How Much Does Illegal Immigration Cost You?

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Executive Summary

Unlawful immigration and amnesty for current unlawful immigrants can pose large fiscal costs for U.S. taxpayers. Government provides four types of benefits and services that are relevant to this issue:

  • Direct benefits. These include Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, and workers’ compensation.
  • Means-tested welfare benefits. There are over 80 of these programs which, at a cost of nearly $900 billion per year, provide cash, food, housing, medical, and other services to roughly 100 million low-income Americans. Major programs include Medicaid, food stamps, the refundable Earned Income Tax Credit, public housing, Supplemental Security Income, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.
  • Public education. At a cost of $12,300 per pupil per year, these services are largely free or heavily subsidized for low-income parents.
  • Population-based services. Police, fire, highways, parks, and similar services, as the National Academy of Sciences determined in its study of the fiscal costs of immigration, generally have to expand as new immigrants enter a community; someone has to bear the cost of that expansion.

The cost of these governmental services is far larger than many people imagine. For example, in 2010, the average U.S. household received $31,584 in government benefits and services in these four categories.

The governmental system is highly redistributive. Well-educated households tend to be net tax contributors: The taxes they pay exceed the direct and means-tested benefits, education, and population-based services they receive. For example, in 2010, in the whole U.S. population, households with college-educated heads, on average, received $24,839 in government benefits while paying $54,089 in taxes. The average college-educated household thus generated a fiscal surplus of $29,250 that government used to finance benefits for other households.

Other households are net tax consumers: The benefits they receive exceed the taxes they pay. These households generate a “fiscal deficit” that must be financed by taxes from other households or by government borrowing. For example, in 2010, in the U.S. population as a whole, households headed by persons without a high school degree, on average, received $46,582 in government benefits while paying only $11,469 in taxes. This generated an average fiscal deficit (benefits received minus taxes paid) of $35,113.

The high deficits of poorly educated households are important in the amnesty debate because the typical unlawful immigrant has only a 10th-grade education. Half of unlawful immigrant households are headed by an individual with less than a high school degree, and another 25 percent of household heads have only a high school degree.

Some argue that the deficit figures for poorly educated households in the general population are not relevant for immigrants. Many believe, for example, that lawful immigrants use little welfare. In reality, lawful immigrant households receive significantly more welfare, on average, than U.S.-born households. Overall, the fiscal deficits or surpluses for lawful immigrant households are the same as or higher than those for U.S.-born households with the same education level. Poorly educated households, whether immigrant or U.S.-born, receive far more in government benefits than they pay in taxes.

In contrast to lawful immigrants, unlawful immigrants at present do not have access to means-tested welfare, Social Security, or Medicare. This does not mean, however, that they do not receive government benefits and services. Children in unlawful immigrant households receive heavily subsidized public education. Many unlawful immigrants have U.S.-born children; these children are currently eligible for the full range of government welfare and medical benefits. And, of course, when unlawful immigrants live in a community, they use roads, parks, sewers, police, and fire protection; these services must expand to cover the added population or there will be “congestion” effects that lead to a decline in service quality.

In 2010, the average unlawful immigrant household received around $24,721 in government benefits and services while paying some $10,334 in taxes. This generated an average annual fiscal deficit (benefits received minus taxes paid) of around $14,387 per household. This cost had to be borne by U.S. taxpayers. Amnesty would provide unlawful households with access to over 80 means-tested welfare programs, Obamacare, Social Security, and Medicare. The fiscal deficit for each household would soar.

If enacted, amnesty would be implemented in phases. During the first or interim phase (which is likely to last 13 years), unlawful immigrants would be given lawful status but would be denied access to means-tested welfare and Obamacare. Most analysts assume that roughly half of unlawful immigrants work “off the books” and therefore do not pay income or FICA taxes. During the interim phase, these “off the books” workers would have a strong incentive to move to “on the books” employment. In addition, their wages would likely go up as they sought jobs in a more open environment. As a result, during the interim period, tax payments would rise and the average fiscal deficit among former unlawful immigrant households would fall.

After 13 years, unlawful immigrants would become eligible for means-tested welfare and Obamacare. At that point or shortly thereafter, former unlawful immigrant households would likely begin to receive government benefits at the same rate as lawful immigrant households of the same education level. As a result, government spending and fiscal deficits would increase dramatically.

The final phase of amnesty is retirement. Unlawful immigrants are not currently eligible for Social Security and Medicare, but under amnesty they would become so. The cost of this change would be very large indeed.





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A man robbed a bank (because his family was hungry) and as he drove away he was apprehended by the Police. The judge let him go and allowed him to keep the money and the robbery was deleted from his record. Does that sound realistic? Does that sound right? Allowing illegals to not pay for their criminal act and allowing them to even gain for it is a complete fracture of our values and system. It is atrocious and all of them need to be sent back to their country of origin ASAP. Splitting up families? YES it’s not our fault THEY or THEIRS have put them in this criminal situation.

“DITTO” Dino!!!

Where did this happen give facts about bank robbery

It’s called an analogy, genius. Look it up. Borrow a book from an educated friend if you need to…..n

lSanction City and Amnesty to illegal aliens are protected from procucution and our laws. 30 days in jail, then deported. An illegal alien in San Fransico shot and killed a girl walking with her family. He was deported 5 times. The parents sued the city. Sadly for them, they lost. Get this …. no crime was committed. The scumbag was protected by amnesty and sanction city. DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

Ever hear of a metaphor, Geesus Crimini

OMG you are a special kind of moron. He was giving a hypothetical example.

never read “Les Miserables,” did you?

