Impeachment Crusade Is Bound to Backfire on the Left

Trump Adam Schiff impeachment crusade leftAs the impeachment season drones on, and Democrats continue down the path of self-destruction, one wonders if there is an exit ramp for them.

Before Donald Trump was even the Republican nominee for president, people in positions of power started their malevolent acts against him and his campaign, mostly in private. Democrats and the left entered this path and have been locked onto that course for more than three years now.

Democrats have publicly sprinted down this path since the day after Trump was elected. It is well documented, for instance, that Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, expressed his desire to impeach the president within mere months of his assuming office.

Hillary Clinton then stoked the “Russian collusion” hoax to explain what was inexplicable to her: the American voters had rejected her in favor of political outsider Donald J. Trump.

The left’s first major goals out of the box were (1) to remove the president from office and, if that didn’t work, (2) declare Trump’s presidency to be illegitimate due to foreign influence in the 2016 election.

Friendly left-wing media outlets constantly reinforced the collusion narrative. Meanwhile, leftist groups exploited the Antifa and Resistance movements to cause political unrest. Some educators even encouraged their students to express outrage that Clinton lost and Trump won.

The earliest ideas often receive the most traction, even if they are not the best ideas. Suboptimal trajectories build up over time, not necessarily because they are the right course, but because they were first and get locked in even as better options come along.

So here we are. It’s 2019 and Democrats have committed themselves to expelling Trump from office, or if that fails, simply dragging his name through the mud.

It is folly to try to remove a president from office when the people will be able to make their own decision in less than a year. And despite Democrats’ best efforts to throw allegations at him, Trump receives consistently favorable numbers in regular polling.

Recent polling further suggests that voters are souring on the idea of impeachment.

This week, the House Judiciary Committee is bringing in several law professors to harangue the committee and to provide justification for impeachment. Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., has suggested that he might need to bring in additional witnesses.

Every time he has brought in witnesses promising blockbuster revelations, he has only produced duds. Democrats have yet to see these hearings produce any overwhelming evidence in their favor.

An alarm bell should be going off among Democrats when their chosen path to remove a sitting president is not bicameral or bipartisan, and opposition to impeachment is both. The facts scream that they are marching on a suboptimal path that might lead them over a cliff.

Why do Democrats persist?

It is likely that they believe the short-term cost of political embarrassment and demoralizing their base is too high. But stubbornly adhering to their chosen course is reckless if they want to appeal to a broader America. This won’t end well for them.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Rep. Andy Biggs

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8 months ago

Let’s not assume a loss of the Democratic Congress majority and the House and Senate being under Republican control in 2020. As Newt Gingrich said not long ago we are in a “Cultural Civil War”. We could very well be in the last generation of our Constitutional Republic. So how do we fight (other than the ballot box)? In past days we have experienced million man marches on Washington for issues such as civil rights. Now is the time for a million man (women and children) march on Washington DC to say we stand for our President and our Republic.… Read more »

8 months ago

I for one am thrilled that they are staying their course. I feel that the present course they are taking will do irreparable damage to their party. The blatant truth about the democrat party has been laid open for all to see. No more wondering about what they stand for. They are the party of: 1) Socialism/communism for all 2) anti God/religious freedom for all 3) anti freedom of speech for all 4) abortion for all 5) lockstep to their way of thinking for all 6) tear down all morals for all AND MUCH MUCH MORE FOR ALL, whether you… Read more »

Harry L. Mallory
8 months ago

We can only hope that this whole Impeachment joke comes back to seriously bite the Dems in the butt come 2020. I would love to see them go down like a flaming comet.

Kerry Redmond
8 months ago

How can the communists that are trying to take this country down not know that we patriots know why they are pushing their impeachment agenda? We all know it is out of fear that President WILL win again in 2020 and it will be in far greater numbers than 2016. Sadly, no matter who wins in 2020, there WILL be war, because the patriots have had enough and the communists won’t accept the decision of the people when we put President Trump back in for 4 more years!

Arthur Casanova
8 months ago

Thank you AMAC for your sense of common decency and to speak great wisdom. We desperately need your voice to counter the great shame the Democratic Party is bringing to our government and our society.

R shoemaker
8 months ago

The DIMs have fallen into the trap of believing that The NY Times and WAPO have the pulse of the American people. Based on the drumbeat of the media, the DIMs believe that most of America want to light torches and grab pitch forks to impeach a President. Now they are standing on a land mine that will explode on them no matter which direction they try to run‼️

Sick of the nonsense
8 months ago

Imagine if they spent as much time trying to fix problems instead of causing them. They have forgotten that they work for all AMERICAN people not just the left .

General Patton
8 months ago

Nov 2020 is payback time—as TRUMP roars to a landslide victory. Pelosi will retire to homeless and drug infested San Franscisco and Schiff jumps off a cliff with Nadler. What a storybook ending.

Stephen Russell
8 months ago

Other issues are NOT being addressed IE USMCA,. etc, why cant Dems designate 1 comm for Impeachment & then dole out other issues to other comm?
Cant do Both, Cant Govern is very clear.
& so hes impeached then what?? Nothing gets done, & WE LOSE

8 months ago

I am so sick of this demonrats circus! I will never vote for a Democrat again. They are so absorbed in this impeachment circus that they are neglecting other things of importance, which they were hired to do by the people and for the people. They are on their own sick agenda. Time for change!

JD Johns
8 months ago

If the impeachment coup fails, will the Democrats support a violent overthrow of the administration with their military wing, antifa, and the support of the FBI? Will antifa interfere with the 2020 elections. I think we are at a critical point in history that may well bring out the violent aspects of the deep state.

John J
8 months ago

Why are these Politicians wasting time and our money on worthless investigations, instead of working for the American People. Enough is Enough they should not be paid for doing nothing to improve America.

8 months ago

The whole thing makes me nauseated!! The Democrat House has truly over stepped their power. What makes me sicker is the fact Schiff got phone records of Nunes etc from AT and T. Schiff put the calls in his report. This is fascism!!

Irv C
8 months ago

I’m confused, isnt this collusion and now quid pro quo crap actually an attempt to overthrow our government? Yes it is so why isn’t it treated as such?
What’s next? ANTIFA trying this type insanity? How far is it allowed to go?

8 months ago

I have friends that only watch CNN. They are totally brainwashed and hate Trump, they believe he should be impeached. My fear is that there are many more people like them.

John Karkalis
8 months ago

The Dems are willingly hoisting themselves upon their own petard .
Without aggressive, heavy hitters like Jim Jordan and Cong. Nunes the Democrats are toast.
Watch them dangle and twist.

8 months ago

I really hope all this backfires on the Democrats and they get squashed like a bug in the 2029 election.

Lynn Miller
8 months ago

No, Dims are continuing and the mainstream media makes possible and plausible to the illiterates who watch tv and get their news from the major networks, such a besmirching of a man’s good name and reputation who serves the USA without salary in his old age, that the Dims hope that an electoral vote against President Trump in 2020 results.

8 months ago

May they literally implode from within and all of their evil and corruption be exposed for the world to see!! A person would have to be brain dead or stoned out of their mind to see all of this and be ok with it; they will NOT get away with this.

8 months ago


“IT IS UP TO “Y-O-U-!!!!!”

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