HR 1: Blueprint for an Electoral Takeover

HR1 blueprint electoral takeoverHR 1, a bill sponsored by Representative John Sarbanes (D-Md.) and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has already passed in the House of Representatives and has been read in the Senate. The title of the bill is For the People Act of 2019, but a more accurate name for the bill might be The Federal Takeover of Elections Act of 2019. This bill includes components that, while being portrayed as making voting easier on Americans, are not only going to lead to corruption but to an unconstitutional takeover of elections by the federal government.

Is HR 1 Constitutional?

Is HR 1 Constitutional? The obvious answer for anyone familiar with the U.S. Constitution and the Federalist Papers is a resounding “No,” because there is no grant of power given to the federal government to simply take over elections.

This bill’s supporters would likely disagree with that claim and quote Article I, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution as justification, which says:

The times, places, and manner of holding elections, for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the legislature thereof, but the Congress may at any time by law make or alter such regulations, except as to the places of choosing Senators.

To the casual observer, this could reasonably appear to be a general grant of power to Congress to take over and regulate elections nationwide, but it’s not.

Of course, the first clue that this isn’t a general grant of power for ongoing operations can be seen in its placement. It is not among the 18 specifically enumerated powers listed in Article I, Section 8 where one can find grants of power for routine ongoing operations of the federal government, such as coining money, establishing post offices, etc.

This provision was in the U.S. Constitution primarily in case a few large states refused to hold congressional elections, thereby weakening the Congress or perhaps even depriving Congress of the ability to act for lack of a quorum. It was also possible that some states would be unable to hold elections due to invasion. While this did not happen during the War of 1812, it came close to happening in such states as Maryland, where the British attacked Fort McHenry. Had the British succeeded in their attack on Fort McHenry, it could have been possible that the State of Maryland would have become sufficiently disabled that it could not have conducted that year’s elections without support from the federal government or perhaps neighboring states.

An explanation of the intent of Article I, Section 4 can be found in the Federalist Papers, No. 59 written by Alexander Hamilton: “They have reserved to the national authority a right to interpose, whenever extraordinary circumstances might render that interposition necessary to its safety.”

Hamilton explained further:

Suppose an article had been introduced into the Congress empowering the United States to regulate the elections for the particular States, would any man have hesitated to condemn it, both as an unwarrantable transposition of power and as a premeditated engine for the destruction of the State governments?

This wording of Article I, Section 4 was hotly debated when the U.S. Constitution was being ratified because the Anti-Federalists saw the dangers it might lead to. The Anti-Federalists suggested an amendment to clarify the discretion with which the Congress was to restrain itself from using Article I, Section 4 as an excuse for an electoral takeover. Number 16 of their proposed amendments said:

That Congress shall not alter, modify, or interfere in the times, places, or manner of holding elections for senators and representatives, or either of them, except when the legislature of any state shall neglect, refuse, or be disabled, by invasion or rebellion, to prescribe the same.

The Anti-Federalists’ Amendment 16 was never passed because the intent as explained in the Federalist Papers, No. 59 was considered clear and sufficient at the time, and its intent was respected by Congress until the middle 1960s. Looking back, it appears that Anti-Federalist Amendment 16 should have been passed to keep the federal government from interfering with state elections based on political whim.

Bad Provisions for Elections

Beyond the blatant unconstitutionality of HR 1, the bill has a number of provisions that, even if they were constitutional, which they are not, are so bad for elections that this bill should be rejected by Congress and anything like it should be rejected at the state level as well.

Section 1001 of HR 1 would implement Internet voter registration. American elections have already suffered severe degradation in the area of voter registration lists caused by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, aka the Motor Voter Act — lists that were intended to be used to prevent fraudulent voting. Allowing Internet voter registration would take a bad situation and make it worse, basically providing an open door for fraudulent voting. Congress should not only defeat HR 1, but also repeal Motor Voter, something Republicans promised when they ran for Congress in 1994, but set aside once they were elected.

