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Hillary Clinton’s Interview – Socialist, Sarcastic, Strikingly Unaware

hillaryHistoric events are not a perfect predictor, but they offer interesting parallels.  Hillary Clinton’s strange metamorphosis into Harold Stassen, the 10-time candidate for president – each time a little more foolish than the last – makes an interesting example.  Stassen was desperate to be relevant – but in the process, got less so with each interview.

Forgive me, let me start this history lesson a different way.  Comic relief is all too rare these days. Thank goodness for Hillary Clinton.  Like a windup toy running out of energy, Clinton makes sputtering public appearances.  They lighten the mood, reminding many Americans why they voted against her and for President Trump – even before he restored national security, secured our border, rebuilt the economy.

In a perpetual, increasingly entertaining bid for relevance, the erstwhile presidential candidate conducted another interview this week.  This one, like other sallies to the microphone, was interesting – not for what she said, but for what it tells us about her state of mind and the Democratic Party.

The interview was part bitterness, part an attempt to darken the national mood – as if that were something we needed.  She seemed to pine for an extended recession, even as unemployment numbers suggest that will not happen, threw jabs at Trump’s defense of religion, free speech, law and order.

Like a child swatting yellowjackets, she spun from claiming Trump “ignored” COVID-19 (where was she for briefings?) to blurting he did “a daily rally, which he loves to do,” to arguing he is trying to “come up with another diversion” (like say riots?), to blaming him for “distracting… the press” to saying he responded to George Floyd’s death by “looking like he’s trying to be empathetic,” to saying he ignores “inequities in law enforcement and the justice system.”

One is hard pressed to know where to start.  Trump was ahead of the curve in shutting down flights from China, got bad information from China and the World Health Organization – both indulged by Clinton and the Obama-Biden team.  Trump does do rallies – or he did, but people are not bused in, forced to attend, or paid – they come on their own, by the thousands, in aggregate by the millions.

Meantime, riots – if they were a mass distraction planned by Trump – show extraordinary organizational prowess. More realistically, the protests were organic and riots’ organizational prowess for mass bricklaying, throwing, mayhem and criminal activity were the work of another force – Antifa.  Antifa is the radical socialist successor to the 1970’s Weather Underground Movement, and friend of the Democratic Party’s pro-socialist wing.

As for “trying to be empathetic” to the black community, Trump has been more objectively empathetic than any Democratic administration in 50 years, having opened the door to economic opportunities formerly denied black Americans, reduced black unemployment to all-time lows, raised labor participation, income and job quality.

Trump pushed and signed major criminal justice reform, widely supported in the black community.  Finally, Trump is presently at the highest level of black support on record for any Republican President, over 40 percent.  See: Maybe that has something to do with authentic empathy, caring and acting, not just words.

The interview then spirals into a spasm of bitterness even Harold Stassen would likely sidestep, like something unwelcome on the sidewalk.  Said Hillary Clinton of America’s Commander in Chief, he is about “belligerence,” “threat-making,” and “photo-oping.”  That is rich, coming from a candidate who never missed a photo-op, struck many (including Sanders’ campaign) as belligerent, and commissioned surrogates to tell us “there is a special place in hell for any woman who does not vote for Hillary.”

Her swansong – although unlikely to be a swansong – was this statement: “It is a mystery why anybody with a beating heart and a working mind still supports him.”  Well, looking around, that is most of America – those with hearts and minds of our own, not dependent on media to tell us what we think.   See:

The sad fact is that the Democratic Party is a shadow of its former self.  It has drifted left – now swept into the current of a socialist political ideology.  While moderates exist, many feel abandoned. That would include anti-Hillary supporters of Bernie Sanders, who responded to the Clinton interview with a Twitter hashtag that is – at best – profane.

Donald Trump, like or hate him, represents socialism’s antithesis, the opposite of socialism.  He champions the Bill of Rights, individual liberties, due process and equal protection, free markets, and respect for America’s exceptional past and hard-won victories.

All that bothers Hillary Clinton, and one is left wondering why.  Part is personal, part emotional, part ideological.  This is where Clinton and old wannabes like Harold Stassen part ways.  Stassen, a former Minnesota Governor, ran credibly for president in 1948, got overtaken by New York Governor Thomas Dewey, who became the Republican nominee and was upset in the general by Democrat Harry Truman.

Stassen, like Clinton, imagined he would, should and someday could be president.  He had come so close.  Like Clinton, he did not know when to quit, when to say enough and pass the baton forward, but kept reinventing himself.  If he did not have the luxury of marriage to a former president or changing hairstyles, but he did have persistence.

After being a candidate in 1944, 1948 and 1952, Stassen ran again in 1964, 1968, 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, and 1992.  His failing – which makes him famous in the breach for “not knowing when to quit” – was unchecked ambition.

Watching Hillary Clinton reappear to showcase her off-balance, transparently bitter, surreal view of herself – leader of the free world in waiting, is like Stassen.  Only Stassen managed to maintain dignity, decency, and sense of place.  Stassen managed to serve – in 1958 and 1966 – as Governor of Pennsylvania, then briefly as a representative in Congress.

Stassen’s legacy is for not realizing when your “at-bat” is over, you have swung and missed, one too many times.  He was not a socialist, never accused of impropriety, bitterness, conflicts of interest, getting rich on the public nickel, or lack of love for America’s freedoms and free market, let alone having an email server in a bathroom closet or getting Americans killed in Benghazi.

Historic events are not perfect predictors but offer parallels. Hillary Clinton’s strange metamorphosis into Harold Stassen – may not be that at all.  On reflection, Stassen deserves better.  This recent interview by Clinton puts her in a category all her own:  Done.  Perhaps, someone needs to tell her.

