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Ignoring Immigration Law – Where Are We Going?

immigration law

Ignoring immigration law – exactly where are we headed?  In recent weeks we have seen members of Congress go to the border and “yell” at US border guards, call for outlawing federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), make up stories about individuals drinking from toilets, and vote against money for both enforcement and detention.  We have seen more sanctuary cities in the news, as illegal aliens boost homelessness and reduce housing availability for low-income Americans.  So, where is fidelity to rule of law?

The answer to that question takes us back to basics. By basics, think about Civics 101, essential moral, political and legal foundations. On those, all else is built.

If we are going to extract ourselves from this mess, we must remember what a healthy society looks like and requires, based on rule of law. But do we remember?

The smallest child is taught obedience. From that lesson comes respect for elders, which is to say experience, and for family, which is to say one’s place in a small circle of light defined by love.

From learned obedience to elders and place in a family, come secondary lessons, like self-discipline, respect for fair play, one’s own work, work of others – and the order, patience, productivity and peace that flows from seeing the “why” behind established rules.

The child who starts with this basic understanding of why families love and respect, but also why parents teach and expect, becomes an accountable individual, more aware and responsive to others, himself and society. 

In short, we teach children obedience to rules, respect for institutions, and accountability because we believe a strong individual emerges from a strong family and contributes to a strong society.

But what is a strong society – in the context of a free republic?  A collection of people bound by big ideas, including individual liberty, equal opportunity for success, mutual respect – and respect for “rule of law.”

In America, “rule of law” starts with the Constitution, rules for self-governing and limitations on that same government, assuring we have fundamental rights like free speech, exercise of religion, association, press, freedom from unwarranted searches and seizures, a chance for fair trial, speedy justice, and other individual guarantees.

Now, the question: What lesson is taught to our children – and countrymen – by members of Congress who go to the southwestern border and pitch violation of the law, who invite non-Americans to break the rules, to violate long-standing immigration laws, make false or unjustified claims for asylum, take refuge in sanctuary cities, which themselves fail to enforce the law?

A level deeper:  Who are we Americans if we no longer respect our own “rule of law,” no longer insist on accountability from federal, state and local representatives, no longer insist they honor and promote respect for that foundation of our society, rule of law?

Another level deeper: What sort of citizens are we when we shrug at members of Congress who make up “facts” at the border, manufacture outrage to advance violation of immigration laws?

What sort of citizens are we – and how faithful to our roots – when we shrug off members of Congress who refuse to fund border security? When we watch them upbraid good men and women policing the border?  Is it right for a leftist congresswoman to verbally misuse border guards upholding the law? 

Should we shrug at mayors who shelter law breakers in sanctuary cities and counties, now up to 168? Or those who tolerate masked mobs attacking peaceful protestors, as in Oregon?  In short, what comes of a democratic society with declining respect for rule of law, increasing advocacy of immigration law breaking for political advantage?

Nothing good. Just as we teach children to obey the law, public representatives should be quick to uphold the law. There is no other way; laws forsaken, forgotten or unenforced are empty.

Last reflection: If members of Congress, Governors and mayors are left unaccountable, simply permitted to flout and disregard established immigration laws, or to promote no respect for rule of law, where are we headed?

American citizens each have a voice and vote. Many have an understanding of lessons learned early in their lives, and honor American history.  In these consequential times, remembering such lessons is important.

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Fred Renz
3 years ago

Lets put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Democrats. No. 1, they do not want to negotiate anything. Any compromise they give, will be viewed by them as a WIN for Trump. THAT IS A LEFTIST NO-NO. They want to overrun the border, so that more poor people have to rely on government handoputs. They care more for illegals than they do for AMERICAN CITIZENS. Eventually the envision a big block of Democratic voters, also known in my esteem DUMBOCRATS. Uncle Sam , I need more free stuff. Bernie Sanders is a perfect example, probably was always on the government handout line until he was elected my NH people to gov office. Still on the dole. Most Illegals do not pay taxes, nor do they support our government. Go any morning to a Home Depot store, day labor. Paid in cash. No taxes, most of the money shipped back to motherland. They get more money from welfare, & all FREE stuff. No assets. Bankruptcy for American citizens with Democrats raising taxes beyond control. Look at NY 13% state & 3.5% NY city income tax. Calif & Illinois, pretty much the same. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES VOTER FOR ANY DEMOCRATS. WE NEED TO REGAIN OUR SANITY & CONTROL.
Fred Renx

3 years ago

Right now we have an entire entity of Congress, all democrats who have gone lawless, even rogue. These people are being paid for accomplishing nothing. They make up lies everyday about our president and the people who work for him. And apparently their goal in life is to make our president as miserable as possible. Then they want to give themselves a raise? I wish I could fire the entire ugly bunch. AND, now they want to make every free for illegals…..they won’t follow the laws of the land and allow the ones who have seen a judge and been told to leave to get the heck out of America.

