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Ignoring Immigration Law – Where Are We Going?

immigration law

Ignoring immigration law – exactly where are we headed?  In recent weeks we have seen members of Congress go to the border and “yell” at US border guards, call for outlawing federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), make up stories about individuals drinking from toilets, and vote against money for both enforcement and detention.  We have seen more sanctuary cities in the news, as illegal aliens boost homelessness and reduce housing availability for low-income Americans.  So, where is fidelity to rule of law?

The answer to that question takes us back to basics. By basics, think about Civics 101, essential moral, political and legal foundations. On those, all else is built.

If we are going to extract ourselves from this mess, we must remember what a healthy society looks like and requires, based on rule of law. But do we remember?

The smallest child is taught obedience. From that lesson comes respect for elders, which is to say experience, and for family, which is to say one’s place in a small circle of light defined by love.

From learned obedience to elders and place in a family, come secondary lessons, like self-discipline, respect for fair play, one’s own work, work of others – and the order, patience, productivity and peace that flows from seeing the “why” behind established rules.

The child who starts with this basic understanding of why families love and respect, but also why parents teach and expect, becomes an accountable individual, more aware and responsive to others, himself and society. 

In short, we teach children obedience to rules, respect for institutions, and accountability because we believe a strong individual emerges from a strong family and contributes to a strong society.

But what is a strong society – in the context of a free republic?  A collection of people bound by big ideas, including individual liberty, equal opportunity for success, mutual respect – and respect for “rule of law.”

In America, “rule of law” starts with the Constitution, rules for self-governing and limitations on that same government, assuring we have fundamental rights like free speech, exercise of religion, association, press, freedom from unwarranted searches and seizures, a chance for fair trial, speedy justice, and other individual guarantees.

Now, the question: What lesson is taught to our children – and countrymen – by members of Congress who go to the southwestern border and pitch violation of the law, who invite non-Americans to break the rules, to violate long-standing immigration laws, make false or unjustified claims for asylum, take refuge in sanctuary cities, which themselves fail to enforce the law?

A level deeper:  Who are we Americans if we no longer respect our own “rule of law,” no longer insist on accountability from federal, state and local representatives, no longer insist they honor and promote respect for that foundation of our society, rule of law?

Another level deeper: What sort of citizens are we when we shrug at members of Congress who make up “facts” at the border, manufacture outrage to advance violation of immigration laws?

What sort of citizens are we – and how faithful to our roots – when we shrug off members of Congress who refuse to fund border security? When we watch them upbraid good men and women policing the border?  Is it right for a leftist congresswoman to verbally misuse border guards upholding the law? 

Should we shrug at mayors who shelter law breakers in sanctuary cities and counties, now up to 168? Or those who tolerate masked mobs attacking peaceful protestors, as in Oregon?  In short, what comes of a democratic society with declining respect for rule of law, increasing advocacy of immigration law breaking for political advantage?

Nothing good. Just as we teach children to obey the law, public representatives should be quick to uphold the law. There is no other way; laws forsaken, forgotten or unenforced are empty.

Last reflection: If members of Congress, Governors and mayors are left unaccountable, simply permitted to flout and disregard established immigration laws, or to promote no respect for rule of law, where are we headed?

American citizens each have a voice and vote. Many have an understanding of lessons learned early in their lives, and honor American history.  In these consequential times, remembering such lessons is important.

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Jack Thomas
1 year ago

Liberal “progressive” Democrats are largely responsible for the immigration crisis that we now face, but to be fair, they got help from spineless “Establishment” RINOS who won’t unify behind President Trump and stand up for the rule of law. Trump was right when he said, “Without borders we don’t have a country.” Meaning borders that are properly secured. But the Democrats in Congress have fought Trump tooth and nail, withholding essential funding for The Wall, and only recently agreeing to approve $4.5 billion in humanitarian relief. The despicable Dems have consistently tried to deny Trump even the smallest victory over… Read more »

1 year ago

If this nation goes down the drain, we can thank the Democratic Party {the party that has abandoned God, the party that has lost all reason, common sense, and the ability to work with the party across the aisle. This is not the Democratic Party we once knew. They should be called the Regressive Party or Communist Party. If we continue on the path we are on – BEHOLD THE DEATH OF A NATION!

Todd Taylor
1 year ago

If those we elected to represent the people can ignore the law than what’s to stop the average American citizen from ignoring the law? Perhaps we should stop paying taxes until our representatives enforce the law.

