Will Illegal Foreign Voters Steal the Election?

Election-2016-graphicfrom – CFIF.org – by Michelle Malkin

“It could all come down to Colorado.”

That’s the latest conventional wisdom from presidential poll watchers. But it may not be legal American citizens in my adopted home state who choose the next commander in chief.

Instead, it could very well be foreign noncitizens voting illegally…

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6 years ago

This subject truly hits a very sensitive spot for me. The idea that George Soros has a significant role in affecting and influencing the votes in this very critical upcoming election next month is alarming. There has been documentation that Soros has electronic voting machines rigged to up to (as I am writing this), as far as 22 + states!!!! An interesting article has stated that another company who makes electronic voting machines named (“DOMINION)”, has allegedly donated more of these machines to Mr.Soros. The main issue, is that both of the major political parties, (Republicans and Democrats), should have rallied to improve the character of the voting machines from the last 2 elections. My personal view is to either retain the current voting (majority of cases), electronic voting machines with the additional feature that it retains a “paper trail” for auditing anti-fraud cases. Or, return to the traditional Old Fashioned machines that were mostly anti-electronic and could easily to vetted for any fraudulent tampering of the votes, ( again with the ability to have a “paper-auditing” trail. Personally, reading about the country of Mexico to their credit have a much more serious and critical methodology to their voting practices. For one thing, their machines are not electronically run and their voting consists of first, their citizens,(and only their citizens), are only the ones allowed to vote, they are also required have a government issued Voting I.D.(mandatory). The Mexican voter is closely vetted to vote legally and not thru fraudulent means. Man, I sure wish we could follow their lead on these practices. My only hope and prayer is that Mr. Trump can convince the American voter to vote for him unanimously, (even in the 11th hour), and give him a “Reaganesque” style landslide victory to defeat Mrs. Clinton this coming November 8!!!

6 years ago

I think it is disgusting what has happened to this Country. I remember back in the 1940’s my Mother and Father used to say how people would
get names off of tombstones and then use the names and go vote. Now we have all of these illegals coming in to the Country and voting. The
Democrats don’t want this stopped because they know they will vote for them. When I was eligible to vote many years ago, I had to take my
Birth Certificate and prove that I was a U.S. Citizen and 21 to be able to get my voter I. D. card. This progressive and socialistic democratic party
will be the destruction of this country. People should wake up before it is too late. The last 8 years have been a disaster for this Country and if
Hilary wins it will be even worse. I would suggest to people to go see Hilary’s America, The History of the Democratic Party.

Ray Sarcletti
6 years ago

I was a Blue-Dog Democrat elected to both houses in my state. I am embarrassed to have to admit that I was a Democrat when it is brought up in discussions regarding today’s local, state and national elections. The Democratic Party has evolved from the party of the hard working American to a corrupt, progressive, socialist party that discourages hard work in favor of a hand-out from the government. The Democratic Party leaders know well that their socialist programs are a failure, and that the middle and working class Americans realize it as well. Therefore, the only way to win these elections is to make every attempt to steal the election anyway that they can, including breaking the existing laws. Six years ago my wife and I drove to the county courthouse; changed our party affiliation to Republican after Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced to both Democrat controlled houses of Congress that you had to pass the bill in order to know what’s in it. I had never heard an “air-head” comment like that come from an elected official in my life. My wife and I pray every day that the people will realize what deceitful liars that President Obama and Secretary Clinton are, and hope that this country can be saved from the mess that they have left it in.

6 years ago
Reply to  Ray Sarcletti

Mr. Scaretti: Such a well written letter; it should be read by ALL AMERICANS. Re; hilarious, I say: REMEMBER BENGHAZI. What a shame reporters can’t tell the truth. Non citizens should not vote. Voter ID is very important. Americans are willing to let George Soros destroy our country. God help us.

6 years ago
Reply to  Angela

Sir: I’m sorry I misspelled your name. Pardon.

Galen S.
6 years ago

The Democrat Party(Socialist Progressive) will use any means necessary to achieve their objective of installing one-party rule by a Progressive Elite led by criminals like Hillary Clinton and others of her ilk! Political propaganda and manipulation by the main stream media in support of the evil intent of the Democrat Party and other political elite fellow travelers, including liberal Republicans are aiding in the rush to establish a Socialist Marxist Utopia in this nation. A plan many decades in the making by progressive liberals. The Democrats will of course fight tooth and nail against any attempt by citizens of this country to insure fair and legitimate elections. They will make sure that any illegal they want can vote for their criminal agenda by electing .GalenHitlery

6 years ago
Reply to  Galen S.

I agree. We had 8 years of a illegal person posing as the President and it seems nobody can stop this kind of corruption. Why is it our laws and constitution is shoved under the rug? The EVIL demorats have the voting machines hacked so they can change the outcome to their plans. I’m sickened by what has happened to our country. I didn’t fight for this country in VietNam to end up like this.
Something has to happen with FORCE to stop this evil from spreading!

Mary Anne Fiedler
6 years ago

I just find it so awful that this is happening in our country. What can we do??? My husband and I are so afraid that, if Hillary Clinton wins this
election, we, as a free country, are doomed with this kind of thing going on.

6 years ago

Many people are just as afraid as you are. I believe that obama (lower case deliberate) was elected and not opposed for any law he demanded to be passed because people are afraid to be called “racist”. This is where Political Correctness, the stupidest thing to emerge from a human mouth, has gotten us. I feel there will be a bloodless (I hope) revolution if hilarious wins. She called us deplorables. She’s despicable.

George Burnett
6 years ago

Simple: I am 69 years old, for most of my adult life voter registration and positive I.D. have been a requirement. I understand that many black voters have found pre-registration to be difficult and possibly open to racism. However: I believe this issue to be too important to toss out the entire plan and just throw to doors open to anyone that shows up at the voting booth. At one time, the right to vote was restricted to land holders, I do disagree with that plan, that lends itself too easily to only the wealthy., I do not want to see people that are not American Citizens flooding our borders to vote illegally. For those that are for illegals voting in American elections because it helps your cause now, just remember, that precedents that are made now will still be the rule when it does not suit you. We must do what is best for America, not what is best for one party, or argument, for the moment.

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