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House Versus Senate – By The Numbers

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By the time you read this, the graphic above may need to be updated.

That’s because the House continues to address the priorities of the American people. Below are four bills the House passed this week and what they mean for you:

1. H.R. 5016 – Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act, 2015. This is the 7th spending bill the House has passed, compared to the Senate’s 0. This bill provides funding for several federal agencies and prioritizes programs that help small businesses while reducing funding and restricting power for poor-performing agencies, like the IRS.

2. H.R. 5021 – Highway and Transportation Funding Act of 2014. This bill prevents important transportation projects from losing their funding. This also protects the thousands of jobs that rely on transportation projects throughout the country.

3. H.R. 4719 – America Gives More Act of 2014. This bill combines five separate bills into one, and makes permanent many tax provisions that encourage charitable giving. People often understand the needs of their neighbors far better than a large government program does – so this bill will get resources, like food and donations, to those in need faster and more efficiently.

4. H.R. 3086 – Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act. This bill protects Americans from an unnecessary internet tax – making it easier for people to access the world wide web, whether it be for school, work, communication, or personal advancement.

This week, House Republicans continued to pass bills that will put Americans back to work and grow a healthy economy. Meanwhile, as our bills stack up, they are collecting dust in the Senate. Americans are growing tired of a “Do-Nothing Senate” – and understandably so. For the sake of Americans around the country,  Harry Reid needs to start listening, start dusting off our bills, and start doing work in the Senate.


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Ivan Berry
8 years ago

Unlike Rik, I see this administration doing too much, not nothing, but having read over these bills and their complexity, it seems that should Congress stick to their Constitutional authority, instead of trying to micromanage all these administrative departments and agencies, they would have enough to do and would eliminate all these detailed exercises in control or limits to what they have unneccessarily created. If Dodd-Frank is unconstitutional, it should not be funded in any way. Mass transit? Where is that a central government problem? Internet taxes? Where is that the governments business? Al Gore created it, remember? Like he takes credit for global warming. Too much meddling by the government.
Why should foundations or trusts be tax exempt in the first place? Has anyone paid any attention to the harm they do? To the programs they support? Why does anyone think it’s ok for the government to pick winners and losers in any area of enterprise?
The government destroyed the viability of all those self-help and fraternal as well as trade groups that took care of their own in the past by creating an ever increasing welfare state. So why exempt those who still try or to otherwise manage their efforts in any way?
There was very little in all those bills and amendments that fell within the realm of Constitutional authority, so why bother?
And where does the central government get the authority to manage a State’s taxing efforts? So long as there are no discriminatory taxes within a State, whose business is it?
What should be is limited government, not complex hurdles and hoops to hide the fact that the business of Congress is for the most part just more monkey business. If they cannot do better than that (since it’s mostly eye-wash in the first place since the Senate will not follow their lead anyway) what do we need them for?

8 years ago
Reply to  Ivan Berry

What do we need them for? Seriously? They are the legislative branch of government! They can make law and delete law, and try to limit the excesses of the executive as needed… But what do we need them for? Hmmm….

8 years ago

It’s not just a “do nothing” senate, it’s a do nothing administration! … This is the worst economy since the Great Depression! This is not a “do nothing” president, Obama is systematically destroying America from the inside out.

Where is the outcry? … We don’t expect to hear anything from the state-supported media, but where is the outcry from the republicans? The republican controlled House should be shutting down all funds to socialist actions. No Keystone Pipeline? … Shut off all funding to the EPA! No job creation? … Shut off all funding to Obama’s pet projects! The IRS scandal? … Shut off all funding to the IRS! No Department of Justice investigations? … Shut off all their funding!

Stop this Socialist administration in it’s tracks! … No monies for illegals! Humanitarian crisis? Start showing the plight of America’s poor, the seniors, the young people who can’t find work! … Get creative! Stop playing games! Put them on the defensive for a change. Maybe it’s time for the Tea Party to break away from the republican party and form a third major party, call it the Patriot Party, and do what is needed to save this country! I’m so tired of “milk toast moderate” candidates like McCain and Romney … We don’t need a Chris Christie, and certainly, not another Bush!

Put up a candidate like Dr. Ben Carson, someone with common sense, real conservative, a “real” Christian! A man of integrity that can articulate the issues and the needed solutions. A man that the common people can all identify with!
A man who is not in the back pocket of special interests or lobbiests! This is the kind of candidate that can excite the people, someone the people can feel they can trust! … Not just another greedy, attorney politician!

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