Illegals Now Leaving Yelp-like Ratings on the Best Illegal-enabling Services

illegal-criminal-record illegal immigrationIf you want to know why Invasion USA continues apace, look no further than Big Migration, a lucrative racket so brazen that border-jumping migrants “can now offer Yelp-style reviews for attaining the finest in illegal alien–enabling services, not just in one’s choice of smuggling coyote, but in all the vast numbers of choices in NGOs offering shelters and services,” writes American Thinker’s Monica Showalter. So much for illegals being “in the shadows.”

It’s just one of many outrages outlined in border security crusader Michelle Malkin’s new book Open Borders Inc: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction?, which was released Tuesday. As for the illegals review site, Breitbart provides a relevant excerpt from the book:

The Mexico City region hosts a multitude of casas de migrantes [homes for migrants]. The El Samaritano migrant house provides meals, baths, medical care, and phone services. It is conveniently located along the train tracks, and has become an inevitable magnet for narcotics and human trafficking. “We will be here until the last migrant passes through,” El Samaritano’s Sister Rosa Bogado vowed to a Miami Herald reporter. At Casa Mambré, a special LGBTQI unit houses transgender migrants who receive separate shelter and psychotherapy services. Casa Tochán (which means “our house” in Nahuatl) teaches guests how to do woodwork and sell artisan crafts. Families bunking at CAFEMIN (Casa de Acogida, Formación y Empoderamiento de la Mujer y Internacional y Nacional, or “House for Shelter, Training and Empowerment of International and National Women”) bake bread and receive asylum advice. Casa del Migrante de Saltillo is gated and has “stunning” mountain views and close proximity to the train tracks. It provides three free meals a day and sells additional snacks and calling cards. Canada, the Netherlands, and the European Union provide donations to the migrant shelter.

Next up: Yelp ratings and TripAdvisor reviews for illegal alien shelters? (I say this only half tongue in cheek. There is already a site called Contratados.org, which is billed as a Yelp or TripAdvisor-style tool that “lets migrant workers rate their experience of recruiters or employers online, by voicemail or by text message.”)

It’s no stretch saying that illegals are now a preferred class in the United States, given preference over citizens in various ways (not all, of course). Every single Democrat presidential contender has advocated giving illegals free healthcare, for example, and outlaw municipalities — euphemistically called “sanctuary cities” — abet alien lawbreaking. Is there a group of citizens granted sanctuary when violating a law it finds inconvenient?

Another example is the “separating children from their parents” narrative. Never mind how a study found that a third of illegals weren’t related to the kids they brought with them (the children are there to ensure favorable treatment). Never mind that the separation is often for the youngsters’ benefit, since some are sexually abused. The reality is that citizens are separated from their kids every day.

Commit a crime that gets you hauled off to the pokey — let’s say, tax evasion — and your children don’t go with you. In fact, if the action against you leaves no parent or guardian in your home, your kids may end up in foster care. No one complains about this, either. Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson illustrated the double standard well last year in the video below.

Then, pointing out that illegals are treated better than homeless Americans, Breitbart reported in 2014 that “U.S. taxpayers are providing the illegal immigrants with housing, food, education, health care, recreation, vocational training, family unification, and even legal counsel. In the face of providing such amenities to the migrants, there are hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens — including families and children — who remain without a home or food.”

In a similar vein, I wrote in June about how Made-up Sexual Status (MUSS, or “transgender”) illegals are getting unlimited free healthcare, including dental; gratis legal aid; self-beautification counseling; taxpayer-funded recreation that includes Zumba classes; and more.

Next, the Center for Immigration Studies reported last year on four other situations in which illegals get preferential treatment, including one where an illegal-alien family will get food stamps while a citizen family with identical income won’t.

Perhaps even more outrageously, Americans are subject to strict security procedures, and must show legal documents, when traveling. Yet unknown-quantity illegals are allowed to saunter into our nation “undocumented,” to use an immigrationist term, and are sometimes released into the interior.

So “Americans are living on Orange Alert if they make a domestic flight, but their borders are open,” as commentator Mark Steyn put it last year. “You’re the chumps of the planet for going along with it.”

“We’re bifurcating into a society where the law-abiding are subject to ever more onerous constraints,” he later observed, “while the avowedly lawless are somehow venerated and fetishized” (video below).

Yet it’s not hard to understand this preferential treatment. Eighty-five to 90 percent of our immigrants come from the Third World, and 70 to 90 percent of this group votes for Democrats upon naturalization. These figures are likely even higher for illegals, who, the Democrats figure, will eventually be granted amnesty. This means they’ll be Democrat voters, too (and some are voting already).

So the statists are importing foot soldiers, with the intent of changing the population and electorate permanently and in a way that cements their power. They’re just looking out for their future — and you’re not part of it.