Section 1012 of HR 1 would implement automatic voter registration. Section 1012 of the bills explains it clearly:

“Automatic registration” means a system that registers an individual to vote in elections for Federal office in a State, if eligible, by electronically transferring the information necessary for registration from government agencies to election officials of the State so that, unless the individual affirmatively declines to be registered, the individual will be registered to vote

If you think Motor Voter has caused problems, just consider the dangers of automatic voter registration, especially with HR 1’s buried requirement that it be done via electronic transfer of data. How fast can one computer send bogus data to another data? All that and no paper trail of the voter registration as they are processed? Section 1012 is seriously bad for honest elections.

Section 1031 of HR 1 would force the states to implement same-day voter registration. Most states have traditionally implemented a deadline for registrations of new voters, typically about a month prior to an election, in order to give election officials enough time to properly process the applications and be certain they are genuine. This important election integrity measure would be tossed out the window if HR 1 passes.

Section 1201 of HR 1 would prohibit voter caging. The term “voter caging” sounds like like a horrible act of torture, but what the bill says is:

‘(1) the term ‘voter caging document’ means—

“(A) a nonforwardable document that is

returned to the sender or a third party as unde-

livered or undeliverable despite an attempt to

deliver such document to the address of a reg-

istered voter or applicant; or

“(B) any document with instructions to an

addressee that the document be returned to the

sender or a third party but is not so returned,

despite an attempt to deliver such document to

the address of a registered voter or applicant,

unless at least two Federal election cycles have

passed since the date of the attempted delivery;

This provision in HR 1 would greatly reduce verification of voter registration lists. This is something done with voters every two years in Texas when voter cards, which are good for two years, are sent to the voters and those that are undeliverable are returned to the county elections office. As bad as Section 1201 is, it could be easily amended to make any form of voter registration verification illegal and that would be even worse.

Section 4201 is entitled “The Honest Ads Act.” While few would argue against the concept of honesty in political advertisements, monitoring ads is not allowed as a function of the federal government. This section of the bill is short on details and probably marks just the beginning of what could be greatly expanded into an unconstitutional federal ministry of truth in political advertising that would rival Germany’s Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda.

The Wisdom of Alexander Hamilton

This bill, which would essentially accomplish a federal takeover of elections in this country, is quietly moving forward in Congress and public awareness needs to be raised that such a dangerous bill is in Congress and that it needs to be defeated in the Senate. Alexander Hamilton put it best when he said as previously quoted in this article:

Suppose an article had been introduced into the Congress empowering the United States to regulate the elections for the particular States, would any man have hesitated to condemn it, both as an unwarrantable transposition of power and as a premeditated engine for the destruction of the State governments?

He was talking about bills such as HR 1.

Reprinted with permission from - The New American - by Kurt Hyde

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1 year ago

Liberals are having an ever more difficult time swaying the American citizen with their anti-American rhetoric, policies and actions. In the face of this they have decided that changing the rules is their best opportunity to keep their destructive agenda going forward. They have never been fond of the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or any of our founding documents upon which this nation was built. These have always been a great obstacle (as they were designed to be) to their agenda. Liberals now seek to abolish any and all restrictions on voting so that they can expand their… Read more »

Frank S.
1 year ago

So…if it isn’t clear to anyone by now what the Dems are trying to do regarding votes and elections, you have no brain! Lower the voting age to 16, abandon the electoral college, no requirement for picture ID, let convicted felons vote (according to Bernie, even currently incarcerated felons, like the Boston bomber!!!), and now this. Our vote is a right AND a privilege. We need to jealously guard it and use it wisely. Wake up America…we are under attack, and the enemy is a wolf in sheep’s skin and walking among us.

W. E. Schuetz
1 year ago

I concur that this is a very bad idea, but, who is telling the Senate to not pass this? Is anyone in the U.S. yelling? Is someone telling the Senate to drop this?