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

The Dems ignore Immigration Law, the rest of US are trying to enforce said laws on books, Blame Congress & RINOs

Paul W
1 year ago

It’s a violation of Article VI of the Constitution, yet there’s never any prosecutions. Leaders of sanctuary cities and states should’ve been prosecuted for accessory to murder before the fact when said crime was committed by an illegal detainee that was turned loose. b.o. and holder broke the law constantly for political expediency. They, in my opinion, set the precedent when it came to disregarding the law. I can only be hopeful that William Barr will start prosecuting these illegal trespassers’ accessories to crime. For now, I know that AG Barr has his hands full. Hopefully with some prosecutions in… Read more »

Michael cozzi
1 year ago

They come with nothing and expect us to feed, house, give them all kinds of free stuff like money, food stamps we have a homeless people and vets that need our help they come ⒈first

John A Bird
1 year ago

Let’s be truthful, we are being pushed into the NWO / OWO by globalists and elitists without a shot being fired. Our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Freedoms, Sovereignty, Rule of Law have all been trashed. Our institutions are brainwashing our children, our politicians (both republicant and demoncrat) no longer do their jobs and no one holds them accountable. Trump is doing what he can but he needs to do more! He could start by declaring Martial Law, shut our borders down, arrest those responsible within our states for declaring “sanctuary cities and states”, Send both houses of Congress home as… Read more »

R Bogart
1 year ago

To stop the flow of illegal immigrants quit giving them all those taxpayer free benefits 🤷‍♂️

1 year ago

The liberal socialists see this as the only way to stay in power and rob us blind. They don’t care about our country and don’t mind it falling, becoming communist or becoming Islamic. As long as they stay in power.

Kay Davis
1 year ago

This is so written without it being a book & 100% right. I’ve been screaming for years. Stick to the rule of law. Seems it’s slipping thru our hands. May I post this article on social media? I want everybody possible to read it. It nails all our problems & endorses getting back to basics & common sense & your article is how to do it.
Love AMAC, been a member since your founding.

Andrea Bell
1 year ago

Didn’t Nancy Pelosi and this insulting “congresswoman” who lies about our border care for illegals have to take an oath of office? If so, surely they are breaking the oath with such insulting behavior and resistance to honoring the President our people voted for. How can we get the contents of the oath they took in order to qualify to run for that office? Can’t they be held accountable for breaking the oath and be removed from the offices they presently hold. Is the protection of our country one of the purposes of the oath? What can we do as… Read more »

Mark Jebe
1 year ago

This has been a long time brewing – since LBJ’s Maquiladora Act of 1965. This is not a Democrat vs Republican thing. If you’ve been near the border you know illegal aliens have been crossing freely and working freely in our country for decades. As a college student I worked for HEW one summer and witnessed first hand our government giving away benefits: subsidized housing and food stamps and AFDC and more to people we knew were illegal aliens. This is all about cheap labor, about admitting enough illegal aliens to depress domestic wages. Wages have been stagnant for 40… Read more »

Harry Barber
1 year ago


1 year ago

I just don’t understand that these people can’t be fired. How is it they do absolutely nothing for the American people and our Country. They don’t even have any respect for our POTUS. We would be fired from our jobs, why can’t they. These people in Congress need to GO, starting with Omar, AOC. They are beyond disrespectful toward us. Who in their right mind would want to be rid of our Homeland Security, and allow anything and everyone into our beautiful Country. I am beyond sick of all what is going on. To think of all our Men and… Read more »

1 year ago

Those involved in pushing this agenda are threats to the United States and should be treated as such …not as Americans or congressmen/senators….They are trying to overthrow this government and destroy the America I served and worked to build for 70 years

1 year ago


Skeptic Al
1 year ago

This appears to be an undeclared war executed by the power mad tyrants on the left supported by the new world oligarchs… the puppet masters orchestrating the destruction of western style free republics…

1 year ago

In terms of “flouting the law” there is a break point at which all law is upended. The French Revolution and the Reign of Terror are examples of unbridled, mob rule. Most of the younger here have no idea as to what my reference here is, and that is part of the problem. The leftists of this country have not shown/presented to them the chaotic and dangerous consequences of their own hysterical reaction-ism. Those who advocate for the political/social chaos of leftism are have some MSM reinforced sense of surety that they will not be the victims of their own… Read more »

Dr. Covert
1 year ago

The way the Democrats are handling this issue is to get immigration to become democratic people. This is wrong. It needs to be stopped. Amen.

Delwin Hyatt
1 year ago

Just like in the Movie, If you build it (Socialism) they will come. and here they are.

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