I am stuck here in this country, because Regan decided to overthrow the best president Guatemala had seen, and replaced him with a Fidel Castro alike general, but not like Fidel, this general (Rios Montt) followed the CIA’s demands… btw- the United States of America has admitted to that, but anyways, from this act of terrorism turned Guatemala into a war zone, my great grandfather and great uncle were murdered by the military… I can go on. POINT IS, %95 Guatemala is now owned by 4 families, the corruption is at it’s highest, so we can’t simply go back to “our country”, so it is ‘YOUR” fault. Looks what’s happening in the middle east, if you still believe there were WOMD in Iraq, I better stop now, because nothing anyone says will open up your eyes to the magnitude of corruption in this country. Just to be clear, no one… Read more »

The United States fought to oust the British, and imperial rule, through revolution. Brave men and women died for their right for sovereignty. Hiding away in another country will never solve the problem. And complaining about it is not courageous.

When America destroyed Japan with bombs, guess who footed the bill to rebuild infrastructure? Oh yeah, America. So I guess Mr. Malo has a point. Incase you missed it, if America is meddling (creating political revolution) in another country’s political system for American gain, then yeah, America has some responsibility to make it right.

The US was the one and only country to do such a thing, after having learned the lessons that European nations should have learned long before, from WW I and other conflicts, that leaving your defeated enemies in their humiliation and turmoil will likely lead to future conflict. If meddling in Japan’s affairs of conquering and decimating Asia was wrongful then we should apologize for that in addition to rebuilding their country and formulating a constitution for them to live by. Mr. Male’s brief story likely has another side to it.

Japan’s culture at the end of world war two would have let us strip her bare, and I mean everything including food. They believed that to surrender to your enemy was to stop being human, battan death march is a good example. So they would say we let them off lite, they had to bear the shame of surrender.

So sneak back into your own country…

Mr. Malo, Go back home and protest.

There were weapons of mass destruction as evidenced by the thousands of Kurds that Saddam Hussein exterminated. Most if not all of these weapons were destroyed but when Saddam disobeyed the UN sanctions, Iraq was invaded.

Go fight for your country if you don’t like it here. Stop your complaining and leave.

Well said and great example

Guatamala and USA are but TWO countries on an entire globe. You’re not out of options, yet. If it’s so bad here,remember…the 9th circuit is holding the border open with their foot for you. Hurry….that won’t last forever…..

I’m and ignorant illigel that stinks up the USA

Yup, an illegal immigrant for sure took your job, most likely one that can’t write or read.

I’m such a dumb liberl i argu with myself.

keep it up your really starting to sound like an idiot.

You can’t spell that’s for damn sure!

Not much to argue. I agree.

Your on yor way to work,and your late. Your going 65mph in a 55mph. You get pulled over. The officer gives you a warning. Should you pay a fine anyway?

have you read the constitution? it states that ALL mean are created EQUALY so we all have freedom, if you were in that situation where your family is hungry? what would you do? and to be fare your also here illegally.

I sure have read it, and it does say all men are created equal, and that means that all equal men have to obey all laws equally and there are laws that prevent people not citizens, or without legal authorization through legal channels to be here CANNOT be here. Realistically, if we are so worried about them, sheltering them in place would be a far cheaper cost to taxpayer solution.

It says If I break the law and rob a bank, I go to jail. If you break the law and rob a bank, you go to jail. All MEN (human beings) are created equal.

get a job

The Constitution doesn’t say that all men are created equal. That’s the Declaration of Independence — the same one written by a slave owner.

I guess I shulda read it again. I’m not very bright since I thought I was a mean.

This is true. You can’t spell (Mean ? ) and Equally and Fair. And I wouldn’t be here illegally. the proof of that is that I am not in Russia illegally. Or Mexico illegally. Or Brazil Illegally. You get that ? No need to kick you out. Just make it illegal for your employer to deduct your payroll expenses unless you are here legally.

Ryan, you seem to be in favor of illegal immigration. I will change my opinion to yours if you will leave the doors to your home open all the time and be the sole support of all the illegals who come into your house and expect to stay forever. The illegals will even get together and protest if you try to evict them! And if the other LEGAL RESIDENTS in your home object to supporting them, they have no choice but to contribute. Did you find any misspelled words etc. in this comment?

This is about the most accurate post I’ve read yet!! Thank you for sharing!

JayJay, I couldn’t have said that better myself!!!! Those that are in favor of rewarding these burdens on this country for breaking the law should be REQUIRED to leave their doors open to the illegals coming and living with them and THEY can take care of them…I DON’T WANT TO!!!!! MY HUSBAND AND I HAVE A HARD ENOUGH TIME MAKING ENDS MEET WITHOUT HAVING TO SUPPORT A BUNCH OF ILLEGALS!!!! GO THE HELL HOME!!!!

Illegals work hard and dont qualify for wrlfare. They dont need my support.

Thats not true, because of anchor babies the mother does qualify for assistance, food, dental and medical as well as a home.

