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Hispanic Americans Going Republican

Mayra Flores, Congresswoman-Elect for TX-34.

Americans cast votes individually, not in groups – but sometimes trends emerge worth attention. Hispanic voters are moving like eagles on an updraft – to the Republican Party. This terrifies Democrats, as it should. Hispanic Americans are helping create 2022’s “red wave.”

It seems that Hispanic Americans are no longer willing to be taken for granted. They are not a voting block, not interchangeable, and not culturally homogenous. That being said, they share cultural affinities – like those drawn from the former British Empire. They share language, emphasis on family, hard work, and faith.

These culturally significant factors are binding, along with millions of stories that begin with a “dream” and end with citizenship and gratitude. The Republicans see and honor that, while Democrats are increasingly tone-deaf.

The dial is turning. Hispanic Americans, long viewed as political dependents on Democrat beneficence, unions, and largess – objectively considered a Democrat voting block – are just saying, “no, that is over.”

One recent sign is the Republican victory by Hispanic candidate Mayra Flores in a special election for Texas’ 34th congressional district. She won in what Democrats imagined was “their seat,” entitlement again. That race is not an anomaly but part of a trend.

The trend goes back to 2016, accelerated in 2020, and is accelerating again. Donald Trump spoke directly to those of Hispanic descent – and he honored them. He did not speak to illegals but to citizens.

His message was clear – if you believe in the power of faith, family, freedom, and the future, if you aspire to prosper, be secure, open doors for those who follow, and are proud citizens who work hard, then you are Republican.

That message was heard. Like Reagan’s message that realigned “Blue Collar Democrats” behind Republicans in 1980 and 1984, Trump’s turned the dial. Republicans drive opportunities to Hispanic Americans, employment, job quality, wages, and broad indicia of prosperity. Trump also championed national and border security, intergenerational effort, and what Hispanic Americans came for – more opportunity and citizenship.

But there is more to this realignment. Yes, Republicans honor those who risk life for freedom (e.g., fleeing communist Cuba), work hard, have a moral compass, and believe in the American Dream.

But the GOP has become the chief defender of constitutional rights – held dear by the Hispanic community, including defense of family, free speech, “free exercise of religion,” sanctity of life, centrality of faith.

This is not a small thing. Like others, Hispanic Americans see prosperity, freedom, security, and moral compass at risk. They see Democrats pushing leftism into schools, communities, laws, even seeking to delegitimize the Supreme Court.

Democrats underestimate the damage they are doing to their brand – and to America – by pushing these radical ideas on Americans.

Many Hispanic Americans came from families that fled what Democrats now push, socialism, communism, Marxism, lawlessness, suppression of individual liberties – they do not want that.

A real trend is afoot. As Democrats move left, abandoning their past and shared constitutional underpinnings, they are losing those who believe more in the Constitution than the party.

The numbers – from 2016 to 2022 – are telling, but fresh numbers are more telling. As we approach midterms, voting trends suggest a “red wave” – assisted by Hispanic districts.

Examples are illuminating. Florida-07 – which is 22 percent Hispanic – elected Democrats in 2016, 2018, and 2020. But this is all changing. Cook Political Report predicts it flips. If so, Hispanic Americans will turn that dial – the same prediction for longtime Democrat Florida-13.

Texas-15 is instructive. Past three elections Democrat, with margins of 57, 59, and 51 percent, now tips Republican, with 82 percent Hispanic. Or Texas-28, past three Democrat, now a toss-up, 79 percent Hispanic. Or Nevada-01, Democrats won past three, now a toss-up, 44 percent Hispanic. 

Big picture, the red wave is already here, and just building in height. Evidence of a nationwide Hispanic American realignment is well underway. Thus, look at Florida-26, which in 2016 elected a Republican to Congress with 55 percent, again in 2020 – 67 percent Hispanic. Or Florida-27, same trend with a Republican now – 69 percent Hispanic.

Or look at Texas-21, solidly red from 2016 forward, 30 percent Hispanic. Look at Texas-27, again solid red across the board, 52 percent Hispanic. Similarly, California-21 – with a 73 percent Hispanic population – elected a Republican to Congress in 2016, again in 2020. 

Then look at shrinking blue support in places like Texas-16, Mr. Beto’s deep blue district, 81 percent Hispanic. Democrat support has dropped 20 points between 2016 and 2020.

Net-net is simple and compelling. Hispanic Americans of virtually every origin, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, or any other location, are shifting Republican, realigning. Realignments can be slow or begin slowly and accelerate, creating major changes in a short time, and in the process, fracturing, fragmenting, forever changing parties. 

Undeniable truth: On issues affecting faith, family, the sanctity of life, opportunities, returns on hard work, the importance of citizenship, self-reliance, and freedom – Hispanic Americans are reevaluating how they are treated by Democrats and by Republicans, moving to the GOP.

