If California is the Future, the Future Does Not Look Good

California gender pronouns futureIn a Twitter post attacking President Trump, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) tweeted “California represents the future.” After looking at the stats, it is hard to see what type of future California has. People are no longer going west to live the California dream. The middle class is fleeing, and the politicians seem intent on keeping them out. Things are bad and getting worse in California, but there may be some small rays of hope.

California’s education system is a disaster. According to statistics released in September, not even half of California students are proficient in English with only 1 out of 3 being proficient in math. What makes this worse, these numbers broke a positive trend stopping two-years of slight improvement.

California is also ground zero for the poverty crisis. When people think about California, they usually think of beaches, movie stars and money, but a closer look tells a different story. Recently released data shows California has the highest poverty rate in the country, 20.4 percent, beating out states snobby Californians look down upon like Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.

Homelessness is an epidemic in California. California accounts for 12 percent of U.S. population, the largest in the nation, but it also holds 25 percent of the homeless in the country according to a report from HUD. It is so bad in California if you combined the total homeless population of the Texas and Florida and doubled it, you still would not approach California numbers, even though the combined total population totals of Texas and Florida would surpass California by 8 million.

The most surefire way to tell California is not the future, is to look at the U Haul pricing. Renting a U haul truck to leave California is astronomically more expensive than renting a truck to move into California. A recent survey shows it cost 1,600 percent more to rent a truck to go from San Jose to Las Vegas than it is to go from Las Vegas to San Jose. To go from San Jose to Austin it will cost $4,320, but only $1,053 in reverse, a 400 percent difference. This is a pure measure of supply and demand in the moving market, and the exodus from the capital of the Silicon Valley doesn’t bode well for the formerly golden state.

To back up U Haul pricing, the Legislative Analyst’s Office of the California Legislature’s Nonpartisan Fiscal and Policy Advisor, produced a report detailing migration to and from California between 2007 and 2016. For the first time in its history, California is losing its population. Between 2007 and 2016, 5 million people moved to California while 6 million moved to other states for a net loss.

As bad as it seems for California right now, there might be light at the end of the tunnel. It seems the silent majority in California have had enough and are starting to make their voice heard.

The president of San Francisco Travel, the city’s visitors bureau, Joe D’Alessandro’s is now sounding the alarm. His job is being made more difficult because the conditions of San Francisco are atrocious. The progressive paradise has turned into an open sewer.

In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle D’Alessandro stated, “The streets are filthy. There’s trash everywhere. It’s disgusting.” He continued, “I’ve never seen any other city like this — the homelessness, dirty streets, drug use on the streets, smash-and-grabs.”

It may have seemed like the entire state was onboard with the idea of turning the state into a sanctuary state, but a slew of localities have recently taken action against the state government including Orange and San Diego County which have combined with a dozen other counties in the state to join a DOJ lawsuit against California’s sanctuary law.

President Donald Trump noted the uprising in a tweet on April 18, stating, “There is a Revolution going on in California. Soooo many Sanctuary areas want OUT of this ridiculous, crime infested & breeding concept.”

California is past its glory days. It is no longer the promise land in the west, but the progressives may have finally stepped over the line. It took generations of progressive lunacy to ruin the golden state; it’ll take a few generations of hard work to get it back to even.

From - Daily Torch - by Printus LeBlanc

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michael failla
2 years ago

Anywhere you look lately in arizona you see a hell of a lot of califiornia plates on the cars as well as commercial vehicles. Why all of a sudden? I have lived in arizona 45 years and have never seen this many before. My concern is that some of them bring their looney leftist tripe with them. They foul their nest and now they will foul ours. I certainly hope not but bad habits are hard to quit. That is my concern.

2 years ago

The problem with the liberals leaving California
is that
Wherever they move to, eventually they start inserting their liberal ideas again, thus another California is started!
We must not forget.
Liberalism is a mental disorder!!
…so they will screwup everything in utopia!

2 years ago

It is not California that is at issue, they offer a very good look at what far left democrat policies offer and it is not pretty. We all, including rank and file democrats, should take a close look at this cancer and make a promise to never go down that path. The democrat party is not your friend, they have been hijacked at the very top by the progressive/socialist far left, people need to wake up, the democrat party is NOT the party of their grand father. Looking at history they were never all that good to start with they… Read more »

2 years ago

One of the happiest days in our lives was the day we exited the State of California. Such a beautiful State being destroyed by idiots.

