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Hold On. The COVID Resurgence is Going to Be “A Bumpy Ride, But We’ll Get Through,” says AMAC


WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 20 — Here we go again. Just when we thought we were safe, a new Covid variant has surfaced. Those few weeks of freedom when we didn’t have to wear our masks, when we could socialize after a year and a half of isolation, felt pretty good. It lifted our spirits, promising a return to some semblance of normalcy. But that promise was broken, and we are once again victimized by the pandemic. So, what does the future hold?

“We got through it the first time, and we will get through it again,” says Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC]. “After all, America’s senior citizens led the way in the first round of the battle with the coronavirus and are ready to show us the way to go on fighting in the face of adversity. They don’t call them the “greatest generation” for nothing, having lived and led us through some of the most threatening moments in our nation’s history: the Great Depression, World War II, Korea, the Cold War, and, of course, the Polio epidemic.”

That’s not conjecture; it’s the truth backed up with multiple studies that have been made since the pandemic began. The research shows that the older you are, the better able you are when coping with Covid induced anxiety and depression, the reason being that they’ve “been there and done that” when it comes to dealing with adversity. And that’s probably due to the fact that we are not born knowing how to be resilient when times get tough; it’s something you have to learn as you age.

According to one report by the University of British Columbia and published by Science Daily, “Our findings provide new evidence that older adults are emotionally resilient despite public discourse often portraying their vulnerability. We also found that younger adults are at greater risk for loneliness and psychological distress during the pandemic.”

During the Polio epidemic, which lasted for almost a decade, from 1949 to 1960, tens of thousands of children died or were paralyzed by the virus until Dr. Jonas Salk’s vaccine became available in 1955, and by 1960, the disease was all but eliminated. The Atlantic reports, people “stopped handling money, and some refused to speak on the telephone, believing that germs traveled through the transmission lines” during that epidemic. Polio was crippling and killing at record numbers, mainly among children. Then, as now, quarantines were imposed, and it took its toll on travel and commerce.

So, what are the near-term prospects for the Covid crisis?

The question was put to the folks at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, which asked several teams of modelers to provide an answer.

Justin Lessler, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins, led the effort, and here’s what they came up with:

“In three of the four scenarios, we see cases going down and staying low, deaths going down and staying low, and hospitalizations going down and staying low. If we have low vaccine hesitancy, or we’re very slow and cautious in how we ease back NPIs, that’s where the models send us. We level off at lower numbers [of cases], and they get lower a lot faster if you both keep some control in place and have high vaccination. If we’re high on either dimension [NPIs or vaccination], numbers go down … But if we have low vaccination and quickly roll back the NPIs, then we start seeing resurgences in the fall.” [NPI stands for nonpharmaceutical interventions such as mask-wearing, both mandated and by individual choice; restaurant capacity rules; and even personal decisions about whether to go out and do activities as before the pandemic occurred.]

In other words, we’ve got a pretty good chance of our seeing a happy ending to the drama that is Covid. So, “as Betty Davis once said, ‘fasten your seat belts; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.’ In other words, we’ll get through this, just the way our nation’s senior citizens persevered during the trials they suffered in the last century,” as AMAC CEO Weber explained.

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R. corcoran
11 months ago

(New variant: “Election2022”! Then COVID-19 will start to disappear after November. Come on SHEEPLE.????..Never waste a crisis! Right DEMS? They are Evil????!!! Come on fight for your country USA USA don’t forget the VOTE !!!!

11 months ago

Thanks Rebecca, I believe we will get through this but it won’t be good. This whole covid “vaccination” thing is about control, as much mind control as fear. Yes, the pandemic was real; the vaccine was developed to help lower the curve and help with “herd” immunity, not to eliminate the virus entirely. As long as the socialist/democrats are in power, the “immunizations”, or fear, won’t go away. Just follow the money. We already know, vaccine or not, the virus can be reacquired or passed on. We are now seeing venues that require proof of vaccination; one more way that OUR freedoms are being taken, while the political “elites” can do what they want when and how they want to do it. Year after year with each vaccine “booster”, we won’t know what is being put into our bodies. If anyone thinks this is for the betterment of mankind, you might want to think again. I should have the right to choose if I or my children take the vaccine or not. This pandemic is the perfect time to start the journey toward the new world order. The socialist/democrats seem to be very much rushing down that path right now. We cannot put our faith and trust in our government, we see every day how that goes. We pray, and put our faith and trust in God. Without Him, none of this matters anyway.

Barbara Petty
11 months ago

Actually Polio is still an issue in some countries, which essentially makes it a risk to us as well. One infected person on an airplane, etc., entering our country, could bring it back here.
I’m not sure of the numbers, but Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. Thanks be to the efforts of Rotary and other organizations, it has been about stamped out.

Sharon Lehman
11 months ago

Why can’t we be more like Alberta, Canada, and say NO to the Covid nonsense. We are in lockdown again with no say in the matter. While everyone was so concerned with Covid, look what happened in Afghanistan.

11 months ago

Cloth mask don’t prevent virus infection. You will never be able to shoot yourself with enough experimental mRNA JABS to stop covid. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine could have controlled the virus in March of 2020. Dr. Zelenco was saving lives without hospitalation in upstate New York in March of 2020. If you want facts about covid without the drama go to FLCCC.NET.

11 months ago

This blue city and county just issued mandatory mask requirements for everyone indoors, vaccinated or not. There will be fines for “disobeying”, starting at the end of the month.

