Hollywood, It’s Time to Give President Reagan His Overdue Honor – Sign the Petition

Ronald Reagan PresidentSince Hollywood is a known liberal bastion, it should come as no surprise that the film industry has been unwelcoming – hostile, even– to those who hold conservative political views. Along with facing mockery, threats, and cancellations, Hollywood conservatives are silenced by the media as well, their contributions to the industry often overlooked and unappreciated.

However, Mark Weinberg, former Reagan aide and author of memoir Movie Nights with the Reagans, hopes to change this.

Weinberg is part of a nationwide effort to encourage Hollywood to show more ideological diversity and embrace entertainers who hold conservative viewpoints. Weinberg has created a petition asking the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to award a posthumous Honorary Oscar to President Ronald Reagan.

In his lifetime, Ronald Reagan appeared in over fifty Hollywood films and played an important role on the Screen Actors Guild board of directors. He later rose to 3rd Vice President and was ultimately elected SAG President in 1947. Reagan appreciated the lessons he learned while working in Hollywood and was known to speak often and fondly of the film industry.

According to Weinberg, however, Reagan began to feel a disconnect from the industry later in his life, concerned that the love he had for the business was not returned. Hollywood’s refusal to recognize and celebrate the fact that one of their own had risen to the highest office was not only a sore spot for Reagan and his supporters, but evidence of the liberal bias that would soon dominate the industry.

“You would think that after what I’ve done, being the only one from that profession to do so,” Reagan once told Weinberg, “they would commemorate it in some way. But I guess their political agenda has taken over good manners.”

Ronald Reagan was not only a talented actor, but a strong leader who changed the world. It is time for the film industry to put politics aside and recognize President Reagan’s contributions– both to Hollywood and to our nation.

If you wish to join the effort for Hollywood to welcome ideological diversity and award President Ronald Reagan a posthumous Honorary Oscar, sign the petition here.

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