The Holocaust – History’s Worst Nightmare

The Holocaust 1938-1945 – 

by Vincent Marmorale –

The Holocaust was a systematic attempt to eliminate all the Jews in Europe.  The official beginning is considered to be Kristallnacht, the Night of the Broken Glass, November 9-10, 1938.  The pogrom was state sponsored and directed against Jews.  During this time 91 Jews were murdered, 30 thousand Jewish men were arrested and sent to concentration camps, hundreds of Jewish synagogues were torched and 7 thousand Jewish businesses were looted.  The beginning of this tragedy was crystallized by Adolf Hitler’s authoring of “Mein Kampf” prior to his coming to power.  In this book, he focuses on his philosophy of the “Master Race” and he considered the Germans to be the purest form of this Aryan race.  In addition, he saw the Jew as evil and the destroyer of German culture and economy.  As a result, he believed the state had only one purpose which was to insure the purity of the Aryan race and eliminate the Jew from German life.  The views expressed in “Mein Kampf” would become the Nazi bible and lead to the ultimate goal of creating a Europe free of Jews.

A weak German Republic coupled with the demands of the World War I treaty and an economic depression created a unique opportunity for Hitler to gain political power.  He was supported by industrialists and bankers who feared a Communist revolution.  They saw him as a savior for the country’s problems.  He utilized democracy to eventually have himself appointed Chancellor in 1933.  Within a few months he assumes greater power and democracy ends.  He was now free to pursue his anti-Semitic policies.

In September 1935, the Nuremberg Laws created second-class status for Jews and they were no longer considered citizens.  They were dismissed from the civil service, the professions and the universities.  Jewish children could no longer attend German public schools.  Marriage was forbidden between Jews and non-Jewish Germans.  At this early stage, the government allowed Jews to leave the country but many nations restricted Jewish immigration.  The Jews, who could emigrate, left Germany, including Albert Einstein.  Jews who remained in Germany lived in fear of imprisonment.  By 1938, the plight of Jews of Germany and eventually Austria was well known throughout the world.

President Roosevelt called for an international conference to offer refuge to hundreds of thousands of Jews from Germany and Austria for humanitarian reasons.  The meeting was held in Evian, France in July of 1938.  The delegates expressed sympathy for the Jews but made excuses for their countries refusal to accept any Jewish refugees.  The conference showed that forced emigration of Jews from Nazi Germany was unworkable, thus another solution for the Reich’s “Jewish Problem” would have to be found.  This conference would eventually doom the Jews of Europe.  The Nazi’s were convinced that the Jews had no value and the world was indifferent to their fate.

On September 1, 1939, World War II begins with the German invasion of Poland.  The Germans established a ghetto policy which forces the Jews of Poland, Austria and Germany to be imprisoned in a walled off section of a city.  The ghettos were crowded, with poor sanitation, lack of food and prone to disease.  The Nazi’s hoped that the inhabitants would starve or die from disease.  Hitler continued his expansionist policy by invading Russia in June of 1941.  With the increased number of Jews from Eastern Europe, it was decided to use firing squads made up of many local people to murder the Jews under their control in the new territories.  The Nazi’s considered this method inefficient and decided that a new plan had to be devised.

In January of 1942, Nazi officials met at Wannsee, near Berlin.  Their task was to create an efficient method to murder Jews.  It was decided to create extermination centers using gas chambers and crematoriums to solve the problem.  Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor, Chelmno, Belzec and Majdanek death camps were created in Poland.  A railroad system was created to transport Jews to these camps to be murdered.  At one time, Auschwitz murdered 10 thousand Jews a day.  Eventually, these camps were incorporated in the Nazi terror network which resulted in an additional 5 million non-Jews along with the 6 million Jews, all victims of the Holocaust.  Resistance was very difficult under the Nazi terror policy.

In 1943 the Warsaw Ghetto was the first major uprising against Nazi rule in Europe.  A thousand men and women resisted deportation with an armed revolt.  Jewish fighters resisted with hand grenades, pistols, homemade bombs and a few captured rifles.  In Treblinka, approximately eight hundred inmates participated in an uprising.  In Sobibor, six hundred inmates attempted to escape, two hundred escaped into the forest.  This was the largest mass escape of World War II.  Prisoners from Auschwitz revolted and destroyed a crematorium.  In addition, thousands of Jewish men and women fought the Nazis in Eastern Europe as partisans.  Despite being occupied, Denmark saved almost all of their 7 thousand Jews.  Italy, while under German occupation, was able to save 80% of their 40 thousand Jews.

Even with the indifference to the plight of the Jews, there were many who put their lives and the lives of their families in jeopardy to save Jews from extermination because it was the “right thing to do”.  The Holocaust did not have to happen.  It could have been prevented or reduced in scope, if more people refused o carry out the murder of the Jews or to collaborate with those involved in such atrocities.  Every individual had freedom of action and could choose between good, apathy and evil.  If you are not indifferent, you can make a difference.

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Arthur Orofino

Ok Whats better?? how can it be done?? Even with the Tea Party not enough to get him out,IMPEACHMENT !! Do It !! Why are we waiting?? IMPEACHMENT !! Yes do it.Can’t be done he has to many back up people looking after him,so now what?? who has an answer?? Yes he is a DISGRACE TO THIS NATION but we nice AMERICANS needed to show the World we are not RACIST boy this will go down in history.He sure knows how to split a country up if that’s all he planed to do.

