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How to Host the BEST Easter Egg Hunt!

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Easter egg hunts are a fun, inexpensive, and stress-free event for all ages! Here are some tips to host the best Easter egg hunt ever!


Easter egg hunts are a great way to create a family tradition. It gives the kids & adults something to look forward to every year. Turn it into an all day event! In addition to the egg hunt, you can decorate eggs, give out gifts, BBQ, play games, watch sports and have a few drinks.


When preparing for the egg hunt, it is important to consider the amount of guests, and age. Have guests RSVP beforehand. Facebook is a great way to generate a list of guests. Estimate about a dozen eggs per guest so everyone has a chance to find and collect a good amount of eggs.You can use plastic or real eggs, just make sure you get the supplies in advance. Have guests bring extra eggs and baskets. Make sure you ask about any special food allergies before purchasing candy!

  • Fill your eggs with prizes about 3-5 days beforehand, so you don’t stress about them being ready. Hide them the day before or a few hours before guests arrive. Prepare a “Golden Egg” for the smaller children and larger children. The golden egg will hold the grand prize!
  • For the smaller children, fill plastic eggs with small toys, candy, temporary tattoos, coins, stickers. Use candy that has a high quantity like jellybeans, chocolate, and gummy animals. Avoid chips, pretzels, and anything that can go stale.
  • For bigger kids, fill the eggs with money, beads, candy, bouncy balls, or numbers that correspond to bigger prizes, such as stuffed animals, chocolate bunnies, Easter books, or gift certificates.
  • Even adults can get in on the action! Prepare one egg with a “super prize” for all of the adults to find. The prize could include money, a gift certificate, tickets to a play, movie, or sports game, kitchen appliances, etc.

Hiding the Eggs

If you have both younger and older children attending your Easter egg hunt, divide the backyard into two zones so you can hide your Easter eggs based on age groups. If you have a front and backyard, you can divide it that way as well. Count your eggs before hand so you know how many are left. You can even have a board with a checklist for the kids so they can keep track. Make sure that the two groups are hunting in different areas, or you will have a lot of little kids with empty baskets. If your backyard is small, you can have the kids take turns. Have the smaller kids hunt first and then the bigger kids.

  • Set a limit for how many eggs each kid can find.
  • Go easy on the smaller children by leaving eggs in open places, but make it more difficult for the older ones.
  • Hard-to-find spots, such as under leaves, chairs, in the mailbox, or atop car tires are good challenges for older children. Camouflage eggs work really well!
  • Hide the Golden Eggs in very difficult spots. For smaller kids don’t make it too difficult.

Other Fun Easter Games

Egg Toss: After each successful catch, the players must take one step backward so that the tosses are longer and longer. The last team left with an unbroken egg wins the game.

Egg Pong (adults): Beer pong with plastic eggs! The odd shape of the egg makes it a little more difficult than traditional beer pong.

Egg Race: Divide into teams of two. Each team gets one hard boiled egg and a spoon. Players race to one side of the yard and back with the egg in the spoon. The catch is you cannot touch the egg with your hand. If the egg falls, you must push it with the spoon. If the egg cracks, then your team is out!

Egg Bowling: Bocce ball, but with eggs! Place one hard boiled egg in the grass. Using colored hard boiled eggs, take turns rolling the eggs to see who gets the closest to the white egg. The closest player gets 1 point. Play until you hit 3!

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