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Homelessness Is On The Rise Among The Elderly, says AMAC

homeless streets help elderly riseBut, despite the “gloomy outlook” the issue is being addressed

WASHINGTON, DC – It’s been widely reported that 10,000 American seniors turn 65 each and every day and that this rapid pace of aging will continue until 2029. And now, Harvard University tells us that more than half of U.S. households are headed by individuals who are over 50 and that a growing number of them have difficulty meeting their housing costs, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC].

A report recently released by Harvard’s Joint Center For Housing Studies [Housing America’s Older Adults- 2018] concludes that “whether they own or rent, millions of older households struggle to pay for their housing and other basic necessities, and their numbers are rising. Householders in their 50s to mid-60s are especially at risk of having insufficient resources to manage rising healthcare and housing costs in their later years.”

There is indeed a serious shortage of low income housing in the U.S. The National Low Income Housing Coalition estimates that currently there is a nationwide shortage of 7.2 million low income rental homes.

AMAC president Dan Weber notes that the lack of affordable housing is a principal cause of homelessness, which is on the rise among the elderly. The statistics show that individuals age 62 and older experiencing so-called sheltered homelessness soared by more than 48% between 2007 and 2016.

Weber says, “Aging on the streets, if left unchecked, may reach epidemic proportions in the coming decades.” He cites the Homeless Research Institute, which has projected that the population of seniors who are homeless could increase from 44,000 in 2010 to 95,000 by the year 2050. But, he adds that despite the “gloomy outlook” the issue is being addressed.

Nan Roman, President and CEO of the National Alliance to End Homelessness, recently put it this way in a report issued just last month: ““Those working on the front lines of the homelessness system are actually getting more people back into housing every year. The increases of the past two years aren’t because the homelessness system isn’t effective; they are because more people are coming into the system than ever, and there are fewer homes to put them into.

Nonetheless, the fact that so many communities continue to reduce the number of homeless people is proof that with greater federal and local investments and a bigger commitment to affordable housing, the rest of the nation can do the same.”

Roman points out that there was a decline in the numbers of homeless individuals and families in 31 states and the District of Columbia

The Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC] [https://www.amac.us] is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members. We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today. Live long and make a difference by joining us today at https://amac.us/join-amac.

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Coming from a poor family, it is truly hard for me when the government gets into the housing market and provides homes for the poor when I lived in a shack, but my father was a proud man who was hurt on the job and picked up a pencil to make a living with an 8th grade education….he totally refused any help. Now, it seems that the taxpayers of America are taxed to the hilt and expected to feed, clothe and house the poor. Some of the poor truly need help, but there are many who play the system and a lot of them are the younger millennial “give me” generation…..plus, some imbecilic moron decided to reward the criminal illegal aliens with welfare and allow any baby to be a citizen that is dropped on American soil. If Congressional Democrappers would give us the money to build the wall and… Read more »


Sad ? But the government will take care of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS with a smile and a hug. But kick the elderly and Veterans to the curb.

Michael Farinacci

The elderly need to adopt illegal children so we can receive free everything. Instead of the young trying to kill us off as just being a burden on society we can educate our children to be conservative, “Make American Great Thinkers”.

Plus we all need to start getting into shape again instead of being weak looking and vulnerable. Eating Sugar and processed foods are death and making us obese and sickly. Most times you can get off all your medications by loosing weight, exercising and eating a healthy diet. Look strong, be strong and defend yourself!
The second ammendment is especially for us!! Lean and mean should be our motto!!

Problem Solved,
Michael Farinacci

Carol L. Baril

If government wasn’t so intrusive in everyone’s lives, the cost of living might be more reasonable. Then folks could afford to stay in their homes and make ends meet. Today a dollar doesn’t buy a dollar and it’s been getting worse every decade. How can anyone save for the future when taxes and living costs keep going up now? And I’m not talking about frivolous spending but on necessities! I’m not yet at retirement age but as much as I save, it looks like I’m never going to be able to stop working. Things are too expensive and healthcost is the top of the expensive category!!!!! Thanks for letting me rant!

Larry Peterson

Build the “Fence”, export the illegals including their children and save the real American tax payers hundreds of billions of dollars every year!!

Judy C.



We are 67 and 63 respectively. We only get our Social Security as income. We used to get a whopping $16.00 a month in SNAP/Food Stamps. I finally gave them up because I just could not deal with the paperwork required. We are part of the HUD/VASH program for housing, and even so we can barely make it. Why our government gives millions to “illegals” is a travesty. If we have any unusual expense we are sunk. Right now we are needing repairs on or 2004 car, so it will pass inspection. Then we renew our car insurance. All toll, about $500.00 to $1,000. We get $1500.00 a month from Social Security. Tell me how we do this? We get by b y the Grace of our Lord.

