirements affirmed by GAO in 1974 for compliance with the Anti-Deficiency Act.  For identifiable reasons, the pause in delivering a second tranche of military aid was entirely defensible.  And recall that, over eight years, Obama delivered none.

More to the point, inquiring about evidence of criminal behavior by Americans pursuant to the 2001 US-Ukraine Treaty, whether past senior officials, their relatives, corporate leaders, or future candidates is no crime.  The treaty encourages cooperation to address past, present and future public corruption.

Nor is there an indication that asking Ukraine to cooperate where crimes are suspected, was either intended to or would have influenced future US elections.  Not asking, by contrast, might permit corrupt acts to go undetected and uncorrected, allowing potential offenders free passage.

With respect to the father-son Biden duo, the Administration was in a Catch-22 or no-win.  Once the former VP boasted of withholding military aid to compel firing a prosecutor investigating his son’s company, the presumption shifted.  Not to understand what occurred would, arguably, be negligent.

Once the Administration learned the two travelled to Ukraine, the son then receiving a weighty contract, and the VP pressured Ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating his son’s firm, the dilemma was presented:  Let potential criminality go, or ask Ukraine for any existing evidence.

Those – like Speaker Pelosi – who wish President Trump had just let this potential criminality go, condemn him for pursuing facts.  To be clear:  President Trump protected US national security by seeking assurances Ukraine would tackle public corruption – past, present and future.  He protected US taxpayer dollars.  If he delayed release of funds, the delay was short, justified, and within the law.

When all is said and done, this chapter – arch-partisan abuse of impeachment – will be remembered as a sad time.  The Senate will not convict on flimsy, false, supercilious articles of impeachment – but the chapter will be a talisman, a stern warning against future Houses pursuing such partisan gambits.

If an impeachment vote is “forever,” so is the record of an arch-partisan Speaker abusing constitutional process.  Like a false accusation, an impeachment absent conviction is nothing.  This impeachment will be dwarfed by footnotes.  They will sully this House far beyond its poor power to sully a popular, effective, patriotic president.  That is the bottom line.

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Paul W

Excellent article…hits all of the points that reveal the total illegitimacy of this sham. The first totally partisan vote to impeach is a clear indication that this is a completely bogus farce. House dims should be shunned and will, hopefully, lose the House in 2020. We also must all vote to insure that we keep the Senate and reelect an outstanding POTUS. He has greatly exceeded what I’d expected…by far! VOTE ALL REPUBLICAN IN 2020. No excuses…EVERYONE must vote.

Rick J.

The democraps have proved there is no low, to low, for them to stoop too. They have proven
beyond all doubt, that they are not fit to hold power. If they aren’t stopped in the 2020 elections
this country is lost

Wayne D Peterkin

Ignored by the Democrats is the fact that many of us despised Obama for his policies in office. We objected to a Saul Alinsky “community organizer” with zero real job experience being in that position. When the Republicans held a majority in Congress during Obama’s term, they well could have done to Obama what Pelosi is doing today. And because the Democrats have engaged in this purely partisan national disgrace, a sham, they are inviting such things in the future, things that seriously damage our nation and our Constitution. It is despicable, proving the Democrats have become the Anti-American Party and do not deserve to ever win another election for any federal office. (Seeing what they have done to some major American cities like San Francisco, Baltimore, Detroit, etc. one can argue they should never win local of state office either!)

Bo Dalton

There is one thing that Politicians of today better become aware of !. The working American is going to be electing a lot more like Trump !.They are sick of these lying, do nothing Political Hacks like most all of the Democrats, Mike Lee, Mitt “Flake ” Romney, the brain froze Senator from Alaska, Ms Collins and others of their ignominious group. Americans want the people they elect to be achievers, to get the job done, like Trump is doing ! And if they don’t get that, the voters are going to start taking these witless, backstabbing, complainers, do nothing idiots to the woodshed, where they will get their asses beat until they will be “Only to glad to get out of Washington, rather than risk another trip to the woodshed!!!!

John A Bird

President Trump has been a thorn in the side of progressives since indicating his run for the Presidency of the United States! In preparation, the deep state set up an insurance policy that if Trump were to actually win the Presidency he would be ousted by our corrupt FBI for Russian interference. When this didn’t work they were able to drum up additional charges and thus we have an impeachment that has passed our Congress and set for trial in the Senate.
This nation is under siege by globalists and elitists, and the deep state who want to trash our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Rule of Law, our Sovereignty, and our Freedoms, while pushing this nation into the NWO / OWO. This began in the 50’s and will not stop until these tyrants are rounded up and imprisoned for their deeds. MAGA!