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2 months ago

Hillary Clinton has a long history of being a Communist! … She studied under Marxist Community Organizer in Chicago called Saul Alinsky. She even did her college thesis on him, in fact, 97 pages long. And of course, it wasn’t allowed to be released to the public until after the election. Thank goodness it was she running against Trump otherwise he might have won. Thank God for President Trump!!!! … You can now see with the takeover of 7 city blocks in Seattle what a taste of “Socialism” really looks like. Radical Antifa Bolsheviks and angry Black Lives Matter thugs,… Read more »

E. Fletcher
2 months ago

Hillary Clinton is the most hated female in this country followed by Nancy Pelosi. I wish someone would take these two and dump them in the middle of the Seattle Takeover. They like Socialism? Then put them in it instead of living in their big mansions with armed guards to protect them and escort them wherever they want to go. Those who want to eliminate police forces can get a sampling of life without them by observing Seattle. That city is down the tubes and the political leaders are spineless cowards betraying the sensible portion of that city’s population. All… Read more »

2 months ago

The whole democratic party is on the road to communism. Socialism is just a nice word for communism!

Elena Tellez
2 months ago

If I were Hillary, or Chelsea or Bill — I would fade into the sunset and enjoy my pilfered embezzled billions from the Clinton Foundation, but be ashamed to show my face in public, despite how many trips to a plastic surgeon I might have had. She and THEM are pure EVIL.

Patriot Will
2 months ago

Hillary also has a long history of getting away with questionable and illegal activities. Many people are so used to Hillary not being investigated completely that she has become the poster girl for “do as I say, not as I do.” Many people just shrug their shoulders when Hillary once again is not judged by the same standards as the average American citizen. The thought of a person destroying emails, files, hard drives, phones, and computers while under investigation without any legal punishments be given out by the justice department, is totally disgusting. She is treated as if she is… Read more »

Douglas DiToro
2 months ago

Why do we have to listen to this old, has been washed up politico who has no more relevance today then she did 3 years ago. She had her 15 minutes of fame and she blew any further consideration for any position. Hillary just crawl back to your home and enjoy the millions of your ill gotten gains and let it go at that. No one wants to hear from you including the new younger members of the DEMs . You are becoming a ghost from the past that no one has any interest in.

2 months ago

If you like what you see in Seattle, buckle up! You’ll see it nation wide if we don’t vote out these communist democrats!

Paul W
2 months ago

She’s A) Pathetic (A nasty woman that I truly believe is friendless), B) A habitual liar that never tells the truth…about anything and C) EVIL. That’s all I have to say about this demonic serpent.

Don West
2 months ago

The democrats have a long history of throwing up a smoke screen to cover their evil actions by accusing the opposition of doing the same thing they are doing. Today Biden announced that he was very worried about the republications trying to steal the election. This is code that announces that the Democrats are going to do their very best to try to steal the election.

Glenn Lego
2 months ago

Sarcasm, socialism, and stupidity are her native languages.

Bob Nielsen
2 months ago

I love American history, but I had never heard of Harold Stassen. It’s easy to see parallels between him and Hillary Clinton, although I do agree with Robert B. Charles’s contention that Hillary is more disgusting than Mr. Stassen. It’s the likes of her, Maxine Waters, Congressmen Shiff, Lieu, and their ilk that has brought Americans to such low respect for those in gov’t.

Randy Prince
2 months ago

She knows she is done. She just doesn’t want to hear it.

T Taylor
2 months ago

Hey Rik, Douglas, Randy, Glenn, Dan, Wayne, Elena, E Fletcher, Barbara, Josephine, Greg, Bob, Patriot Will, Anna, Joe, James and Lola75 lets join together this hour and pray for our Nation. I know we all concerned about the direction this Nation is going. Lets ask God to change that direction, lets ask God to change the hearts of this Nation and lets ask for that change to start on this day 6/11/2020.

Dan W.
2 months ago

This is why 2020 is going to be much tougher than 2016.

Hillary Clinton did not energize the Democratic base and there was also an anti-Clinton vote from some Democrats and Independents. She will not be a factor in 2020 so the President will need to expand his base in order to be reelected.

T Taylor
2 months ago

I am sincerely praying for Bill and Hillary’s salvation alone with our Nation. Without Jesus Christ we would ALL be messed up.

2 months ago

The Hillabeast shows the perfect personality of a Godless socialist. Filled with bitterness and hatred. Having zero integrity, honesty, character, or morals. Totally wicked and evil. One of satan’s little demons. Sadly, the democrat party is filled with these little demons. I feel quite sad for America.

Rodney Ernst
2 months ago

Just read an artical on Real clear politics poll, and there are 9 of them, shows Biden ahead of Trump on avg. of 8.1%. Its time to stand firm for any good Republican candidates running for any office. Plus, we must garner more support for Trump and stand behind him. Or it will come to this: Dems. win it all, the constitution and bill of rights eliminated, guns being taken away, (good luck with that), no law enforcement, a one world Government, then the Anti-Christ. If that is Gods plan, rejoice! In the end, we win!!!!!!!

anna hubert
2 months ago

should truth and nothing but the truth be exposed DC would become another Pompei

joe p
2 months ago

Wait! There is the upcoming Convention with deranged and damaged Joe Biden. If he open his mouth and dementia emerges, its “Katy bar the door” for a new showdown on WHO can actually WIN in November. Hillary has already BEATEN Trump once, by Democrat logic and can do it again (so SHE thinks). Never, never, never give up. Stay tuned.

2 months ago

Wonderful! I had forgotten about Harold.

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