His Foes ‘Vicious’ and ‘Genius’ in Impeachment, Trump Tells Supporters

Trump impeachmentPresident Donald Trump, throwing what he called a “celebration” Thursday at the White House, said the nation could have accomplished more by now if not for the time put into his impeachment and legal defense.

“Think what we could have done if the same energy was put into infrastructure, prescription drug prices. Think of what we could have done, and I’m now talking to both sides,” Trump told a friendly audience packed into the East Room of the White House.

The president spent much of the occasion, which went more than an hour, thanking individual Senate and House Republicans who helped to defend him.

Lawmakers, Cabinet members, staffers, and other supporters joined the president one day after the Senate voted to acquit him on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress that grew out of his July 25 phone conversation with Ukraine’s president.

After the partisan ordeal, Trump did have one nice thing to say about Democrats:

I will say it’s genius on the other side and even more so, because they took nothing and brought me to a final vote on impeachment. That’s an ugly word for me, that’s a very dark word. … But now we have that gorgeous word. I never thought a word would sound so good. It’s called total acquittal.

Trump did not use the event to address the nation, as many had expected, but instead expressed gratitude directly to his White House audience.

Trump praised Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and other specific Republican lawmakers who stood by him, often telling personal anecdotes.

And the president contested some who objected to his raising apparent issue of conflicts of interest in Ukraine for former Vice President Joe Biden and son Hunter Biden in his call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

“You know, I had some that said, ‘Oh, I wish he didn’t make the call.’ That’s OK if they need that. It’s incorrect. It’s totally incorrect,” Trump said.

For the second time Thursday, the president referred to the lone Senate Republican vote against him cast by Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, who was the party’s presidential nominee in 2012. This time, he eventually identified Romney by name.

“Then you have some that used religion as a crutch. They never used it before,” Trump said. “But it’s a failed presidential candidate, so things can happen when you fail so badly running for president.”

Romney, a Mormon, invoked God and his faith on the Senate floor Wednesday in explaining why he would vote to remove Trump from office for abuse of power.

Trump had harsh things to say about Democrats, primarily House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, both California Democrats.

“These people are vicious. Adam Schiff is a vicious, horrible person. Nancy Pelosi is a horrible person. She wanted to impeach a long time ago,” Trump said.

The president said he doesn’t believe Pelosi’s repeated claims that she prays for him.

“She doesn’t pray for the president. She may pray, but she prays for the opposite. But I doubt she prays at all,” Trump said, adding:

These are vicious people. But they do two things. They stick together—historically—like glue. That’s how they were able to impeach. …

They stuck together and were as vicious as hell, and they’ll probably come back for more. But maybe not, because the Republican Party’s poll numbers have now gone up more than any time I think since 2004 and 2005. The Republican Party’s poll numbers and Donald Trump’s poll numbers are the highest I’ve ever had them. …

It’s no way to get your poll numbers up. Because from my family’s standpoint, it has been very unfair for my family and it’s been very unfair to the country.

Trump also had referred to Romney and Pelosi that morning at the National Prayer Breakfast, although not by name.

At the White House, Trump said Democrats’ impeachment effort began with “tremendous corruption,” an opposition-research dossier on him, and FBI officials such as former Director James Comey whom he referred to as “dirty cops.”

As he had at the prayer breakfast, Trump also held up a copy of The Washington Post with its big headline saying “Trump acquitted.”

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Fred Lucas

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D. James
7 months ago

This circus act has served to enlighten the American people to the hatred and divisiveness of the Socialist Democratic party. Let us band together and deliver a resounding message to their party in November.
God bless the President and America.

Lynn Miller
7 months ago

Google: Ukraine The Final Piece, Glen Beck investigative summary. You can watch using a free 30 day trial to Blaze TV. Watch this video to know why the Democrats are SO DESPERATE to shut down any investigation into Ukraine and Burisma. The Democrats’ corruption in this nation goes far deeper than just Hunter Biden’s $80k/month.

Press ONE for English
7 months ago

President Trump hit the nail on the head when he mused about what all could have been accomplished had so much time, effort and resources not been wasted on a phony and vindictive impeachment. I have said right from the outset that the left’s true intention here was to tie up government and keep President Trump from advancing his agenda of making America great again. From that standpoint alone, I am sure they consider the exercise a complete success. But this short term success could backfire against them and cost them seats in the house and senate, and deny them… Read more »

Stephen Russell
7 months ago

Imagine if Dems had turned to other issues wed be at 8% growth (guess). But No they had to impeach & lose other issues.
WE Lose since Dems wont act on other issues save USMCA.
Dems DONT Care for the US & Joe Jane Voter
Yes Mr President Vent after 3 years of BS from Dems alone, Time to prosecute ALL.,

7 months ago

The reason that ½ of the key Dim players are from CA is because of a totally failed unionized school system that has created a generation (under 40) that is not bright enough to see through their tricks. Every lie the Dims tell is never challenged by 70% of the under 40 group in CA. Thus, they will continue to lie.