Stiljust Dean

This Impeachment is a farce, A big show by the democraps to keep the Trump hate alive. Collectively this wasted action has kept Congress from addressing important matters. Yet, President Trump has continued to make progress and improve our economy and country. Imagine the media ignoring all the good. Founding father, John Adams, said: “There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with (the) power to endanger the public liberty.” “I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is a disgrace, that two become a law firm, and that three or more become a CONGRESS.” This Congress. in attempting to make themselves relevant, is destroying our Constitutional structure and the MSMedia is complicit. Wake up America. President Trump is not the problem. The Democrat Party is the problem. Throw the bums out!


Excellent article Mr. Charles. Nasty Nancy keeps showing us and the world how rotten and corrupt she is. She is not qualified for the job she is in. She is wasting all this time and money on nonsense. She should be fired, impeached, removed by whatever means. She is not representing the American people and is an embarrassment to us. Chucky is just as bad and I wonder who is backing and paying them. Time to put a stop to these power mongers.


Will the Dems be held accountable? Will they be removed from office if and when found guilty?

Brenda Blunt

When November gets here, I pray all legally registered Americans vote them ALL out!!


Don’t know how the Democrats responsible for this fiasco can sleep at night. Too many to even mention, they should all be held accountable for their illegal activities. Their hatred of President Trump has corrupted their understanding of the Oath they took when they took office. The whole world is laughing at the ” CLOWNS” in office. We have lost the respect of World Leaders because of this circus brought on by the Democrats….Hoping the 2020 election will show the Democrats how fed up the Americans are of their actions in the last 3 years.

General Patton

AMERICA———pay attention to what these Marxist Democrats attempted, teach them a lesson Nov. 2020 –vote Republican and save our country.

John Karkalis

I know I sound like a broken record. Impeachment will go away, a distant echo by November. The economy continues setting records. Two bloody terrorists are gone and will not return.
The only group that thinks that the impeachment vaudeville is greater than the parting of the Red Sea is a media that clearly has spent much too much time within the beltway and now suffers brain constipation.
Amac members are savvy enough to recognize the impeachment soap opera for what it is and will turn to more productive matters.
Order your tickets now for Mr Trump’s 2nd inauguration and avoid the rush.

E. Fletcher

Don’t care who he or she is or where they are from, I will never vote for another democrat as long as I live. They are foul mouthed, lying slime balls. ALL are guilty of treason. They ARE NOT doing their job. All they can do is raise hell with our president and take tax money for their treason acts. Maybe the entire American public should withhold our income tax payments until these people are pulled from office and tried. Why should the American public pay for this disservice?

Chris L

Mr.Charles, it would greatly help to remind your readers that our government was formed as a Republic protected by the Constitution and isn’t a Constitutional Democracy. The Constitution was written by some very smart men to control human impulses and was to ensure that our country would be run fairly as humanly possible. Sadly we’ve very greatly strayed from that form of government since the progressives got into power 100 years ago. This repugnant politically biased fiasco tarnishes our country and will come back to haunt the Democrats during the next election.

Stephen Russell

Impeachment is drive to flip Senate to Dems & nullify Presidents 2nd term. Total goal.
& agree NO Impeach forever, reapply to ALL Dems & call House Mgrs to testify in Senate Hooray, If Dems run Senate nothing gets done


The Democrats have dug a smelly latrine from which there is no escape. Nancy Pelosi led this deceitful charge against a legally elected president who hasn’t violated the U.S. Constitution. The same cannot be said for Ms. Pelosi or her fellow party members. Thank you, Ms. Pelosi, for assuring President Trump wins in 2020.


These democratics have broke the Law are Abusing their power they are the one We the People need to Demand be impeached, prosecuted, and investigated jailed, then go for those hiding behind the scenes. Like obama, soros, bloomberg, and other one world order communist, because that is what they really are even Sanders is Not a socialist he is a communist, they have shown most of their true self but they are hiding even much worse that they want to do to America and the American People plus destroy Our Constitution as Written which they have been chipping away at for years, We have to put a end to this, and do it quickly before we lose everything that is good about America, and take all this illegal garbage that these criminals politicians judges state and federal that have been shoving down our throats sense obama


I’m not going to count my chickens before they hatch. Knowing how crooked the Dems are, they can still try to rig the impeachment to go against Trump. You know they will try every trick in the book. Money talks, etc…

RF Sanford

A Coup is a Coup!!!


Piglucy is trying to get even because the President scuttled the vacation plans she had when he cancelled her fights on the tax payers dime. This I think is where it started. She needs to get even!