Immigration Policy Politically Motivated

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Of course it’s politically motivated, why else would he wait until election time to do something. He is truly blind if he thinks he is fooling anyone.

Paula, you are completly off the subject, NAFTA has nothing to do with Illegal aliens and immigration. NAFTA has to do with trade.

I think both the president and the republicans are courting the illegal vote. The American people have been sold down the river for years. NAFTA started long before Obama was on the scene and it has gone downhill from there.

I think the cartoon says it all .potus has no rules except for everybody else .He and moochie and the rest of those progressive socialist should be kicked out of our country. I bet if we took up donations for one way no return tickets we could get rid of all of them. It would take a 100 years to come up with another socialist group as bad as this.