Hispanic American citizens are concerned for the future, as are so many others. Many are disgusted with what they see happening to churches, schools, the economy, abroad, at home, defunding police, blind eye to overdoses, open borders, lost time, and diminished respect.

Proud of who they are and where they came from, they are individuals and families with compass – not leftists, not interested in dependence. That is why many are realigning with the GOP.

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9 months ago

Hispanics know about Socialism. They have lived with the pain and want no part of anti-God liberals. They see the left Dems exactly for what they are, marxist-socialist tyrants. Cuba, Nicaragua, Argentina to name a few of the most corrupt.

9 months ago

“Hispanic Americans Going Republican”, good because it seems more Anglo Republican, RINOs, are leaning to the Democrat left ,Mitch McConnell & John Cornyn

James Thompson
9 months ago

Time for a new ME TOO movement!
Hey Dems, what about ME?

Bill T
9 months ago

Why do you think we’re allowing a stampede of many millions of totally illegal immigrants flood into our country? And why are they being fed, and coddled by these MARXIST TREASONOUS ENEMIES of our constitution and our American citizens. Oh and getting credit cards, and probably more rights and protections than any of us would ever get. They’ll put you or me in jail for anything, we’re the problem to them!

9 months ago
Reply to  Bill T

These are the ones who will make up any difference the Latinos who jump onto the Republican Party. And they knew it, that’s exactly why our borders are wide open, to terrorists, criminals, gangs, drugs, and possibly the extremely dangerous radical Islamic nation. And that’s a problem

9 months ago

Are there media in Spanish that broadcast from a right perspective? Although Univision may carry the mainstream media’s take, is there a Hispanic “Rush Limbaugh” out there enlightening the Spanish speaking world?

Rod Noll
9 months ago

Florida & Texas…on to California next up ! Hispanic Americans are all shifting to the Republican Party. The disastrous Democrat Party is losing their support rapidly !

9 months ago


What frequently happens to individuals or various groups, who have previously bought into an increasingly socialist or communist ideology marketed to them by the Democrats as “social justice, economic justice, equity” and other mangled terms frequently employeed by the left, is that they finally get to personally experience what those ideologies actually produce in real life. They not only get to see what those ideologies produce, but they get to experience the ramifications first hand. It is usually like an ice cold splash of water in the face to those not yet so brain dead that they can’t connect the dots. Instant clarity of thought.

In the case of congressional district 34 in Texas, they got to experience what the Democrat view of a borderless United States would mean on an ongoing basis. They got to see wave after wave of illegal immigrants streaming into their communities and not only disrupting their lives, costing them much needed tax dollars and draining resources, but also importing tons of illegal drugs into the country and endangering their communities as crimes escalated.

They got to experience what “transitioning to a green economy” looks like, with the nation’s oil and natural gas industries intentionally hobbled and gasoline prices rapidly rising to $5 or more a gallon. They got to experience supply chain shortages of everything, as our “progressive” transportation secretary first went on maternity leave for 3 months and then upon his return said there is nothing he can do to solve anything. That is until he was personally inconvenienced by his flight being cancelled. Then he threatened the entire airline industry with government retribution, if they didn’t magically produce thousands of new pilots and flight crews to replace all those that Biden had fired last year for not getting Covid shots.

The folks in Texas also got to experience the worst inflation in over 40 years due to the runaway spending Democrats continued to do in 2021, even as the economy was already growing at a rate of 6.5 percent before Biden strolled into the White House. Further straining their family budgets. So all in all, when most sane and rational people get the opportunity to finally experience first-hand what they had previously voted for in the abstract, socialism called “progressive policies”, but now get to live with it all, most of these people quickly do a 180 degree turn in the hopes of making all the pain stop. I suspect a lot of Hispanic voters and even a few Black voters will be opting to change their usual voting pattern this fall.

9 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

This is great news…if they vote…which I think they will. They, more than most, understand what’s at stake. Too bad most Americans lack this “clarity of thought”. Hispanics comprise the second largest group in this country, at 18%, and can easily turn the tide on this progressive lunacy.

Bill T
9 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Unfortunately BLUE is stained into their DNA! It’s unbelievable that any American citizen would even consider voting for this totally progressive socialist party

9 months ago

reckin’ democrats will wanna finish that wall now…..hahaha…

Bill on the Hill
9 months ago

I think similar trends can be seen in the black community as well… Both these groups know what they had under the Trump administration & they know full well what they have now under the current administration… President Trump kept all of his ” promises made, ” now look what all of us have, I rest my case…Great story RBC & I do believe once again the Republican Party will hold onto both the Hispanic & the black folks votes come the midterms & yet again in the 2024 presidential election.
All the best,
Bill… :~)

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