Not accurate at all. From someone who grew up in the Rio Grande Valley (right along the Mexican border in South Texas), illegal immigrants abusing welfare is everywhere! The great part is, if they want money for booze, drugs, BBQs, elaborate birthday parties, they take their friends to the store, use their food stamps on things the friends want, then the friends give them cash. Complete abuse of the system. Several worked in the fast food restaurant my dad ran, worked the bare minimum, had 7 kids, each kid had 4 kids, all of them on welfare living in the projects. Then tax time came around and they’d show up to the drive in with the car fully loaded with brand new Nikes because they could turn around and sell that. No money in the bank means more welfare money being dished out. Living there definitely hardened my views about… Read more »

your right, they just use your social security number illegally.



Let me explain this in a different and more realistic way. You have a house that needs A LOT of work and you either have no time to do it or cannot or are not willing to pay a high rate to do the work. So you know that outside the fence there are a lot of people willing and able to do all the work you need, so you open the fence and allow them to enter without papers because that is convenient to you since they will have no rights and can be kicked out at your convenience, then you let them do the job, with a low pay rate convenient to you and better than nothing for them. They work their asses off and they do it so good that you let more people in. You are NOT SUPPORTING THEM, you established a relationship of convenience for… Read more »

Angelica , you are uninformed , confused , brainwashed ; just do this : go to a school and see how many Mexicans are there ; next go to an hospital near you , walk inside and check the total number of illegals there ; next , go to a construction site and there too check how many illegals there , working under the table with No SS# or fabricated # or Numbers purchased at a Local Mercado . After doing these few steps , You will Become Informed .
An Illegal will work for $5 or $6 per Hr. An American will not survive on that amount .
WAKE UP Angelica : WE are being Invaded by the Invasive Species .

With the wave of illegals in our country, in our schools, using our infrastructure, etc, we need to express that we can handle the work here without their help, if they are illegals. We can grow many of our own local foods from seed to table & It’s so exciting! Seed to table growing is a terrific way for children to learn. This is American soil & we can handle farming. … We can clean our own homes & raise our own children. We’re smart, hardworking, we love our children & families. Let’s Make America Great Again! Lets care for our own & stretch our social services dollars on our hard working American families 1st. Millions of hard working proud American families need the help.

its sad because this is just how the same when we had slavery, the “copperheads” are saying keeping theses “negros” is dangerous, WAKE UP AMERICA, your making another big mistake.

After reading these comments, you are right and I’m an idiot.

ever heard of HB 56?

Bravo, Kim!!!!!!!!!!!

This statement is such a crock of s..t. I gave a Mexican a job and got ripped off. They will never be given a job by me again. They just want the money and don’t care about antone or anything except themselves. Cut off the “freebies” they get from our government and most would beat it back to Mexico. We can’t keep supporting and paying for illegals. We should be giving this money and benefits to the Native Americans who let us into America to begin with. Something is terribly screwed up with our system.

Most of the illegal send US dollars back to their families in Mexico – tax-free – I see them in my bank and the cash a check and get cash. I have a friend who sells painted car parts and has his part made in Mexico. He had meetings with high-level officials in Mexico and told me if we closed the borders to Mexico – they (Mexico) would collapse – because 1/3 of the Mexican economy is from money being sent back to family members. We are subsidizing all of these illegals, give our American jobs to Mexico and then we support 1/3 of the people in Mexico with our US dollars that never get taxes. TRUMP BUILD THE WALL and put Obama in Jail – he is and has been the USA biggest terrorist – his actions for open boarders, bringing in un-vetted people for all over the world… Read more »


I hired a few Illegal Mexicans over the past year for various housing maintenance & projects. I Fired every single one of them. Not a single one of them is qualified to do any of the work ( Roofing, & floor tiling mainly ). Even after asking a few simple questions about the project I would find they hadn’t the slightest idea what they were doing, not even close. Bobby is right, they didn’t care about the quality of their work. They always gave a single price quote, then would rush as quickly as they could in order to get paid the most per hour. And of course, always cash.. since you know, they have never paid taxes in a single day in their god forsaken life. The other major problem is they do all the construction.. which is why most newer houses are complete pieces of overpriced worthless garbage.… Read more »

this needs to be shared also

this statement needs to be shared and add other countries coming in also.

Actually the Native Americans didn’t “let us” into America. We pushed and lied our way in and then slaughtered them and took over.

if you haven’t notice< half of the native americans are i this situation, when the settlers came in, your ancestors kicked them out, talking about native american, you put half of them in the illegal immigrant situation. so you caused immigration, its not there fault. its yours now.

boo hoo. fight harder next time.

I hate this crap. I’m not responsible for anything anyone did 10, 15, 20,50, or 100 years ago. I’m white, little native American and little black, if you can believe that. Did my family migrate here from somewhere else, hell if I know. I know I was born in America as were my parents, and their parents and their parents. To say people of today are responsible for immigration from years back is so ludicrous.

Just wanted to comment: no matter how generous a person is.. or a Nation… at some point… it will all IMPLODE when you have only 1/2 or less of the population “giving”….. and the other 1/2 “taking”…… 50+ yrs ago… immigrants came in from Germany, Italy, Yugoslavia ect with STRONG skills and a work ethic. They came from oppression and GAVE hugely back to our society. My jeweler is from Japan – amazing work… my cobbler is from Yugoslavia – has performed miracles with my shoes….. I’m not against immigrants coming into US.. it’s those that come to TAKE….. rather than to GIVE……I’m very excited for the election… Donald Trump is going to win by a landslide…… he is God’s man for the hour and he will “make America great” again….

