Hostile Media Desperate to Derail Trump’s Foreign Trip

from – PoliZette – by Eddie Zipperer

Rest in peace, lead-from-behindism! The new American president doesn’t bow to anyone, he doesn’t apologize for America, and — as it turns out — he doesn’t get deserted at the airport. So long, and good riddance to the Obama administration’s disastrous foreign policy, which eroded the world’s respect for America. That’s the consequence of projecting weakness on the world stage. That’s the consequence of a fearful, feckless foreign policy built on the sinkhole foundation of peace through weakness.

The logic of the previous administration went something like this: If America willfully weakened itself, the rest of the world would love us. For eight years we endured a strategy of scaling down the U.S. military, infecting it with politically correct nonsense, apologizing for America’s past, denying that America is exceptional, waffling on red lines, enabling the birth and proliferation of ISIS, and allowing rogue regimes such as Iran and North Korea to run amok.

Unfortunately, love — even if it were attainable — is of no geopolitical value. Only respect has value. Peace through strength is back, thanks to President Trump.

And respect was on display when King Salman of Saudi Arabia greeted President Trump at the airport in Riyadh, and he received red carpet treatment. It was a far cry from President Obama’s last visit where King Salman sent his distant nephew to pick up Obama at the airport. That disrespect was a result of President Obama’s willingness to trash our relationship with the Gulf State “sheikists” in order to make a ridiculous deal with the Shiite, death-to-America regime in Iran.

Now, President Trump is using his ambitious foreign trip — where he’ll visit the holy lands of three major world religions — to send the message that America is back and stands by its traditional allies.

But the mainstream media — the same that spent eight years enabling Obama’s fecklessness — aren’t having any part of the “America’s back” narrative. They’re beside themselves that the news cycle has shifted away from the anonymous source leaks they’ve been cramming down America’s throat and away from their Trump-Russia collusion fury. These are media determined to manufacture a narrative of failure regarding all aspects of Trump’s presidency.

Over the weekend, Byron York at the Washington Examiner reported on a Harvard study that quantified the anti-Trump bias of several mainstream media outlets. Of course, you don’t have to be a lab-coat-wearing, laboratory-dwelling scientist armed with an electron microscope and a mountain of grant money to figure that out. Just spend two minutes with any of those outlets, and you’ll be swimming in bias. When a supposedly objective news anchor such as CNN’s Anderson Cooper responds to contributor Jeffrey Lord by saying that if Trump “took a dump on his desk,” Lord would defend it, it’s safe to assume there’s bias at work.

Now, after all the work they’ve done for the past few days digging up anti-Trump gossip from anonymous sources, they have to switch gears and talk about a scandal-free foreign trip.

They’re framing it like it’s just halftime — an opportunity for the resistance to get up and use the bathroom while the marching band takes the field.

All they can do is lie in wait, ready to pounce on any perceived faux pas that Mr. Trump may commit. They almost certainly have an eye on Twitter awaiting any leftwing faux outrage that may surface so they can proliferate it. Already, there have been several stories about the fact that Melanina and Ivanka Trump didn’t wear headscarves. What’s the big deal about that? Well, President Trump tweeted two and a half years ago that “Mrs. Obama refused to wear a scarf” in Saudi Arabia, and the Saudis were “insulted.”

Crisis. Catastrophe. Hysteria. You’d think each individual Trump tweet is one of the nation’s founding documents and that the president himself had taken an oath to preserve, protect and defend all 35,000 of them.

Trump has tweeted 35,000 times. Anyone demanding that his presidency and the policies of his administration be consistent with all 35,000 tweets will probably be disappointed often. But that’s not what this story is about. This story is about trying to thwart the success of the American president on an overseas trip. It’s just part of a pathetic attempt to find a negative angle on everything. CNN and NBC, which — according to Harvard — spend 93 percent of their time trashing the president, both had this story featured prominently on their websites.

These news outlets go Three Mile Island every time Mr. Trump utters the words fake news, but consider the asinine assumptions a story like this rests on:

1.) The assumption that Trump’s 35,000 tweets should be binding on his actions as president.

2.) The assumption that Melania and Ivanka’s choice of clothing belongs to President Trump and not to them.

3.) The assumption that this story is actually newsworthy.

But it’s not about newsworthiness — it’s about unearthing a negative weapon to hurl at the president’s trip. After all, when Trump fired Comey, and the Left had their weekly meltdown, the MSM wasn’t at all interested in trolling through all those #FireComey tweets floating around the Twittersphere to expose Democrat hypocrisy.

So in the coming days, as the president goes about the important business of fixing all the damage President Obama did, watch for the MSM to attempt to undermine him with ridiculous controversies that are hatched from Twitter eggs or divulged by anonymous sources who probably sleep in oversized #ImWithHer t-shirts. But as each “controversy” surfaces for its moment in the sun, bear in mind, these are the same outlets who thought reckless, feckless Obama could do no wrong.

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5 years ago

The “news” outlets, under the impression that they run the country, have hit a brick wall as we now have a president with balls that they can’t manipulate.

Diana Erbio
5 years ago

Check out my AMAC column that was just posted to the Home page entitled “Who Ya Gonna Trust”.

Garland Young
5 years ago

The news media will continue to attack Trump on all turns not because what he does is bad but because he is not a democrat and they have FAILED to sway the American Voters. I have dropped my one sided news paper and I only watch Lou Dobbs on Fox Business.

5 years ago

“Hit the nail on the head article”

Burton Pauly
5 years ago

Our household of folks has always known about the leftist biased news networks. So we do not watch or listen to any of them. And if any show up on fox we mute their biased comments. It is obvious that they are against a strong USA, and President.

5 years ago
Reply to  Burton Pauly

If Trump were to say that the Sun comes up in the East
The “Media” would declare and snark that He is wrong again
Because He is a Climate Change Denier
And besides He was Colluding with the Russians to effect the Sunrise
Thank goodness for the Remote to help me Redact Lib Content

5 years ago
Reply to  Burton Pauly

They are subversives, bent on destroying our form of government for socialist/communist one. It’s ironic that the left (calling itself progressive) is regressing back to the kind of government that the ancestors of most of our immigrant families left in the first place.

liberal disgust
5 years ago

So who’s the real enemy of America and American values …..

4 years ago

democratic leadership!!!

John B
5 years ago

Don’t hold back! …Just kidding. That was the best tell it like it is report on the Trump trip, while also knocking the media. Let’s face it, the news folks don’t know what news is anymore.

4 years ago
Reply to  John B

Except FOX because they report the news as opposed to sensationalizing with made up “fake news”.

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