If Medicare Is for All, Why Not Chevrolets for All?

medicare for all Trump administration health care reimbursement arrangementsAmerica suffers from a grave societal ill that somehow has been totally ignored.

As debate rages about health care (among other hot-button issues), no one is discussing a very alarming statistic: As of 2015, nearly 10% of U.S. households didn’t have a car.

That’s a severe problem, because affordable transportation is a basic human right, and not an issue for car companies to profit from greedily.

Millions of Americans are living without cars, and the only way to remedy that is by implementing a national, government-funded “Chevrolets for All” plan that would put a Chevy in the garage, driveway, or parking lot of every single adult American.

Of course, under this plan, millions of Americans who already own cars will have to give them up, and start driving government-provided Chevrolets. Sure, that might seem unfair, but why should some people drive limousines while others have no cars at all?

If this proposal sounds absurd, consider the health care debate. Although no prominent liberal wants to take away your Lamborghini (yet), they have no problems taking away your private health insurance plan.

Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Kamala Harris, D-Calif., have both admitted their plans would abolish private health insurance. Harris had originally opposed private health care, then flip-flopped twice. Sanders’ “Medicare for All” bill now has 14 co-sponsors in the Senate.

Vox assures us the bill won’t “actually abolish private health insurance,” but would simply outlaw “health insurance coverage that duplicates the benefits provided under this act.” But that’s like Henry Ford’s famous quip: “A customer can have a car painted any color he wants as long as it’s black.”

Considering what Vox called the extensive “benefits provided under this act,” it would leave little ground for private health insurance to cover.

There are many valid reasons to oppose a single-payer health care system. It would lead to a drop in quality, long waiting lines, and an astronomical rise in the national debt totaling tens of trillions of dollars.

Yet, rarely do we hear opponents of Medicare for All claim that it’s immoral because it would restrict consumer choice.

Why do we think it would be ridiculous for the government to mandate which cars we must drive, but not which health insurance plans we must choose? Why is one tyrannical, but the other fine?

Proponents contend that because health care is literally a matter of life and death, it should be considered in a category all on its own, separate from consumer goods, such as cars, computers, or phones. But it still potentially could open the floodgates to government intervention in every aspect of our lives.

Following their logic, why shouldn’t the government determine where we work, for example? Isn’t earning a living a life-or-death issue as well?

The rise in support for Medicare for All is alarming. Less than a decade ago, the media ridiculed conservatives who warned that Obamacare would lead to a single-payer system. Now, conservatives are mocked for warning that Medicare for All will push the country toward socialism.

The left is now openly advocating policies that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. It’s time to recognize that we’re already on that slippery slope, and that we must stop the descent before it’s too late.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Elad Vaida

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1 year ago

This has been tried before. Successfully, or not so much, depending on who you ask. A previous government instituted mandatory national healthcare to provide fairness and control cost. There was no prejudice against some procedures which were frowned upon by some small sects within the larger society, and nobody was privileged or discriminated against by their money or lack of it. However, the system evolved within a few years to determine bureaucratically that some diseases were untreatable, and must be dealt with for the good of the greater society in a scientific manner. The mental disorder of belief in religion to the detriment of ability to function within society had to be dealt with. The Final Solution, the Holocaust, was the inevitable result of putting healthcare decisions in the hands of bureaucrats.

Kenneth Ebbens
1 year ago

I agree to have such a govt plan. Medication and the gift is something I’m running into. I have a problem with severe pain in my feet and legs it took a year for it to finally diagnosed by the Mayo Clinic and they found the only thing helped me was an opioid methadone. The govt keeps passing rules to the point that it is impossible for me to obtain the medication. Now as of today within a week I will be unable to walk and tolerate the pain. I will see how I deal without medication. Maybe suicide is my only option. Thanks govt for putting everyone on opioid s. To survive the pain. Only if I have cancer or in a hospice can I get it. Trying everything it finally went down to this medication for the last 10 years. Now their answer is live with the pain.

M T Kane
1 year ago

Isn’t eating in this country a right for everyone and so is wearing clothes and so is having a place to live. there fore the government should suppy all this for us. but then it has to be all uniform and the same . I could just see this sci fi movie of the future.