Marla: I couldn’t agree with you more about all those hard working European immigrants, such as my grandparents. They came to America looking for opportunity not handouts. Frankly, they were to proud & honorable to accept anything they didn’t work for. They first spoke Italian, then learned English & passionately wanted to be Americans. Oh, how things have radically changed today. As for Trump, the election is his to lose. I wish I had your confidence in his electoral victory; but every time he opens his mouth I cringe, although he is improving at seeming Presidential. I hope it”s not too little, too late!

Paul: I share you experience with parents who immigrated from Italy. The only thing that appears to be making Trump seem more presidintial is the text he is reading from the Alt Right. There is more than one way to abuse the system and Trump has a handle on it. “Cringe” is putting it mildly when he opens his mouth. There are town council people who know more about the workings of government than this insulting narcisist.

Jay, your comments are your opinions, but in my opinion, you are dumber than a church mouse. Trump is filling his cabinet with very smart and accomplished people. Unlike your current awful President Obama. Now there is someone who opens his mouth, and nothing comes out but air – he accomplished nothing – he went around Congress with his executive orders and watch what happens in 30 days from now = most every one of Obama’s executive orders will be repealed.


Well said ,I AGREE! My grandfather and his brothers came here similar situation and proudly worked hard became citizens as well as productive tax paying contributors . They started literally with a cow and built up a small dairy business in Russell City Calif .

the key there…. 50 years ago they came here legally… now they sneak in and take.

Marla I am very proud of you!!!

How’s it going so far? At what point will you be willing to admit you’ve been ‘had’. Again. Donald Trump belongs to your ‘taking’ 1/2. Not the giving 1/2. Ask yourself what he has EVER given.

I think it sucks that illegals get any help at all from our government. We now can see why they think America is great just the way it is. He’ll their not even in trouble for committing a federal crime by being in our country and they have the balls to announce to anyone at anytime that their UNDOCUMENTED. THEY GET AWAY WITH BURNING OUR COUNTRIES FLAG AS THEY PARADE AROUND DISPLAYING THEIR COUNTRIES FLAG. now I find out that the U.S is paying for Mexico infrastructure update and were in debt up our rears for doing so. This is so wrong I think all our government officials That’d have and are allowing it to go on should be kicked out of this country, their obviously not for us, the Americans.

You sound like a nut.

There’s nothing nutty about American women and men working and paying huge taxes. ..and sacrificing for our country. ..and then watch our government give our tax dollars to illegal immigrants. First off. ..if they are illegal. ..they don’t belong here…period! The one’s that came here legally. .that’s fine. The only tax dollars I’m willing to spend on illegal aliens. … is to send them back to wherever they came from.

Right on Jimmy – we deplorables are 100% with you on this one

You are so right Cindy how to get out of your house and please work on a farm for 3.25 a day! They stole that job you deserve!

I’m and Idiot

Cindy – please educate yourself before saying things. The reason undocumented people aren’t ‘even in trouble for committing a federal crime’ is because it is not a federal crime to be here without papers. Learn a bit more about the contribution both immigrants and undocumented immigrants make to ‘your’ country. Then thank them. And after that, ask yourself what you did today to contribute to the betterment of ‘your’ country. If you didn’t do anything today, try again tomorrow.

Hay – legal – get into a car accident with one of the illegals – you get to pay for your insurance and your insurance pays to get your car fixed. I was in a small fender-bender with a Mexican who spoke great English but when I came to have the insurance fix my car – his insurance said – he spoke no English and he was 100% in the driveway and I hit him – screw the liar – so to be so harsh but this is the truth – can’t settle with them – they take and twist the facts and lie to insurance. There are good and bad people but if they are here illegally – they are not here legally. Do not just everyone the same way – have to get down to the one on one and my experience has not been good one on… Read more »

I don’t know what I’m talking about (like most of my libtard friends)

Go live with them and stop condeming Americans for protecting their country.

Really ? What about “ILLEGAL”don’t you understand ?! As for betterment um sounds fabulous how about start with the epidemic of families BORN HERE living in poverty ? How about the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifices to protect you , our country , and the freedoms we are afforded here because of those sacrifices that are HOMELESS!!! To dismiss and not take care of our own , yet argue , piss and moan and defend LAW BREAKERS over what is already under your nose HERE AND NOW – doesn’t make you humanitarian – it makes you a HYPOCRITE!!so basically screw people that are born in our country or came legally and keep catering to the law breakers ?!! Better tighten those fake self righteous hypocrital screws in your head! We need to build and stablze our own ! So if it’s ok for them to knowingly break… Read more »

People BORN HERE or that came through LEGALLY HAVE FOUGHT FOR THE BETTERMENTS “YOU”are afforded! So screw them smh?!! P

Illegally entering or staying in US is misdemeanor first time only then it becomes federal crime

I would like to know why is it that the illegal aliens can come out and protest our immigration laws or appear on tv ,ie: the ones being shown meeting the pope in Washington DC, and not be arrested on the spot. Illegal is illegal no matter what the crime. they are ruining this country! Get em out.

I had no idea you could tell who was legal and who was not just by looking at them. Maybe you should contact ICE and tell them they’ve been doing it all wrong!

Maybe because in the interviews with the media, THEY IDENTIFY THEMSELVES as illegals…that’s how.

Oh, come on, Lee, they don’t fully read! They read the line that offends them and then jump to start defending and arguing. Had that person actually read the comment, they’d realize how ignorant their response was.