At the grocery store, yesterday, the 2 cashiers and I had a conversation about this. I said I’ve done my part by getting the shots, and should not be required to wear a mask, which might or might not protect the unvaccinated people near me. It’s up to them to protect themselves by getting the shots. Sounds harsh, but your health is not my responsibility in a pandemic such as this. If you truly uphold the notion of “individual responsibility”, then get the vaccine if your doctor recommends it.

Yes, most of us will get through this, but many won’t. Almost all the patients dying in the ER have not been vaccinated. It’s sad to think that 2 little shots in the arm could have saved 99% of them. Who’s next? You? Your spouse? Your Mom? While it’s true that we don’t have a thorough understanding of this virus and how it mutates, where it came from, or how effective NPI’s are, the vaccination will get most of us through this.

Unless we stay 100% isolated from each other, getting the vaccine is the only way to see the end of this virus. Otherwise, we’ll be dodging variants of the variants, and one of these days, there might be a mutant that will take out a whole lot more of us than Delta is doing now.

Last edited 11 months ago by Kim
11 months ago
Reply to  Kim

I should have said that people shopping, at events, working, in public buildings, at school, dining out…all must use a mask…everywhere but in own homes.

11 months ago
Reply to  Kim

We just had an incident with a granddaughter where she had a double ear infection that was caused by a virus. Their regular pediatrician was out so the child was seen by a younger female doctor . This doctor immediately began shouting that the child was infected by COVID and demanded that the child be tested. My daughter consented even though she told this doctor that it was just an ear infection. Later on, this doctor was heard telling the technician that the test results were wrong that our granddaughter had COVID. Our daughter had had enough with this doctor and was saved when their regular doctor showed up.
The point is that the government and AMA have hyped everything up and continue to do so. During 2020, medical facilities were falsifying the numbers just to get government funding. People died from the flu that got counted as COVID related. The COVID strain was manmade, joint research by (guess the countries), started in China and spread worldwide. Now there is the “D” variant going around that started in India (adjacent to China), more government scares/control over the people.
As to the vaccine, I am not saying it doesn’t work, some people can’t take it. My wife is one that if she takes a virus vaccine (live or dead), she ends getting it. Don’t need the COVID. Keep your immune system healthy is the bottom line.

11 months ago
Reply to  Max

I hope your granddaughter has recovered. That substitute doctor, whether male or female or…whatever, should be reported.

Yes, staying healthy, for many reasons, is a given. However, Delta, from what I’m hearing, sickens younger people in higher percentages and is more contagious than the original virus. According to local reports, the average age of hospitalized patients with Covid was in the 60’s for the old virus, but has dropped to the 40’s for Delta. We lost a relative from the original (no shots then), and my niece, a nurse, recovered from Delta. She had been vaccinated and was mildly ill. And again, almost every patient in hospitals for Covid did not receive the vaccine.

When I ran the numbers through my brain, the odds were much better for me having been vaccinated, even with the nosebleeds I get now and then. But that won’t kill me.

Regardless of the origin of this virus and regardless of the actual number of those who died because of the virus, those numbers above speak volumes to me. Yes, I know about the government payments to medical establishments and that a lot of fraud is going on. But throw in a couple of health issues, and for me, getting the vaccine was the smarter choice.

I do not want to be forced to wear a mask. I did what the feds asked me to do, but now our county, and eventually probably the state as well, will start fining us for showing up indoors (except in our own homes) if going maskless, whether we’ve been fully vaccinated or not. Dems!

We’re not likely to reach “herd immunity”. No one knows when that level will be reached. Fauci originally said 70% vaccination rates, now some are saying 85%, but my money is on close to 100%. Herd immunity is a joke. Covid-19 will do what viruses do, and that is mutate. As long as there’s a pocket of vulnerable people, we’ll never see the end of it. One of these days we could end up with a Black Plague type of epidemic, which wiped out over 60% of the entire population of Europe.

There are few people more vocal about the rights of the individual than I am. Of course, you can get the shot or refuse it. I understand there are some, like your wife, for whom the shot is not recommended by their doctors. What I resent, though, is being forced to do something against my will when I have already acted according to the guidelines issued by the federal government, which is to get vaccinated.

Last edited 11 months ago by Kim
11 months ago
Reply to  Kim

Kim, thanks for your insight. Our granddaughter did recovered. Her brother and my wife, who was babysitting them at the time, also came down with the same ear virus and have also recovered.
Sadly, on the COVID front, in the last 12 hours, had a church friend lose their father in Ohio and another friend in Iowa, lost their daughter-in-law, leaving behind the husband and 2 daughters (12 &10), she was 34. It is hard to lose people so young.

11 months ago
Reply to  Kim

Kim, how do you know “what you have heard” is accurate? And as for “almost all patients dying in the ER being unvaccinated”, you might want to do a little more research. Things are changing. There have been MANY very bad experiences across the world with this “immunization” even many deaths, which the press won’t cover. Remember, this vaccine is EXPERIMENTAL, yes I know one has now been declared “safe”, but follow the politics and money. I wish you well. We cannot and should not attack fellow Americans that choose what’s right for them. One way or the other.

11 months ago

Yet in all of this, China has still paid no price for unleashing this virus on the world and with this administration in place, it is clear the United States will take no action to hold China accountable. Of course we will get through this, just like we’ve gotten through other issues. It would just be nice if we stopped giving everyone who has willfully acted to harm us a free pass.

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