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‘Ideological Weathermen’ Threaten Our Economic Future, says AMAC

‘They’ve succeeded in blocking the Keystone pipeline so far and have hampered affordable fossil fuel production’

WASHINGTON, DC, Nov 21 – While scientists caution that the Sun is cooling and a “mini ice age” is in the making, the ideological weathermen inside the beltway cling to the notion of global warming.

“The dichotomy has far-flung repercussions, including a negative impact on the economic future of the nation,” warns Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

“Adamant opposition to the Keystone pipeline, inflexible limitations on oil exploration and recovery and onerous restrictions on coal proposed by the EPA are just a few of the manifestations of the White House focus on global warming,” Weber said.

Meanwhile, a bill that would have given the okay to the pipeline was defeated in the Senate this week, but President Obama said he would have vetoed the measure had it passed muster.  “Apparently, he and the bulk of Democrats in the Senate believe they owe more to the environmentalist base of the party than they do to the American people,” Weber commented.

He added that there is evidence that the pipeline would not harm the environment and that it would create much-needed jobs but that it is being ignored.  In fact, there have been five federal environmental impact studies, including one by the State Department.  All of them concluded that the Keystone project would not harm the environment.

“But the President is fixated on his climate change agenda and won’t budge.”

Republicans will control both houses of Congress come January 3rd and so lawmakers will get another chance to enact legislation to allow the pipeline to be built.

The president is likely to veto the measure and so the GOP is hoping to convince a group of pro-energy Democrats to join them in passing a veto-proof bill.  For that to happen the Senate would need 67 solid votes in favor of the project and the House would need 290 ayes.

“Whether or not they can manage to do that is not the issue.  The issue is whether the new Congress can break the environmental deadlock President Obama has created, an impasse that prevents us from achieving energy self-sufficiency and that will result in fewer jobs, higher gas prices and sharp increases in the cost of electricity.  The hardest hit by these outcomes, of course, are the neediest among us—including the elderly,” Weber stated.

He said that the vehement Democratic opposition to the utilization of the country’s vast natural energy resources “is driven as much by political considerations as by environmental concerns.  There are all those Liberal donors out there who might cut back on their donations to the party, including Tom Steyer, the liberal billionaire activist who just might stop shelling out tens of millions of dollars for Democratic election campaigns if they don’t toe the line on the environment.”

As for the new ice-age theory, Weber noted, “there’s as much genuine scientific proof out there to support the notion that Caribbean resorts will soon offer snowboarding as a new leisurely pursuit as there is that in time we’ll be able to go surfing in the Arctic Ocean.  Perhaps the more the climate changes the more it will remain the same.”

NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors/reporters may contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or [email protected] to set up a call.


The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at

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J C Hall
5 years ago

It has been written that private property rights are part of the cultural fabric of Texas but that idea is now just a concept that has passed into history. Recently elected officials that ran for local, state and federal offices promoted themselves as conservative Republicans and endorsed passage of the XL pipeline at the first opportunity. My question is, how can they claim or any organization for that matter claim to be conservative, want smaller government, less regulations, less taxes, more freedom, etc. for our citizens when they do not even believe in a basic conservative tenant like private property… Read more »

George Reagan
5 years ago

From 11/25/2014 Yes, Johnny, the climate is changing and has been since the Earth cooled several billion years ago. I would say that cooling from molten magma to what we have today is significant change. I remember when we studied the American Revolutionary War and how General Washington and his rag tag army slogged through months of severe winter and massive snow drifts. Here’s the real reason for global warming (gw) and/or climate change (cc). 1) to a lesser degree (pun intended), the Milankovitch effect, the relative positions of the Earth/Sun system as the Earth gyrates through its elliptical orbit.… Read more »

Richard Slate
5 years ago

Obama is obsessed with green energy even though it is not practical and his attitude has always been its either my way or no way at all. His last two years in office he will veto practically everything the new Republican congress approves.

J C Hall
5 years ago

The supporting arguments for the XL pipeline are bogus. No real issues are presented other than the same ole unsupported inciting items meant to garner public support i.e. disdain for Obama, environmentalists are whackos, global warming is a myth, etc. Short story is Trans-Canada is a foreign company in a foreign country that reportedly has Red China as a major investor utilizing imminent domain in order to take land away from American citizens to gain access to a port for direct exports. This sets a very dangerous legal president and threatens our national sovereignty as it will serve for others… Read more »

5 years ago

very good comments. especially ones about eliminating gov agencies. question: why no comments about Liberty Amendent?