1 year ago

reparations for all. one drop of black blood makes one black. everyone should identify as black. my AR-15 identifies as a LEGAL RESIDENT. my dog identifies as black,transgendered,support animal,LGBT, and WHITE SUPREMACIST! LOOKS STUPID WHEN WRITTEN DOWN, DOES IT NOT?

John Wesley
1 year ago

Am I wrong to believe that the 2ND Amendment provides for the only Right to own a physical item? Aren’t the other Rights ideas? If the Government decides to provide all these other Rights FREE than shouldn’t they provide my weapon for FREE?

1 year ago

SHHH. Be patient. “Chevrolets for all” will be in the NEXT presidential election.

1 year ago

Why not free everything? It’s my right! ;)

Todd Taylor
1 year ago

We need to shift away from the government providing and allow the church and business to step in and meets needs; this is the way it was done fifty plus years ago.

1 year ago

this is the socialist thinking, first healthcare, then jobs, controlling people is what it is all about. Russia, Red China. North Korea. a re distribution of wealth with only one group of people having any wealth. the ruling class/ the poor get poorer, the middle class gets wiped out. now if they studied world history they would see exactly what is coming next. its been done before. Lenin Stalin they don’t teach it any more. Hitler’s rise to power.
these people are being brain washed into thinking this will save them not entrap them like it will. Thomas Jefferson wrote about that. BEWARE OF THOSE PROMISING SOMETHING FOR NOTHING.

Jack Thomas
1 year ago

Single-payer healthcare courtesy of liberal “progressive” Democrats who will serve as our benevolent caretakers is like having a wolf guard the henhouse.

“It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.” —- Thomas Sowell

1 year ago

Does ”Medicare for All” include all government employees including the senators and representatives? I would bet NOT!

Phil Hammersley
1 year ago

Yeah, we can use “Medicare for All” and be like England where people have to wait six months to get in to a dentist so they pull their own teeth with pliers! And the multiple cases where they wouldn’t let sick babies go to out-of-country hospitals even though all expenses would have been paid, costing the government NOTHING. It’s all about POWER, not money!

1 year ago

I got one for the demorats: Free Chevrolets for everybody and only demorats allowed to repair them

ahem tonto
1 year ago

The very best thing that could happen to health care is for us to eliminate any government presence in health care or the health care industry. Health care is not the purview of government, period! Health care is not an individual right anymore than a college education or a house or a job or a driver’s license. They are all privileges we must all earn individually with our own sweat and sacrifice. Let’s vote and legislate to repeal Medicare A&B/Medicare D and Medicaid government bureaucracies and let free enterprise fill the need competitively. We should also eliminate Social Security and get government out of establishing a minimum wage. Government is a giant money consuming machine that requires ever increasing taxes from working America to feed government workers and politician’s pockets. Less government means less taxes, better services and more private industry owners and employees.

Pat P
1 year ago

I don’t like to hear that “America has a grave societal ill…”. It’s not America, it’s the liberals, socialists and communists in America who are operating under the word “Democrats” who have this so called “societal ill”. And, unless we fight back against this enemy, we are all doomed. Nikita Kruschev once predicted that America will one day embrace communism but will not even realize it. As Americans, we are better than that. Don’t let that communist be the predictor of our doom.

1 year ago

I will fight socialism till hell freezes over, Then I will fight on the ice!

1 year ago

I will fight socialism till hell freezes over. Then I will fight on the ice!

The OLD Warhorse
1 year ago

Why has nobody asked any of the dem candidates; “IF you put all the insurance companies out of business, just who is going to pay the 20% of medical costs the Medicare does not pay?” Maybe because all those asking the questions are completely unfamiliar with Medicare and how it functions. Just like those hearing about all the freebees the dems are gonna give them, they are totally ignorant of how the system works. I grieve for my country and the country my Grandson will live in.

1 year ago

Cars for all is a smart alec remark, similar to what Trump might tweet. Be serious……

Alfonso Bedoya
1 year ago

Whoa! A free Chevrolet? Where do I sign up. Why, it sounds too good to be true.

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