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First, liberals are fighting for illegal immigrants to continue to receive tax dollars in payments under the COVID-19 bailout while Americans are still hurting. Those trying to scam on employment funding by refusing to return to work after they are offered their job back got some bad news this week. Next, the mainstream media is so focused on how they can attack our president, and they are missing out on the real new stories that are important to all Americans. Finally, our very own AMAC spokesman Bobby Charles updates us on the latest news about the newest socialist manifesto that just passed through the House of Representatives.

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4 months ago

The democrat party is a party of desperate and truly dishonest people. A party devoted to destroying the free market economy! Schumer and Pelosi will look straight into the camera tell lies one after the next. Democrats will take tax dollars and distribute them to criminals, illegal aliens, drug addicts, and those who simply refuse to go back to work – anything to buy votes! Desperate! Rotten to the core! Totally without principles! Although the fake national news media is 100% behind the democrat party, the American people aren’t fooled.

Three Point Paper
4 months ago

Greetings One and All, 1. No one has asked for my personal opinion, on what the fully Corrupt, and, the fully DIS-Honest members of the “so called/self proclaimed” Democratic party, have been doing “TO” the American Tax Paying Voter Citizenry!. The corrupt, and dis-honest members of the democratic party, have “NOT” done “FOR” our country, for our nation, in so many days, weeks, months, and years now; That the “so called” democratic party, is nothing more, Nor less than a group of people who had and have been elected to their present positions within the House of Representatives, and the… Read more »

Gary s
4 months ago

Let’s see… free medical care and cash, is their one illegal that is going to turn that down. Wow, the rush for the border should be running wild, I want to register as a illegal. Something has to be wrong with those dumbocrats.

4 months ago

Seems like it might be a HIPPA violation for the President’s co-workers over in Congress to be blabbing about his supposed health issues. Even if he discussed himself, I may not have seen/heard it, so that doesn’t allow someone free reign to talk about IMHO. What’s the punishment for violating HIPPA?

E. Fletcher
4 months ago

When, when, when are we going to see the corrupt politicians, past and present, in DC be punished? I’m sick and tired of waiting. What has happened to the consequences for breaking laws and committing treason? Why are these slugs exempt from the law? It’s becoming more evident everyday that they have a hold on the good and right people. They are being threatened or their families are being threatened and/or being bribed by huge payoffs. Fear, that’s their game just like the fear they spewed over this virus. Look at the mess we are in now.

4 months ago

China, seeing that we are doing nothing about their effort to kill all of the US with Covid, has decided they can now become aggressive in Hong Kong. They will now declair, just as they have about Tiawan for years, that Hong Kong is their land and no one can do anything about it. The US, as usual, can be predicted to acquiese. We always have. Our president may have the courage to defy China but the wimps and communists we have in congress would raise hell. The Chi-Coms know the US is a pack of pushovers. In the space… Read more »

4 months ago

I have said that California should be it’s own country. Anyway, the Democrasses are sure showing their true colors. No hidden messages anymore. If America and it’s legislators allow this illegal freebie garbage to advance, we Americans should refuse to pay our taxes. If they can’t lock us all up, maybe they will ship us off to Mexico. Then we could come back and apply for political asylum.

Dennis Mcknight
4 months ago

I Dennis go out all the time everyday. I have eaten in restaurants, shopped bike, walk. I don’t where a mask unless I am required. I am tired of this government rules, I don’t need a Mother & father telling me how to live my life. If I get a flu I will stay in till its gone & away from the public, cause I have common sense. Thank God President Trump is a man President & is trying to get our country open. I am 71 years old want to go out and have a good time in my… Read more »

Mark T Carter
4 months ago

If Congress refuses to return to work the Treasury Department should put a hold on their paychecks.

David Laman
4 months ago

I have been waiting for someone to pickup on the story about the Wisconsin primary election? When Wisconsin allowed citizens to go to the poles and vote in person, our liberal friends and their fake news brothers and sisters screamed that it was a death sentence for every sole that went out to vote! All we’ve heard from these crackpots is silence. I am sure that if there had been a spike in virus cases and more than usual deaths, it would be the lead story on every fake news program and a good reason the burn President Trump at… Read more »

4 months ago

James Taylor’s song Fire and Rain begins: “I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain….” The next phrase should be “but I’ve never seen so many democrats without a brain.”

Jimmy Hatley
4 months ago

Fifty three percent of covid 19 cases in my city is in the latino communities. They don’t follow the guide lines of personal protection or social distancing!

Gloria Braathen
4 months ago

Everybody has their ‘take’ on Wuhan as to how it got around. Considering several more labs are located in Wuhan and CCDC has the poorest record of leaking viruses, the world can further expect to be the victims of Chinese governments negligence. I haven’t heard many why’s that make much sense. In the future I suspect there may be found evidence of mass death, probably in the form of ash, you don’t really believe that they have no new cases, right? I think that in testing the bat virus for effect on lung tissue, it was discovered that it had… Read more »

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