5 years ago

I apologize if I post something here if already stated elsewhere. When I was in public school back in the 1940s to 1954, we were told that the earth experienced ice ages every 10 to 11 thousand years. Of course, it warmed in between or the globe would still be an ice ball. As to proponents of ‘man-made climate change’ (“climate gate”), you’ve all seen a boatload of contrary evidence. Truth is (according to non-political scientists) that there is no hard science or empirical evidence backing that theory; only faulty COMPUTER MODELS. Garbage in, garbage out. It’s purely a massive,… Read more »

5 years ago

According to Joe Bastardi, our climate changes are cyclical. I firmly believe he’s right. There is no doubt that Obama flying around constantly in his big AF1 jet emits enough carbon to choke California off the map; but most weather patterns have happened for centuries. Al Gore also flies around emitting carbon, and lives in a house which uses enough electricity to light up Manhattan, yet he’ll huff and puff out more of his crap about “Global warming” ignoring the fact that he is fostering more harm than good. The weather patterns will continue – whether we all recycle our… Read more »

5 years ago

The supposed new Congress is still the same group that has helped put us into the position(s) we are in now. Their agenda is much the same as the Democrats and it is called power, control, and self interest. The House of Representatives have the purse strings to many, if not all of the governmental departments budgets! When is the last time we have heard of our leaders defunding anything that makes any difference? We keep putting these same people into office! Can we expect any different results than what we have already received from them? We as voters need… Read more »

Stanley Howey
5 years ago

Strange this “Global cooling” subject should come up just as I’m finishing reading a good book written by John Casey on that very subject. Mr.Casey, a former White House national space policy advisor, NASA headquarters consultant and space shuttle engineer tells the truth about ominous changes taking place in the climate and the Sun. While admitting he’s not a climatologist, he was working on another project but while pouring over data,he noticed the corralation between historical cool periods on earth and a reduction of Sunspots. He compiled hundreds of years of records and determined that the Sun cycles are cooling/heating… Read more »

5 years ago

Storch: “So far, no one has been able to provide a compelling answer to why climate change seems to be taking a break. We’re facing a puzzle. Recent CO2 emissions have actually risen even more steeply than we feared. According to most climate models, we should have seen temperatures rise by around 0.25 degrees Celsius (0.45 degrees Fahrenheit) over the past 10 years. That hasn’t happened. In fact, the increase over the last 15 years was just 0.06 degrees Celsius (0.11 degrees Fahrenheit) — a value very close to zero. This is a serious scientific problem that the Intergovernmental Panel… Read more »

Van Hamlin
5 years ago

I not going to belabor the point that global warming/climate change is bunk. I am going to point out that this is about legalized corruption on the part of both the Republicans and Democrats. The environmental movement has been hijacked by our competitors and our enemies. The current plunge in crude oil prices is doing more to stop Putin than NATO. Our friends and allies in OPEC are now forced to discount their oil to remain competitive. I will remind everyone that The Saudi’s raised the price of crude after 9-11! Many of the money persons behind the “global climate… Read more »

George S. Reagan, Sr.
5 years ago

Yes, Johnny, the climate is changing and has been since the Earth cooled several billion years ago. I would say that cooling from molten magma to what we have today is significant change. I remember when we studied the American Revolutionary War and how General Washington and his rag tag army slogged through months of severe winter and massive snow drifts. Here’s the real reason for global warming (gw) and/or climate change (cc). 1) to a lesser degree (pun intended), the Milankovitch effect, the relative positions of the Earth/Sun system as the Earth gyrates through its elliptical orbit. 2) the… Read more »

5 years ago

all this can be fixed by election campaign reform in the form of something that would make the candidates have
allegiance to the hard working tax paying people and not the special interest billiomairs

allen martin (ProfEm)
5 years ago

I am delighted with the high quality of the comments to AMAC. I read so many blogs and other posts including the Washington Post; their commenters don’t hold a candle to Paule, Brie, D.A.and, and RIK. And yes, get rid of the EPA.

Paul Clements
5 years ago

Obama and Gore have invested heavily in the Carbon Exchange in Chicago, and the Shore Bank, also in Chicago, which were created to cash in on the “global warming” crisis they were trying to create. It was estimated that carbon emissions would be a three trillion dollar per year business. Furthermore, regulating carbon emissions would give Obama and his friends CONTROL over most industry and businesses in the world. The author, Dan Weber, is correct when he says that “Ideological Weathermen” threaten our economic future. Those ideological weathermen are, for the most part, progressive friends of Obama. Anyone who has… Read more »

5 years ago

This week we all got to see nearly all of the Democrats in the United States Senate bow down before the almighty power of Tom Steyer’s checkbook and his desire to use the scam known as “climate change” to further his own political ambitions and further enrich himself with so-called “green energy” investments. When faced with a choice between allowing the building of valuable energy infrastructure, using private not public dollars by the way, that is far safer and cost effective than shipping oil by Warren Buffet’s train tanker cars, the Democrats chose Steyer’s money. It was never a contest.… Read more »

5 years ago

These idealogical weathermen are the same people who consider Catholicism and Mormonism ridiculous cults. They are the same people who think that smoking pot is no more significant than having a cup of tea. They ridicule any behavioral guidelines offered by religion, yet insist that public policy follow the guidelines of their animist paganism. What of live and let live? Not to be found anywhere these people set foot. It’s their way or else. They operate in accordance with an over-arching vision, one that sees humanity as a plague of algae besmirching Mother Earth. The thing is, if blind evolutionary… Read more »

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