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AMAC is urging able members to send donations to Mercury One and to the Salvation Army. Mercury One is a charity sponsored by Glenn Beck that is raising funds to go to twenty churches in the New York area that were hit by the storm so they can help local victims.

100,000 homes and businesses were destroyed on Long Island and the Rockaway peninsula, and nearly a million have been left without power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Your help and prayers are very much needed.

Donate to Mercury One at

Donations to the Salvation Army can be made at

God Bless all those affected and all of you who can help!


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Irene Nilsen

I was so delighted to see your choices for donations, especially the Salvation Army. My husband and I will gladly dontate to the disaster thru them.


thanks for tor the opportunity to donate through Glen Beck,,,,we know the money will go where it will is most needed ..all 100% of what we send!!

Evie Owen

Mercury one has 100% of its donations going to relief, 0 goes to administrative cost. Thanks for the opportunity to give where I know how the money is distributed.

David Allison

Thanks for offering opportunity to donate to storm victims through Salvation Army. I will not donate to Red Cross because of outrageous salary paid to top executive – about $1 million.

Tom McInnes

Let’s all find it in our hearts to give to the Salvation Army or your charity choice for the people of New York.
God bless them in their loss of homes, jobs and lives.