Until our own people are not homeless and starving.we should probably death with our own problems first. It’s really sad that people with 2 incomes can barely get by and we have to pay for illigal immigrants to sit on their butt and collect government funding that we are all working our butts off for and sacrificing time with our families.not fair and obama is taking away our rights as Americans to say our national anthem, this country is lost I just hope we can come back from all this one day.


There have only been three times since COLA was added to Social Security that we did not receive an increase. All three were under Obama. What do you think will happen to your Social Security increases due to COLA when all these illegal aliens and mid-eastern refugees start receiving their Social Security checks? Not to mention terrorism, crime, disease. Anyone but Hilary!!!!

Liberals have Zero ability to think forward. They have an inability to projec, they just want “fairness” at everyone else’s expense. Doesn’t matter how much middle class gets the screws put to them, the liberals will never view it as enough. They will give away to others from others until we are in a complete socialist society.

ERIK If liberals want to keep up all the immegrants then you should pay the taxes to pay for it. Evidently all you ever watch is the liberal TV stations

Good god, is there a conservative walking this earth who knows how to spell? Immigrant, you ignoramus. IMMIGRANT.

I’m conservative and I, too, am getting really irritated with all the misspellings. We even have autocorrect to help correct spelling errors. Not sure why it isn’t being used..

You conservatives are also so dumb, we have you calling them IMMIGRANTS now instead of what they actually should be called. Illegal Aliens!

But at least we can spell. And write a coherent sentence: I’ve never really wanted more screws put to the middle class – wouldn’t make sense, would it? Have you ever been to a Scandinavian country? If you liked it, you’d love socialism.

hay legals, if you like it so much in Scandinavian countries, then leave the USA and go get all of the free stuff you think is so good over there. You see what is now happening all over Europe? Radicals are driving over innocent people – children. This is what happens when disgust-able liberals push your BS to take care of everyone at the expense of people who work for a living. Why are you here? Get you ass out of here, we do not want you anymore! I am a deplorable Blue Collar worker. I voted for change! I want and demand that we have a balanced budget, I want the President and congress to have conservative views, I want all of the free handouts to stop. All I ever see now is illegals that feel they can walk in and take from us. If you feel so strongly… Read more »

It’s fairly clear that this site is mainly a republican run website (thats perfectly fine, there’s nothing wrong with that), but many of the ‘facts’ are just untrue. I do encourage a genuine discussion or debate but only when you have the FACTS. Once the true facts are revealed then you can make whatever judgement you want. This website does a disservice to Americans who truly want to get informed and not spewed propoganda . I don’t expect to get many like on this comment lol

Erik, It’s not about Republicans or Democrats. It’s about progressives vs constitutional conservatives. The constitution is NOT a living document and no one has the right to interpret it any other way than as it was written. Conservatives believe in facts while progressives believe in whatever they FEEL like today.

Well, you’re wrong about that Spemcer. The Constitution IS a living document, and was always meant so. Also, facts are not something you BELIEVE in. God is. Get the difference? Belief is unprovable. Facts are.

Sorry, conservatives. Liberals are no better spellers, it seems.

This is disgusting to an American worker (sickening) Anyone that doesn’t know Qbama isn’t trying to destroy the US is crazy as HELL.No one can tell me that it hasn’t gotten much worse since he took office. ( I can’t say got elected because I don’t believe we have that many fools in this country, I do not believe he is an American citizen. He is a muslim for sure. If something isn’t done soon they will rule this nation, If he hadn’t been black and had been on the republican ticket he would have been impeached with in 6 months.Half the people in the US has no idea what is happening in this country. I believe half of the American people would vote for satin if he run on the democrat ticket. If there isn’t a change made in the white house and soon we are gone as a… Read more »
Where to start? To begin with, let me say that I don’t like Obama. I don’t like Hillary. I can’t stand Trump either, so this reply isn’t political. Its just that I can’t stand misinformation, either. 1.) Obama’s mother is a US citizen. She lived in the United States for over 5 years, and definitely for at least 2 years after she turned 14. The constitution limits US presidents to natural born citizens. The U.S. Code › Title 8 › Chapter 12 › Subchapter III › Part I › § 1401 has a list of what constitutes a US natural born citizen. One of the listed conditions is “a person born outside the geographical limits of the United States of parents one of whom is an alien, and the other a citizen of the United States who, prior to the birth of such person, was physically present in the United… Read more »

There’s probably no one who can tell you anything, Kerry. And therein – the problem.

When illegals come to this country, they break the law. So the first thing they have taught there family, it is ok to break American Laws. And that is where they start.

Don’t claim to represent an English speaking country when you can’t speak it yourself.

You missed the point Jason…

I was surprised you didn’t include the extreme costs to the taxpayer for Homeland Security, U.S. Border protection, local & federal policing
to try to prevent the illegal immigrants from entering the U,S, & returning them, “IF” captured, not to mention the entry of illegal drugs, guns, etc.