Patriot Will
7 months ago

President Trump has every right in the world to openly defend himself from the vicious and evil Democrats. They hate him so much that it’s impossible for him to play softball with them. They won’t be satisfied until President Trump is thrown out of office. The double standard is amazing. The Democrats believe that a foe is guilty until proven innocent. They don’t even pretend to be rational and fair-minded. In my humble opinion, I am convinced that the Democratic leadership is only concerned with power. Respecting the Constitution, is meaningless to the greedy, self-serving miscreants like Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler,… Read more »

7 months ago

Hearty congratulations, President Trump!!! We are all SOOO happy for you and for our country!! You have done a truly remarkable job in spite of their vicious lies and distractions and media lap dogs. I thank God for bringing you to victory. And, yes, the Dems will, likely, go down another dark alley to attempt to bring you down; but it will only increase your poll numbers even more. People are so DONE with Theo lies and obstruction and would like to see them get back to work- finally- to do something positive for our country and stop wasting time… Read more »

James G ONeill
7 months ago

Why does. the President still have so many of Obama’s supporters in place that hurt him with false rumors and innuendos.Can you imagine if he had partisan cooperation what he could accomplish.

Ozzie Mandias
7 months ago

God bless Cap’n Trump. The Ship of State plows forward to a bright horizon with mutineer pelosi (she doesn’t deserve capitalization) and her cohorts floundering in it’s wake. Here’ s to a bright next four years and beyond.

tony d willIiams
7 months ago

The socialist democrats have stated I believe that if “We the People” do not vote properly in 2020 that they will take the vote away from us.
The actions of these socialist democrats is reminding me more and more of the socialist democrats in the 1903s. They changed their name to Brown Shirts when they took over the country they lived in. When that country became totalitarian they changed their name again as they raced toward world conquest.

7 months ago

The Democrats have used their political positions for corruption instead of what they were elected to do. I’m sure their campaigns stated how much good they would do for the country and nothing about their personal and political vendetta against the best and fairest President this country has had. Three and a quarter years of absolute sabotage of our totally acquitted President Donald J. Trump!!!!! Can’t wait to hear more about Ukraine/Buresma Democrat Scandal. Our President can’t use the FBI, CIA, DHS ,DOD or DOJ because they are all in the Democrats pockets. That’s already been proven for the last… Read more »

Paul DAscenz
7 months ago

The Stupid, Impeachment Narrative.
Started by the Communist Democrats. God Bless President Trump.
Nancy,Chuck,Jerry, Adam,Mitt & all the Psycho Democrats. “We the People Say”!
“Your Fired”!!!!

7 months ago

I have always enjoyed the circus when I was a kid. I especially enjoyed the clowns and how they made me laugh. As I grew older and the circus disappeared I wondered how I would get my laughs. At 71 I realized the circus hasn’t left but just changed their name. It’s called the Democrats circus and although there is high drama the thing that makes me laugh now is seeing the looks on their faces when they lose. Priceless

John Karkalis
7 months ago

Certainly, the Dems started the wheels of impeachment on Mr Trump’s election . Certainly, the needs of the nation were put on hold during the impeachment burlesque. Equally certain the stench of impeachment will pass like a noisome turd, into the sewer of what’s past, so I urge my fellow Amac members to put aside impeachment and focus on November. Unlike the ghost of Christmas past, impeachment can’t reappear. It’s over Fini! To the always perceptive “press ONE for English? Sorry my friend but the stupid will be with us always. Just to brighten up your day, I saw on… Read more »

7 months ago

I guess Romney invoked the mormon god &, the mormon gospel.

Beverly B
7 months ago

Pelosi has shown herself to be mean spirited, unstable and unfit to be Speaker and to even hold any public office. Her hatred is so great she can’t contain herself and she is so self absorbed that she feels justified for her despicable behavior. She said, “I ripped up his state of mind” when she was asked about ripping up the State Of The Union speech. Yes, she is right about it being President Trump’s “State of mind” which is with the amazing Americans and their stories on those pages as well as “us” Americans who also have stories, work… Read more »

Reta Sutton
7 months ago

So proud of courageous President Trump, The Republican Party, (TN Senator Lamar Alexander), and our great USA!!! President Trump has made so many improvements since he has been in office.
Let’s band together and help him make our county even greater!
We are so blessed to live in this country and have freedom.
As an elementary teacher, I am concerned about the future generation. I’m praying for a bright future for our kids and grandkids.
Reta in TN

7 months ago

I believe and think most Taxpayers will agree that the democratic party must pay back every penny these socialist politicians waisted of Taxpayers Money, we all knew this was political that they lied made up and abused their power they need to be held accountable for that as well, and pelosi ripping up the papers needs removed from office and all benefits revoked including retirement, healthcare, security clearance, and all those behind this any involved their security clearances revoked immediately

7 months ago

Many people still do not realize how much damage 8 years of Obama did to our country. Much of what you are seeing now is the direct result of his actions/non-actions.

7 months ago

AIM (Accuracy in Media”) says “Follow the Money” to George Soros and One-Worlders Against John Bolton, 4/12/2005. Soros contributed to: BO, Sen. Barbara Boxer, Sen. Christopher Dodd, Sen Russell Feingold, Sen. Bill Nelson, Sen. JOE BIDEN, Sen. Paul Sarbanes and Sen JOHN KERRY – 6 of 8 democrat members of the Foreign Relations Committee. – I came up with another list he contributed to through campaign donations by using Duckduckgo search and typing in Republicans Soros has donated given money to. That was 2016 and McCain was at the top of the list. The McCain Foundation is supported by Soros.

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