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If Biden Is Elected, There Is Far More To Fear Than Violence

bidenI get it. People are tired of the fighting, the riots, losing friends and family over our political differences. Some speculate the violence and division might calm down with a Biden win. Interesting thought, but not reality based.

It is not Republicans who focus on constantly dividing us by race, gender, rich or poor. Republicans are not the ones full of hate, rooting for a failed economy, more misery, and more deaths in hopes the president might be defeated.

Understand, a Biden presidency would create a far worse outcome than violence or civil unrest.

We have witnessed a four-year temper tantrum by the left. I am reminded of the spoiled toddler who screams, “I hate you,” calls you names, stomps their feet and throws their toys. Often a tired parent doesn’t have the energy to discipline such outrageous behavior or the time to wait it out.

Doing the right thing can be so much harder. But, what happens to a toddler when a parent gives in and doesn’t take a stand? The child will escalate to a new level the next time and every time they don’t get their way. Giving in to an out of control demanding brat never gives way to a more well behaved child.

I experienced first-hand some of this “progressive” temper tantrum we see happening in the U.S. today. I was in D.C. as a Republican delegate to attend President Trump’s acceptance speech on the final night of the RNC Convention.

While leaving the event at the White House, a group of us had to endure constant harassment of vulgar name calling, threats, and (attempted) intimidation by BLM thugs who had taken to the streets. Although our hotel was just across the street from a White House gate, we were forced to walk about 2 miles out of our way to avoid streets and intersections taken over by larger, more organized groups of BLM thugs.

These were not protestors, but trained agitators. Luckily, other than blisters, some liquid thrown in a friend’s eyes, and dodging bikes purposefully riding at us on the sidewalk, we escaped physical injury.

I left the White House event full of the promise of America, inspired.  The walk back to the hotel revealed the need to defeat the Marxist direction of the democrat party, leaving me determined.

Understand, these destructive physical and verbal abuses are the least of our worries if the Left’s temper tantrum is placated. Should Biden win, if Democrats win a majority in the Senate and House, we lose America. Forever.

We might over time and after considerable pain be able to reverse disastrous policies like the Green New Deal, higher taxes, and crushing regulation on businesses.  We would never recover the institutional changes.

Former President Obama telegraphed the removal of the filibuster during his eulogy of John Lewis. Removing the filibuster would create a simple majority fast lane, paving the way for a Democrat majority Senate to bully their way with their many far left extreme positions.

As Schumer has already suggested, they would start by adding more Supreme Court judges to the traditional nine, creating a firm liberal majority.

More liberal justices who tend to favor progressive ideological policy over the Constitution would be sure to rule against your 2nd Amendment rights, support crushing 1st Amendment violations such as the “Fairness Doctrine” to further limit conservative speech, eliminate the Electoral College making flyover states inconsequential, remove barriers to socialized medicine, allow Affirmative Actions on steroids and remove any protection of the unborn.

Imagine a country run by the liberal elites of many of our colleges and universities, denying and condemning conservative speech and thought. Our communities are full of people with conservative values who are already intimidated, forced to hide their political leanings in fear of losing their business or their jobs, resulting in their silence.

If Biden is elected what will happen to your voice? IT WILL BE SILENCED BY LAW.

A Biden presidency gives us an entire country of Democrat cities of Seattle and Portland, where supporting law and order is not politically correct, where property damage, looting, burning businesses and government buildings is tolerated and excused. Beware a world where the child always winning a temper tantrum is in charge.

The madness must stop.

Vote like your way of life, your freedom, your bank account, your voice — and the very existence of America depend on it.

It does.

Reprinted with Permission from - Inside Source by - Kate Day

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1 month ago

If Biden is elected, we are headed for total disaster. I doubt Biden would complete his first term and Harris is as bad or even worse than Biden.

1 month ago

I pray for an overwhelming Trump victory, holding the Senate AND retaking the House. I believe President Trump understands what BLM actually IS, and decisive action will be taken against this domestic terrorist group & their companions, Antifa, after the election. His hands are tied until the election is settled. If he loses, or the Socialists are able to steal the election by forcing a decision to the Supreme Court for Justice Robert to cast the deciding vote, get ready for Civil War ll.

1 month ago

A Biden win would be inviting BLM to run the Nation. Burn, Loot, and Murder.

Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Kamala Harris wants riots forever, defund police, raise taxes BIG Govt, mask mandate?
Vote RED not RINO.

1 month ago

In the unlikely event the left ever regained both houses of congress and the Presidency and carried out their threats, the only thing left to be determined will be “when does the civil war start?”

Walter Graham
1 month ago

Biden Harris scare me out of my Wits!

1 month ago

If Joe Biden aka “Trojan Horse” is elected, we lose America and everything blood was spilled on a battlefield to protect!

1 month ago

Well said
As for me give me liberty or give me death.

Joe S.
1 month ago

The weeks before and after the election will make this dumpster fire of a year look like a picnic. Hang on to your hats, folks, it’s gonna bet bumpy!

1 month ago

I saw this in an AMAC article, sounds like the Democrat playbook; Karl Marx laid it bare: “There is only one way to shorten …convulsions of the old society and bloody birth pangs of the new – revolutionary terror.” If “terror” is too strong, try this. “My object is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.” Too strong? Try this: “Keep people from their history and they are easily controlled.” Marx thought morality was irrelevant, and power everything. So do modern Socialists. “Communists everywhere support revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order … They openly declare that their ends can be attained only… Read more »

1 month ago

The only way to avoid major violence and bloodshed on November 4th is for President Trump to win with an overwhelming victory. Even if that happens, there will be some violence. A close, contested victory by either side will open the floodgates to major civil unrest and subsequent riots and loss of life. Be prepared and exercise your 2nd Amendment rights to protect your home and family. This is not a black vs. white issue, but a choice between a free, democratic republic and anarchy. Be ready.

Patriot Will
1 month ago

As stated in the article, giving into the lefties would be like giving into a young child who has horrible temper tantrums. The tantrums would continue indefinitely. So it is with the Communist Democrats. Their greed and stupidity would continue, and continue, and continue … Things would get so bad that it would get harder and harder to satisfy the demands of the hard left. President Trump is a grownup who cherishes our Constitution and respects our true traditions. He is a proud American who wants to improve our conditions. He does not want to openly destroy the US, just… Read more »

1 month ago

In 9 months, the radical Dems have created more havoc on US than 9/11 terrorists did. Let us remember those who died on 9/11/2001. Let us prevent a takeover by radicals by voting in person in presidential election. This is only weapon lovers of US have.

Wayne Peterkin
1 month ago

Since the violence is being caused by radical leftists, there is a chance, only a chance, that it may improve should the Democrats and Biden prevail in November. Part of what we see is politically motivated against Trump and everything conservative. The left is also threatening to step up he violence and refuse to accept the election results should they lose. But if we consider that for a moment, it means that we will either be blackmailed and threatened into accepting a radical transformation to socialism in what once was the freest nation in the world or we will fight… Read more »

Grandma Sandy73
1 month ago

This was a wonderful article. Wish I had permission to share it. I am going to save it for myself, none the less.

Meem Kaplan
1 month ago

I just finished watching “Riding the Dragon” on youtube and there is even more to fear if the left wins the election! Hunter Biden has sold American technology secrets to China and is totally in bed with them. This came about through Obama’s administration allowing it. Obama had to sign off on some of the deals and this is treason…We don’t need a Biden nor Harris win!

1 month ago

I can imagine a violent civil war engulfing this country.

dean haack
1 month ago

biden wont win hes going to kill america if he does

Alicia Turned Republican
1 month ago

Biden certainly doesn’t have the clarity of mind one would hope for in such an important position. That puts Harris in the immediate forefront of the situation. Democrats/Communists feel obligated to deliver to the ‘anarchists’. They ‘hitched a ride’ with these radicals from the ‘get-go’!.. Unfortunately, there has been a ludicrous precedent set! Rioters with the ‘upper hand’; burning flags, burning Bibles, destroying historical statues, destroying property, and threatening business owners on a regular basis! They have become accustomed to having their ‘little’ tantrums and getting away with it! Harris, assures us that the rioting and protests will continue; (but,… Read more »

Diane Dalrymple
1 month ago

I believe the violence will continue to escalate regardless of who is in office. The question is how do we stop it? Just as the Left calls discipling our children “child abuse”, any action taken by authorities to stop the violence is seen as “abuse of power”. Some people are being bullied to march for causes they do not support. Expect to see harsher consequences if you are not Politically Correct.

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