Until 1964 when congress let it expire, we had the bracero law. They would come to the States for the harvest or what have you, pay taxes and return to Mexico when the season was over. When congress didn’t renew the law and immigration wouldn’t let these people come back, their employers told them, if you find a way to come across the border, you’ll have your job waiting for you here. And they found a way. However, as the time passed by, it became harder and harder to sneak across. Confronted with the reality that now they had to be away from their families for much longer periods of time, they decided to bring their families to the States to stay with them. After a few years, we were flooded with people from south of the border who didn’t pay taxes and whose children we had to school them.… Read more »

Why not give the harvesting jobs, or grass cutting to American people who are jobless. I get these people don’t have a job without doing something in our country but they are here illegally and until they become a legal citizen and pay taxes just like the rest of us,I feel we should put our jobs and money to people who are here legally

His point was that until 1964 they WERE here legally and they` WERE paying taxes. Then they would go home. Now, because we changed the law, they found it so hard to come and go that it was easier to stay here, so they did. What we need to do is change the law to make it desirable to work here briefly, doing jobs that Americans don’t want to do, and then go home again. That way we’re not paying for illegals’ housing, food, medical care, education, etc. They will have all that at home. We’d just be supplying the jobs, which for the most part, are ones that no one in America wants to do.

I’ll tell you what – the next time you want your lawn mowed, go down to the place where people hang out asking for money. Offer to take one of them to your house so they can mow your lawn for minimum wage – if your’e willing to pay minimum wage. See what answer you get. If you are serious about this, then start boycotting every fast food joint in your town because I can assure you, you are being served by some undocumented workers. Why should you be supporting them? Offer to work for them! Earn what they earn. Be willing to have no say in how you are treated, or governed, but remember to pay your taxes anyway. Take a walk in their shoes Birdbrain, then re-read what you wrote.

I have worked on many farms with both American and Mexicans, and I have to say Mexicans will work much harder than Americans for a lot less. Even in the 1940s, my grandfather wrote in his journal that his farm would no longer hire Italians, Germans, or any white people because only the Mexicans were hard working, on time, and trustworthy. He had been robbed of expensive pesticides by German immigrants the week before and last summer a group of Italians consistently showed up 30 minutes late, slowing down his Mexican foreman.

Dude you must be a Mexican or married to one right? Why are you defending Illegals? Are you Illegal? I have worked construction my whole life and let me tell you not all Mexicans are hard worker’s Iv’e seen plenty of lazy crews all races and colors. The problem is ILLEGAL MEANS ILLEGAL as in you are not supposed to be here not for harvest season not for Christmas not ever!!! Unless you do the necessary paperwork to become a citizen like we had to do in order to get my step dad here from the Cook Islands. This cost us time and money to do it legally the right way. Iv’e seen Mexicans steal tools out of people’s garages, steal copper coils, tools etc. Maybe stop relying on Mexicans to do all your farm work for you and you might not love them so passionately. Or better yet pay… Read more »

I HAVE a farm. I hire Mexicans. They work harder than any ‘white’ kids we’ve had here. Much harder. They are not illegal. They are undocumented. Learn the difference. Some steal. Most don’t. Don’t tell me ‘white’ folks don’t steal. If we did not have Mexican workers we would have no farm. Unless we mechanized. This year I built a house. If it were not for the Hispanic plumber, drywallers, insulators, roofers, and stone-masons I would not have been able to build. I am grateful to these people, their work-ethic, and their skills.

Birdsnest05 – Answer is simple. Americans will not take these Jobs, it is beneath them while they use food stamps, etc.

not true. they do this intentionally and then collect assistance from our government.if our people do the same job they are considered making too much money and given no other assistance. its complete crap. build that damn wall

What are you talking about? If it is complete crap, come to my place by 7 am, work until 4. Half hour off for lunch. Be willing to get wet, dirty, sticky, and go home with an aching back. We pay $14 / hour. You in?

Also I think Americans can handle mowing the lawn or picking corn, you make it sound like without illegals all our lawns would be 4 feet tall and the corn would rot on the stalk. Most Americans might not want the jobs Illegals STEAL but you know what? When your family is starving to death and needs food….you will be surprised what jobs you will take., oh but you can’t have those jobs they are all ready filled by Illegal Unlawful Immigrants sorry, oh and also we need some tax money to pay for the Illegals Welfare Benefit Programs, so we raised your taxes. Oh and the Illegals sent millions of dollars out of our country back to their families in other countries giving us less money in our economy…. but it’s O. k. after all the crops are picked and the lawn’s mowed!

Do you have any idea how many fake facts you’ve just belched? Any idea? Sending money back to their needy families? You think it belongs to you? They EARNED it. It’s THEIR money, not ours. You sound like a bloody slave-holder. Make them work, and keep the money. Go mow somebody’s lawn and don’t expect to be paid, because the homeowner actually needs the money for his own economy. You can just get the hell off his lawn.

Employers are already fined for hiring people without forms of identification. The illegal immigrants have false SS #’s etc. So they do actually pay taxes.

They do obtain false social security cards. But they claim tax exempt, or high deductions. If they pay taxes, it’s practically nothing. They come when they have enough money, they send for their families. She comes with the kids. Sign up on welfare, collect our tax dollars. She claims the father is in Mexico. But he’s here…working while she collects welfare. Don’t you ever wonder how they dress so good. .drive newer cars. Live in nice homes. the best food. ..and he’s only making low wages. Here’s the answer : they are both breaking federal law. They are both liar’s. Our tax dollars buy that for them. And that’s not cool. And the American people are fed up with it! Spend my tax dollars on Americans. Too many Americans are suffering here. And alot because of the illegal immigrants. Sorry. But with me….it’s Americans first.