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First the Germans offered free healthcare, then they took away the guns,,,then 30-40 million people were killed. History does repeat itself.

Phil. H

As in 2008 the lemmings once again jumped off the cliff without the slightest ponder of the outcome. Now we have legislatures that want 3 or more terms as an edict. Whose pockets are they in? Sadly the gop is falling by the wayside and are well on their way to being absorbed by a more liberal stance. I know I write my congresswoman and express my disdain of this corrupt administration including eric holder (atty. gen) down to the whites house press secretary. Notice how the most recent attack on the american embassy in turkey was “by definition a terrorist attack” This is not because they now realize they were wrong in lybia, they just dont want to put up with all the static they were given on 9-11-12. Susan Rice? aaarrgh! They have a cast of thousands to put in and play the correct, so they think, part.… Read more »

Les Siegel

You are right. Not enough people know about world history. When Hitler came to power, he took the guns away from the people, thereby making them powerless, to rise up against him. BEWARE this doesnt happen here in our great country. We have in our midst, the coming of another Hitler. Remember the Japanese did not attack with ground troops because the knew the Americans all had guns.

BG says

A grammatical error in the article—–Nazis ( plural ) should have been used instead of Nazi’s ( possessive ) in several instances.


The interplay between prayer and action can be amply demonstrated in our War with Great Britain – Prayer must be by those with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, with first repentence, and surrender to His Lordship and renunciation of our wicked ways including the tolerance of so much in political policy that is blatantly anti-Christian including that which is anti-Israel. We must arm ourselves not only with the physical arms but recognize the spiritual for this is penultimately a SPIRITUAL BATTLE! The Christian must renounce his coveteousness, his worship of sports and leisure, his indifference and apathy with his fellow man, and his ignorance of fellow Christians around the globe suffering while he blissfully thinks he can ride in on the coattails of past words and deeds. Accept Chirsts good news – Surrender – send up the white flag and foresake your efforts – Just as you are without… Read more »

Margery Griffith

We have been so brainwashed over the years abetted by our schools, that we are only entertained by obscenity. History has been rewritten and is ‘so boring’ we are just not interested. In the Bible, Proverbs 6:1619 gives a clear description of Obama:
“These six things the LORD hates, yes seven are an abomination to HIM: A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies and one who sows discord among brethren.” The question is whill God save us from this monster or will he allow us to suffer our own self imposed ignorance?

Irreverent One

In this country, “We the People”, should stand as a banner to all. The one way that I see to fix the political mess we are in is to walk into the polling place in 2016 and vote against every incumbent in office. Do it again in 2018 and once more in 2020. The individuals sent to represent us that year will realize where their “power” comes from. If we continue to vote the party line, regardless of which party we vote for, we will deserve everything we get.


There is in the Jewish psyche a liberal mindset that feels the enemy is just venting but will not act . This not by all but a very large segment.
In Israel thankfully the population is majority to the right . Sorry destruction in last comment spelled wrong .


It seems the world does not feel Jews will not defend themselves . Thus all the outrage shown at the UN when the Jewish State of Israel successfully defeats their attackers .
Any action by Israel is criticized while their neighbors vow their distruction .


An excellent article…let not history repeat itself…this time with Christianity as its focus.


Note the similarities to where we are now. A charismatic leader rises up during a time of economic crisis to promise the people a way out of the mess. The “only” thing stopping him from delivering this nirvana is “those people” (insert either Republicans, conservatives, gun owners, the “evil rich” who aren’t really rich at all, Wall Street bankers, insurance companies, etc., etc.), which he vilifies to the public clamoring for relief. Once elected, this “savior” quickly begins to show his true agenda, but the public is deeply invested in the fact that they chose him. So they over look or ignore all the warning signs. Instead they focus their attention of the group(s) he has named as the reason for their problems. Emotion over-rides reason and clear thought. The “mob” is never given time to evaluate the merits of the leader’s charges, but merely driven to attack one group… Read more »


An interesting article. It raises almost as many questions as answers. Were the Jews non-defensive because of their faith that God would save them ? Were they an armed people to begin with ? Why didn’t Catholic and other Christian organizations intercept such a devastating evil force ? This should lift a huge banner of beware to modern day Christians as a possible target for a repeat performance by our current prevailing government or are we already too late ?


“Every individual had freedom of action and could choose between good, apathy and evil.”
We have a nation that has “chosen” through participation or indifference another holocaust called “Abortion”.


I would have preferred the use of the word “pogrom” rather than “program”. Nevertheless the article was excellent.

Joe Horton

Frankly, it has surprised me that people haven’t come after the Jews here yet. I always figured we are the obvious scapegoats. Sooner or later someone will figure it out. The argument that “it can’t happen here” is a non-starter: it couldn’t have happened in Germany either. And yet….

Quentin Johnson

Some of what led Germany to embrace Hitler, sounds familiar today, and if the Progressives get both houses in 2014, I can see a path leading to at least, the persecution of Christians in this country. All we have to do is be silent and let it happen.


First of all, it wasn’t only Jews that were killed in the holocast. Millions of Christians were also killed. And why is there never any mention of the “Christian Holocast” that took place in Russia when the Bolsheviks overthrew the csar and murdered 17 million Christians?