Burton Pauly
1 year ago

Another hair brained idea which shows just how asinine the democRATS have become. MAGA

Sharon Scott
1 year ago

The Electoral College is like one of the basic commandments (Christian,) and would undermine all of us citizens if removed or altered. Leave it as it is or treason has been allowed/committed.

Bill TX3
1 year ago

Democrats are persistent and consistent in slowly putting a central planning committee in place. The central planning authority is a requirement of socialism. Removing all Democrats from positions of authority, representation, and decision making is the only hope for our nation. God SAVE America.

Harold Verum
1 year ago

Voter registration should not be meddled with and I hope that the Senate has enough brainpower to act accordingly and vote against this destructive “Law”!

Skip G
1 year ago

Anything the lib, socialist, Dems can do to get as many illegal people to register they will try to do. The only solution is voter ID’s but that’s to logical a solution, so the Dems will never let that happen. So fellow Americans register to vote cast your vote to MAGA, and maybe after all the Dem distractions are over we can drain the swamp on both sides,God knows it’s way past due.

Morty Tupperman
1 year ago

Okay… so, write an intelligent letter to your Senator and congressman asking for them to withdraw support for or vigorously oppose this proposed law. Also begin a grassroots campaign to abolish motor-voter or automatic registration and stress the importance of voter ID.
If your representatives carry on supporting unconstitutional measures, remind them that they can be recalled or voted out at the next election. They are threatening our nation – threaten them at the pocketbook level.

1 year ago

This type of unconstitutional action represents that we are heading into a second Revolutionary War or else we’ll live in a communist country with no freedoms whatsoever. What have we lost if the Senate passes this bill? Our freedoms. Get ready for the battle to come or move to Venezuela which has a head start down this road.

Susan Jobson
1 year ago

The Republicans better stop this in its tracks. Is Pelosi out of her mind? Drug and Alcohol testing should be done on all cabinet members immediately especially Pelosi, Schumer and Shiff

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Dems only want Power & screw the voters A-Z, we lose, Watch prior actions

Glenn Lego
1 year ago

When I petitioned against this bill, the Senators And Representative where I live (all Democrats) sent back form letters saying they support HR1. I’m naming the people here. Richard Durbin, Tammy Duckworth, And Cheri Bustos. Any one who lives in Illinois please remember them next Election Day and be sure to vote for their opponents.

Mary Angel
1 year ago

I do not understand why the Democrats cannot come up with some beneficial proposals but no all they can come up with is to take our country down to Socialism.

1 year ago

Wow. How devious the Democrats have become!

Phyllis Poole
1 year ago

We need more
people praying. Are you?
Do you ask God to defeat the devil? Daily?
Do you thank Him so He will
Take care of us ?
The devil has control right now You can tell that. So defeat him by asking God —-daily without fail —-for His help And watch things improve. He gave us a good. Pres and will defeat those against Him as He did in the Old Testament. Have you read that!!!?
Is it your failing that has done this to us. YOU can do something about our world !!!!!

Michael Javick
1 year ago

AmeriKa..is on the path to total destruction..poo-poo it AT YOUR OWN SURVIVAL…..YOU will be part of the approaching Civil War 2 ! RET US ARMY

Kris Hauser
1 year ago

Thank you for sharing this enlightening article.

1 year ago

Why are these Traitors allowed to stay in office Trump and the Federal Marshals need to remove these Traitors they keep trying to Break the CONSTITUTION as WRITTEN! With freedom of speech! Gun laws which are illegal and Un-Constitutional, freedom of Religion, Not Protecting our Nation from the invasion of illegals, trying to Over Throw Our Elected President! To this Chaging the Voteing Rules and Laws, all Treasonist act they need! Removed Arrested Prosecuted for this and others we don’t even know about, I as a Taxpayers Demand these Traitors Removed, Arrested, Prosecuted to the Full Extent of the Law… Read more »

Michael Javick
1 year ago

Is “OUR” great President aware of this INSANITY?

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