3 years ago


3 years ago

Elected officials who violate the law should be prosecuted in some form or another – no matter which side of the aisle they sit.

John in Catonsville, Md
3 years ago

We need to use the common sense of the old white way.

Robyn Bauer
3 years ago

I apologize for my ignorance on the following matter.
The remittances sent from the United States to Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and, Honduras, would it be legal for the United States to take between ten and twenty five cents from every dollar sent to the four countries, from their citizens living in the U.S ?
That could help pay for the wall as well as, other forms of border security.
Thank You,
Robyn Bauer

Phillip Pence
3 years ago

The first mistake many people make is thinking liberals have any respect for the law. They do NOT. How else can they be so adamant about killing the unborn, opening the borders and making citizens and legal residents pay for the illegals invading the nation at their behest for the increase in electoral votes?
Even a fool can see that forcing citizens to pay for hosting and hiding federal scofflaws is wrong but liberals have a LONG way to go to reach the “fool” stage, they’re still stuck in abject stupid.

3 years ago

I live in Rochester, MN & just saw on our local news last night that our police dept announced that they essentially won’t be participating in the upcoming “sweep” and that they don’t help enforce our country’s immigration laws. Totally embarrassing!!!

Ed Curtis
3 years ago

Aside from the current crisis, I would like to see an amendment to our Constitution.

Any child born of non citizens, legally in the United States, shall be given automatic citizenship.
Any child born of non citizens, illegally in the United States, shall not be given automatic citizenship..

This would mean a couple in this country on vacation, working temporarily, or otherwise in the United States legally could have a child here that would have legal citizenship. Would that solve our current problems? No, but it give those from other countries wanting a better life for their children a legal way to accomplish that, and lessen the need to enter illegally.
That being said, the “new” citizen can either return to their country of origin with their parents; or stay in this country with legal relatives who are working and not on any governmental welfare program.

Just a thought.

Robyn Bauer
3 years ago
Reply to  Ed Curtis

Excellent idea, Ed !

3 years ago

This is an excellent article. Would like to see it posted in all corners of Congress

Big Al
3 years ago

My feeling right now is that we need a real law & order candidate running for every open office up to and including the President.

3 years ago

I for one aim fed up! Something has to change. I fear for the republic.
Term limits has to be the answer

Joe Walls
3 years ago

These Liberal Democrats are destroying America and trying their best to destroy our President, therefore they are the enemy of America and Americans. Don’t think I’ve ever studied about an enemy of our country that has been more of a threat/or as destructive than the Liberal Democrats. Shame, we know who they are and “our” law protects them.

Morty Tupperman
3 years ago

The Antifa-loving Left is provoking a civil war. There are enough nutters on both sides to start shooting and looting – and it’s just a matter of time.

Hazel Strickland
3 years ago

So why can’t we try those mayors who provide sanctuary for illegals? Why must the rest of us bear the cost for their lawlessness? I’m sick and tired of it!

Greg Russell
3 years ago

Certain demon-crats have finally said EXACTLY where THEY want this to go: theyve called for the decriminalization of illegal entry into the United States. In other words, theyre calling for us to abolish our borders, and surrender our sovereignty. They`re calling for the death of this Republic.

Virginia Beaver
3 years ago

Shame on ALL childish, and derogatory behavior we see via Congress people who have no business remaining in their current capacity after visiting our border and acting like children with no parentage. Sooo sad, and they don’t seem to have ANY remorse for their behavior… Reprehensible!!

David Campbell
3 years ago

If you hate The United States of America, vote for Democrats.

Anna Petrocelli
3 years ago

The writer speaks of the ethical and moral lessons we have all learned in Civics 101. I was not born in this country and I have been a citizen of this beloved country for over fifty years. Yet what I was taught was the same as it used to be taught here some years ago, for my children learned those same principles. This makes me wonder, where did AOC get her primary education and who taught her to speak like she does without respect for authority or as she speaks to the speaker of the house, Mrs. Pelosi. What kind of parents did she have, even if her teachers were not the model educators they should have been. Where do so many of these types come from leaving one to believe what is coming next. But we should not be surprised, for we see it in our daily lives through the newspapers the formidable “dog eat dog” kind of behavior. So, perhaps we need to start from the beginning and start with our educational system, the teachers we are hiring to do what, ‘a lousy job’? Yet they are always asking for increase in their salaries. We must reestablish Civics 101, we must abolish the ‘politically correct’ attitude. We must bring back the stability of the family and we must return to God and the establishment of our god given principles. Then perhaps, we can mold the little children to be more respectful and learn to talk in a more civilized manner.

3 years ago

The best thing we an do,since our Congress supports the illegal immigrants ,would put the congress all 500 of them on the boarder with their leader give each one a broom stick and greet all those gangs

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