2 years ago

California, the Golden State, … for the Progressively Communist Ruling Class calling themselves Democrats. A typical low end motel room costs at least $300/week , lowest gasoline price is $3.259 a gallon and due to rise even more. 90% of the “Homeless” are white people with at least 50% of those are druggies, though many are seniors. We have somewhere between 12-14 million illegals. I hear more Spanish being spoken than English. Apartments are way overpriced. The middle class are leaving in droves because as you know, in “Communism, err, Socialism”, there are only 2 classes of people, the very… Read more »

Francis Elliott
2 years ago

The socialist mindset exhibited in California seems to be reaching its zenith. There is a limit to what tax payers can pay to support the freebies a socialist government hands out.

2 years ago

We should build a fence around California to keep people from leaving and spoiling other states with their leftist, failed programs.

2 years ago

The number one import into the state of Texas is Californians. The population of unemployed is far greater than the population of those who work for a living, and that gap is growing wider. One out of three welfare recipients lives in California. (Most of them are able bodied and perfectly capable of doing so. They just don’t want to work for a living because they are lazy.) What is going to happen when all the working people have left and the only ones remaining are the welfare parasites demanding more welfare? California is a hell hole. I put in… Read more »

Maria Rose
2 years ago

Having lived in California, some years back, I totally understand the rebellion against sanctuary status if it means that I have to live with horrible conditions and criminals go unpunished. As a taxpayer, I expect that my taxes will go to keep law and order, trash collection, road conditions, etc. I would also expect if the city is considering programs for the homeless that it includes a path to self sufficiency not encouragement to remain on benefits. Affordable housing programs should also enforce maintenance of property by the residents and penalties for those who are repeatedly abusing the system. (… Read more »

2 years ago

This article is right on the money. Kamala Harris has obviously spent too much time smoking Frisco cannabis. Once The Golden Sate, gloriously celebrated in literature and songs by The Beach Boys, California has turned into a third world dump. A sewer of government dependence, freeloaders, homelessness, crime, ignorance, illegal aliens, and polyglot trash who came to America for the goodies they don’t have to pay for. And it is politicians like Kamala Harris who fostered it. Go ahead, Kamala, advocate for more. You are causing more damage to your state than anything the San Andreas fault can do.

2 years ago

Amen to all the comments, you’ve hit it on the head. Left-leaning Democrat representatives have forgotten that they are supposed to do what’s best for us, the Californian, not the life-long politicians, who’ve most likely never worked in private industry.

Kyla Beckham
2 years ago

What needless tragedy is the destruction of CA living to maintain political power by the progressive democrats. That is the basis for their philosophy to use taxpayers money to buy votes through government handouts. The school system which was once near the top in the nation now ranks last. The indoctrination of far left ideology is a mainstay of the correculum. I loved living in CA for 30 years but moved to Texas 9 years ago and I am so thankful I did. I saw the handwriting on the wall and left behind wonderful friends, a great climate plus such… Read more »

Larry in PRNJ (People's Rep of NJ)
2 years ago

Lived in Fairfield CA from 1971 to 1972 while stationed at Travis AFB with my wife. It WAS a very impressive place. Not just the natural beauty but also little things like reflective studs in the roads so that when traversing a mountain road without street lights you could easily see the path laid out before you. About 20 years later noticed the concept adopted by other states. So much for the glory years. We went back to visit the San Francisco area 4 years ago and NOT so impressed. About the only thing left is the natural beauty.

Dolores Aams
2 years ago

California is a beautiful state and too ad it has lousy leaders. Get rid of them and get one who really cares for the American people and not the illegals that seem now to be running the state and maybe California could turn around.

Deef Snith
2 years ago

It looks like “Reconquista” concept is working in CA. That is the Mexicans will take back by their numbers that they could not do by their military. I have known Mexicans who actually bragged about this to me in Texas. I think the public should be aware of this “Reconquista” is happening now.

2 years ago

I guess if we wait long enough we will have a new coastline that does not include California. Shame what it will do to the ocean.

2 years ago

I for one would love to see California secede from our great nation! They are surely an embarrassment to the entire country. When the wall is built across our southern border they can take it right up the east side of California. If liberal Oregon and Washington want to join them, let them go also. The wall can extend all the way up to Canada border.

2 years ago

We have lived in West Vancouver, WA, since 2000. At that time there were a couple of housing developments, selling mostly to those moving from across the river in Oregon to escape the high state tax (WA has no state income tax). But since then, development has exploded into this once rural area, with over 200 homes currently under construction within our walking community alone. The most common license plate in the completed areas is CA.

Glenn in PRNJ (People's Rep of NJ)
2 years ago

They should let California secede from the US. Build a fence along its border. I always thought the state should break off from the us continent and just float away.

2 years ago

California is a sewer hole.

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