Reprinted with permission from - The New American - by Selwyn Duke

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Frank S.
1 year ago

In what world does any of this make sense to an intelligent person? None of this is sustainable. This is so clearly a power grab for the leftist/progressive elite who know what’s best for the rest of us “idiots.” This is truly sickening. That the U.S. is in this position boggles the intelligent and informed mind, yet there are enough trusting and deceived Americans willing to believe opening the borders is actually a good thing. These are the actual idiots/useful fools who refuse to acknowledge the dark side (drug cartels, human trafficking, sexual abuse, disease, unskilled laborers, possible terrorists) of… Read more »

1 year ago

The citizens of the USA need to file a class action lawsuit against all the illegals and the Democrats for mental anguish. Start a national petition to oust every one of them.

1 year ago

What is so surprising to anyone? Seriously! The Democrats, the mainstream media and the illegals themselves see over and over again that the average American won’t stand up and push back, by any means either verbal or through the wide array of actions legally available, against ever more brazen and overt disregard and contempt for existing laws and governing principles in this country. This passivity on the part of most Americans over the last few decades as only served to embolden Democrats, the mainstream media and illegals to be more open and aggressive in their tactics. Why wouldn’t they? Even… Read more »

1 year ago

The ultimate goal is to destroy America. Illegal entry into the United States is just 1 facet of this ongoing effort by the democrats and other enemies within and without.

stephen russell
1 year ago

Why don’t we use Yelp to rate Govt services, Both political parties, policies, etc A-Z, debt.
NOT done Yet, any takers for.
Send results to DC, Unions, Think Tanks, Assocs, Non profits, Chamber Commerce, schools, colleges.
Lets RATE Govt services: State, Local, Federal.
Goes Both ways.
Rate the Dem Party & Use history.
Same for GOP.
AMAC lead way to RATE Govt services: SSA, VA, DVS, HUD HHS, Treasury, SEC, FHA, etc.
No one else will.

1 year ago

I will never understand why law breakers get special treatment. All illegals, their cites and anyone helping them should be treated as a criminal period the end. We would not have this huge deficit if we stop giving illegals everything! Anyone helping the illegals should be the one that pays for them.
Everyone should have to present a legal picture ID and be an America citizen in order to vote in this country! That would stop a lot of this nonsense.

Glenn Lego
1 year ago

If the left really cared about family separation they would repeal Roe v Wade and defund Planned Parenthood.

tony willIiams
1 year ago

I began working and paying taxes at 11 years old and still completed all my schooling. I became disabled at 59 years and was denied medicaid california. I asked why and the woman at their office told me that I was a privileged, bigoted, racist white man and I was not eligible.I notified her that my grandparents came from South Mexico legally, my other grandfather was a Cheriokee and he had married a legally immigrated German woman. She snarled at me and told me I would never get medicaid. Since my lungs are compromised I now have a weakened immune… Read more »

Pete from St Pete
1 year ago

Listening to the Democratic debate last night it is apparent that all of the candidates support this kind of conduct. They won’t say they do but their silence on the subject speaks volumes.

Larry Beach
1 year ago

I agree with all you say, except “You’re not part of it.” Of course we are–we will be paying all the bills with our taxes. At least, we will until the great US economy is run into the ground. Will George Soros and others pay for us when we join the breadline?

1 year ago

The grab for power by the Democrats is insatiable. They will stop at nothing until their dream of “fundamental transformation” is realized where the few, Elites, who think they know better, control the many, so-called “deplorables” into submission of their greater authority. Really sad.

Mari Ann
1 year ago

I would be on the floor laughing if this wasn’t so serious! So many people are absolutely fed up with this and the Democrats.

1 year ago

The progressive agenda is simple. Undermine everything that makes America great and make everyone dependent on the largesse of the elite. The greater the dependency they create, the more votes they get. People vote in their own self interest and leftists know this.

Deb Day
1 year ago

If the illegals were sure to vote conservative the libs would have brick and mortar in hand volunteering to build a wall.

Phil Anderson
1 year ago

I’m relieved that I’m old! 😜

1 year ago

What can we do about it? Sick of hearing how bad it’s getting without ability to assist in making a change. I have to obey the law…what is with this fascination of people with illegals?

Robert Inavinete
1 year ago

The illegals can walk into any emergency room in ANY hospital and get free medical without questions. A veteran of our military who was wounded and in some cases lost one or more limbs is denied treatment! Some veterans are even homeless!. That is just fine with the Demorats! Vote for Trump in 2020 and conservative Republicans!

Kristine Wright
1 year ago

This has been happening for decades. Dems want the vote. Voter ID nationally is a must.

Mari Ann
1 year ago

I would be on the floor laughing if it wasn’t so serious

Coy Stilwell
1 year ago

Anyone who votes demo-rats are destroying our country what a bunch of fools we have in Washington DC

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