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Hillary Still Leading Potential GOP Candidates

JedediahI’ve been saying for a long time that no potential Hillary scandal, including remaining questions with respect to the Benghazi attack and her email controversy, will matter if people aren’t inspired by the alternative. She will be viewed as the lesser of two evils and soar to victory if GOP candidates don’t have a positive, convincing, charismatic alternative message.

A new CNN/ORC poll confirms precisely that. Via CNN:

Hillary Clinton continues to be a dominant force heading into the 2016 presidential election, according to a new CNN/ORC poll. The former secretary of state maintains a broad lead over the field of potential Democratic challengers she could face in a nomination contest and sizable advantages over the leading contenders from the Republican side in general election match-ups.

More specifically:

But none of the top candidates in this field gets within 10 points of Hillary Clinton in a series of hypothetical general election matchups.

Rand Paul comes closest, with 43% saying they’d be more likely to back him while 54% choose Clinton. The two candidates who currently top the GOP field, Bush and Walker, match up equally against Clinton, with each carrying 40% to her 55%. Huckabee gets 41% to Clinton’s 55% and Carson has 40% to Clinton’s 56%.

In the midst of an email crisis, after key missteps surrounding her book tour, Clinton is still on top. That tells you plenty about what voters think of the GOP alternatives right now.

I’m not interested in sugarcoating or inflating/deflating facts to make myself feel better. Reality is reality. And the truth is that in spite of Hillary’s slipups and potential scandals, she’s still winning. The truth is that the GOP frontrunners have yet to inspire enough confidence to sway many minds.

Yes, there’s plenty of time to change that. But if the GOP continues on the marketing, communications, and public relations course it’s on right now, its candidate will lose.

Let’s see if the GOP wakes up this round.

Jedediah Bila is co-host of “Outnumbered” on Fox News at 12pm ET. She is an author, columnist, and Fox News Contributor. Follow Jedediah on Twitter @JedediahBila.

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