Oh my god. I don’t know if ignorance is bliss, but it sure is stupid.

who on this board believes that mexico has a great society? 100%?, 50%?, 25%?, 10? thats what i thought. more illegal immigrants enter this country than american babies are being born in a single day. and thats a fact, At this rate america we know of today has a litle to no chance. The America you KNOW and love today has probably no more than 30 years before its just like mexico. There are 1.7 million active VIOLENT gang members currently in the united states, and it is estimated that nearly ALL of them are illegally living here. I dont care if your a gang member, taco seller or a fruit picker, if you are illegally in the united states then you dont belong here. Im happy to say Im old enuff to NEVER see the day that amercia FALLS to the crush of illegal mexicans. So it will be… Read more »

more illegal immigrants are entering than US babies being born… “thats a fact.”

Avg. of 4 million babies born per year in the US.
Estimated under 12 million undocumented immigrants total in 2012.
Similar number back in 2006 (in fact, slightly higher).

That’s not a fact.

are you sure you’re doing the math right, anchor babies count as u.s. born babies… hippie

It is the american people’s fault for all this bullshit happening you al want to talk your crap but don’t do anything you let’s the politicians both parties shit on all of you at least the illegals get out there and protest in numbers shame on you the American tax payer and citizens when they take over I will laugh my ass off I love America but I am only one person God help us all

We do go out and protest, write letters to our senators which go where? The shredder, we protest but the media refuses to cover such protest. Not shame on Americans, shame on the deep pockets of the bought media, politicians. You really need to understand what’s really going on. Trump does and that’s why they are working so hard to stop him. They know Trump will stop all the back room shady dealings, build the wall ect…

I Agree Joel, I’ve been saying the same thing !! Millions and Millions of Americans and only a hand full of us willing to stand up to the Government !! Remember America You are the Boss !! We pay them and if YOU don’t say and do something nothing will happen !! You want change then get up and change it !! Start by voting Trump !! Right your Government , Rally at the White House ! He’s one American that isn’t afraid of your Employees ! the assholes that we overpay . your Government who is taking you for a ride !! Crooks … Get the Picture yet ! hope so, for your kids sake !!

Illegal is ILLEGAL!!! The Dems want these people here as they will always vote Democrat to get “free stuff”!!! Well, I have got news for THEM!!! This country was not built on ‘FREE STUFF’!!! So….here’s what we DO fellow conservatives: We on the RIGHT WILL SECEDE from this “union” and elect our own conservative leader. We will have LOW TAXES which will allow us to spend more of our hard-earned $$$$$ on the economy!!! LET’S DO IT…..;NOW!!! LONG LIVE AMERICA!!!

consider yourself unamerican, im a republican from s.c. born and raised. what you’re talking about is comeplety absurd, lowbrow, and down right idiocy! IT IS YOU and other true uneducated “necks” that give us the embarrassing reputation that we as the republican party have been trying to overcome since the end of the civil war. your opinons and ideals are only spurned from you’re ignorant elders, fleeting friends, and late night ventures to aweful house. stay in your hole and dont come out again. unless you need to piss in your neighbors bushes cause your drunk… FU

You just suggested an insurrection against the United States in the same sentence that you said “long live America.”

When considering “the economy,” it is important to consider exactly for what these new seceded “countries” will assume full payment. The US military will leave and take with it those jobs as well as security they may provide the region. The transportation economy will change as those roads, bridges, buses, trains, airports, etc will no longer remain within the US as they will now be part of a new economy. Any maintenance and security will be provided by the new government, and passports will be needed to enter or leave the old US, while tariffs and duties will be collected by the US as well. Food not grown in the new country will be imported and taxed accordingly. Medical facilities therein will no longer be covered with US benefits. And, Social Security/Medicare (to which many of the new “citizens” contributed) will no longer be paid to those renouncing their US… Read more »

how does an illegal immigrant get registered to vote

Through amnesty

Giving illegal immigrants amnesty gives them great incentive to vote for who ever is granting amnesty. Because they want yhe rest of their family to come to America also.

By having a social security number and a drivers license. In California drivers license are given out freely, even to illegals. Don’t believe, Jerry Brown signed into law. How hard are social security numbers to come by.

how does an illegal person get registered to vote.

They don’t, It is that simple. don’t listen to the dumb people spewing garbage out of their mouths just so they can hear themselves talk.

If we let immigrants come in they will make our life much more difficult (oh dear) because they will take away my job!! even though they haven’t gotten through year 10 of high school through no fault of their own and are sacrificing their lives so that the lives of their children can be better and my position as a proffesional inheriter of my father’s trust fund will be threatened my children will do drugs and obama will sell us out to the neonazis and gay people will run rampant through the streetss how horriFIC i want chicken qusha

Michael Richard Slattery

$900B/yr? Check your numbers. that’s 50% more than we spend on defense.

You should check your numbers…the 80 plus programs spend over a trillion per year…wake up and stop believing fascist propaganda…

Show us a link of these so called facts.

I wonder whether the costs of additional infrastructure to support the additional illegal immigrant population has been computed reasonably. Take California for example. How much will it cost the taxpayers of California for the hospital, transportation, electric power, water, sewer, school, law enforcement, and telecommunication infrastructure required of an additional 1 million illegal immigrants?

All immigrants, undocumented or not pay for the services they use, they don’t have free services, so if the infrastructure needs to grow, the companies will have the income enough to plan on that type of growth.