William Lippe

i WISH THIS WRITER HAD EXPLORED THIS ISSUE MORE DEEPLY. I know that many are being over medicated with increasingly expensive drugs, that sometimes result in addictions. unfortunately when addiction is the root cause there is no $ left over for housing and other what are normally considered to be necessities.


well,you can either give financial assistance to seniors who worked and supported the GOVERNMENT all their lives

or you can give free money to ILLEGAL ALIENS-but NOT both.

We know who the DEMOCRAT/SOCIALISTS have chosen


a society used to be judged by the way it treated the elderly and children. WHAT HAPPENED? the answer is that ILLEGAL ALIENS are now more important!


The government should stay out of this. My hometown had a homeless shelter operated by several churches including my church. Then the gov’t got all these regulations. The gov’t required the center to build a new center that will meet their requirement. Applied for grants, but gov’t requirement have to be met. The gov’t cut the amount of grant and the shelter finally closed.
Here in another city (state) I visited, there is a homeless shelter and is supported by several churches. They are building a bigger shelter and hope it will work out for them. Too many regulations by fed gov’t can really cause problems for private charity.

Katharine Gray

Does that number include veterans who are homeless?


I’m 71 this country gives you all the chances to get it right before you retire. The problem is most who have nothing when they retire is because of their own fault. Through the years I have seen how a lot of people save nothing an wasted their money on stupid things. I just barely made it out of High school started working in a factory then drove a truck an when my company closed I worked as a custodian maintenance person. I saved got a small pension, had a 401and saved some money. I had my house an car paid for when I retired with my SSA check I think I live comfortable. I had medical bills and house expenses like everybody else with a wife with cancer and two kids I sent to college and paid for. But when I needed some extra money I did a second… Read more »

Gary Albert

While I was coaching athletics, I used to ask why are we either winning or losing and the answer invariably came down to basics. When we followed the basics we were winning and when we didn’t we weren’t. Maybe just maybe we need to do the same thing as it relates to life. So here is the question, why? What makes some people successful and others not? However, we will continue to have these questions until we start with why is this happening; now I know there are many many reasons but we need to define them first so we can then start with number 1 to fix them. Just throwing money on the problem will not solve the problem. changing the rules of the game doesn’t fix the problem, it just kicks the can further down the road so as to allow for more excuses. as a financial coach,… Read more »

Bob R

OK AMAC, starting to question your allegiance. Where were these stories when Obama was in office? Where are the stories of the failed
and Defecated (literally) towns in California. Where are the stories of Chicago shootouts? or Baltimore, Newark etc?
Same old story, A Republican is in office so out comes the stories of the homeless and the “uncaring evil” republicans.
I do not believe will be “re-uping” my subscription here. I can get this “tripe” anywhere.


We the people are the problem so long as we continue to accept representatives from either party who only represent their own interests we must demand better representation. The school taxes come to mind first, homeowners get to pay a disproportionate amount of taxes compared to all citizens. Why should we pay for illegal children. School taxes should be based on income, not property ownership. And everyone should pay income taxes, not just half of the people. We have already destroyed the republic, the democracy is next. Wake up!

Dee Hodges

Government regulations and underlying real estate costs are huge and getting bigger by the day. So what is the solution for homelessness. The working middle class pays through the nose to support other people and have little savings left after they pay these huge costs and try to raise 1.7 children. The falling birth rate is also about strapping the hardworking middle class.

Jim Best

Yep, screw the tax paying public and take care of the wet backs.

Keith H

I truly believe that. And it’s a shame !! One thing is that Social Security was meant for Seniors. But now it’s for everything that moves anymore. The DumoCrats want to give it to illegals too. Stupid DumoCrats !!! If it’s left up to them, they will, just like killing babies. They soon will be killing Seniors !! Life means nothing to the DumoCrats, oh and let’s not forget the Rinos either. I’m in my early 60’s and I like many, will have to work till I drop. Because I will not be able to survive on just Social Security. I’m thankful I’m healthy. But many aren’t and it is a total shame. Thank God we are in the End Times !! Because the Devil Worshiping DumoCrats, will get their just rewards !!!

Mona Marche

I am a homeless Senior, American VETERAN. I have a lot to say!!!!!!!! I and my Hubby now live in our motor home. We are like fugitives as motor homes are targeted, discriminated against, and harassed by the police “enforcing” the city’s (more like citIES’) ordinances against them. There is no rest for the old and weary. Our mo-home is too old for the motor home parks who require they be 10 years or newer. We are non-dopers, non drinkers, well-behaved, quiet and clean up after ourselves and others. We are always helping others as well. We thought we could be this way for a few months and then move up. We had no idea thst motor homes/R V’s were so discriminated against and unwelcome. This is a very expensive, money-eating lifestyle.