“All immigrants, undocumented or not pay for the services they use” NO. Illegal immigrants don’t pay for Hospital visits, insurance on cars(typically), or the roads they drive on or any government service for that matter. Furthermore there is a huge chunk of my paycheck that goes to the state for the so called “Free” services that are indeed NOT FREE. This is how a community with a government works. How do you think Police, Firemen or the government itself is funded?.. through magic? What do you think would happen with 50% of a cities population being illegals who don’t pay taxes? I know everyone likes to hate the government, but good luck with that. Actually, there is a place like that… oh yeah, its called MEXICO, where no one wants to live b/c it is a chaotic mess run by drug dealers & gangsters. California is a perfect example of… Read more »

maybe we should all quit our jobs and go on welfare and let the illegals pay all the bills and unnecessary spending.

Don, We don’t have to give up our job, we just need to stop the money flow into government coffers for six months. How do we do that? You and every wage earner needs to change your dependent records to ten for just six months. This will slow the money withheld and sent to State and Feds. They will realize that WE THE PEOPLE still have the power of the purse. If we are smart we will file an estimated tax after the fact to make up for our difference. Once we have their attention, we also need to push all of our elected officials to instate the FAIR TAX PLAN, aka, a consumption tax, to replace our out of balance current tax system at both the state and federal levels. Then push them to balance the budgets at all levels of government. Now we can start being fair to… Read more »

Ah yes, the rule of the masses. They tried that somewhere. Athens, I think. Some might call it the “attempt at democracy” before we knew how to more successfully run a democracy.

Illegal aliens are lazy people who don’t want to create jobs in their own country. They want to “suck off” the jobs
in our U.S.A. I say we are first responsible for our OWN!!! They need the jobs!!! It is NOT TRUE that they say they
are only taking jobs that Americans don’t want!!! Americans WANT JOBS!!! I say we seal the borders ON ALL FRONTS TO KEEP THESE PEOPLE OUT!!! THEY ARE NOT OURS AND THEY DON’T BELONG HERE!!!

Lucky for you Nancy, BLS stated that as of the last day of May there was a total of 5.4 million job openings in the US.

This has occurred to me, also. Problem is, you and I have worked hard all our lives to get a little ahead and now that we are a little ahead, we would not qualify. In addition, you and I are conservative and we would not be willing to lie to get in on the dole so we are done before we could begin.

First of all, we need to get rid of the LEFT WING IN THIS COUNTRY. THEY ARE TAKERS, NOT GIVERS!!!
Our founding forefathers must be rolling over in their graves it they can see what is happening to our country!!! FYI: This country was not built on the TAKERS!!! It was built on the GIVERS!!! SEAL THE BORDERS…..NOW!!!

Have you looked at the Federal spending by state? “Left wing” Illinois, for example, only receives about 75% of what it sends to Washington in Federal taxes back in spending in Illinois. Two arch-conservative states, Mississippi and Alabama receive over 175% in Federal spending in their states relative to what they send to Washington in Federal taxes. In fact, the only two reliably conservative states to send more to Washington than they get back are Texas and Georgia, and they still both get about 95% back, far more than states like Illinois and California and New York, all of which receive back less than 80% of what they send to Washington.

So, if you were being honest, the REAL takers in this country are the so-called “conservatives,” who are a bunch of ignorant, hypocritical leeches.

What’s your plan for getting rid of the left wing, Nancy? Better not try that. You pluck one, two grow back.

If these illegals were on green cards would they still be able to get those perks?

All of this, on and on …here’s what we do, vote out these idiots who want to open our borders and reward anyone who has committed a crime, by being here illegally! Enforce the laws we have! If you vote for anyone who wants America wide open, then don’t complain because you’re voting the morons in office! ….ahem…..Obama backers

Not all illegal aliens are from Mexico. Many are Asians who have expired visas. Also terrorists from the middle east have come here via Mexico. Many are mistaken for Mexicans. Border officials have found Korans and prayer rugs that were tossed in the Mexican and Calif. deserts. Obama doesn’t care if ISIS gets in. It’s part of his plan to ruin this country. He’s no Christian, he’s a Muslim. WWIII has already started.

The overwhelming majority of illegal aliens are Mexican.

I just read where Hillary Clinton says Migrants have just as much right to be here as the American Citizen does. Hillary is like drinking poison, kind of like getting drunk and staying drunk, she is a bad person to vote for, she is all for woman having abortions on demand, killing American’s, she has a couple of wars she wants to start and she has promised Obama that she would keep doing what he has been doing, taking from American’s and giving OUR Money to his Brotherhood, Communist Countries and of course illegals. Hillary should be in Prison and not up for President.

You should be in literary prison after the amount of improper grammar and typos in that post #burn

Somebody nudge Ryan and wake him up, he thinks in English class at school!

The “O-man” is a Muslim, and we will be losing our country to this anti-American group, which is why we red-blooded Americans need to “make a lot of noise” about this, and get these people OUT OF HERE…..NOW!!!

Americans wont allow this much longer !! Our Government that works for us seeing we pay them . must pull their heads out of their asses soon ! This country is no longer the North and South were all 1 now and we will all stick together ! Were not the Indians letting them take OUR Land !! If they think just because their rich that will happen their fools !! Vote Trump !!! He will Win and He will change this country with our help !! except the ones that are afraid ! lol Like the ones afraid to post their real name on here !!! LMAO these are Killarys puppets !!

He is not a Muslim.

So true…. proving the point that We are being sold out for VOTES.