Hillary Clinton Lawyers to be Investigated

Hillary Clinton lawyersFormer Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is set to travel the country to promote her book entitled “What happened.” Tickets to hear her ‘personal, raw, detailed and surprisingly funny story,’ at the price of up to $1,200 per ticket, are selling out fast. Parts of her live tour will focus on her loss of the 2016 Presidential election, in which she won the popular vote but lost the White House. It seems her book will now need an extra chapter, as Hillary’s lawyers will be investigated for their alleged roles in deleting emails.

While serving as Secretary of State under the Obama Administration, Clinton used a private email server to conduct business, rather than use the official State Department email account maintained on federal servers. During the Benghazi hearings, Clinton received a subpoena to hand over emails related to the investigation into the 2012 deadly attack on U.S. facilities in Libya. Clinton handed over select records, and allowed her team of aides and lawyers to delete over 31,000 emails. While under investigation, Clinton’s server was wiped clean using BleachBit, a software program intended to prevent recovery and hide traces of deleted files. Immunity deals were given to some of the players responsible for the destruction of Clinton’s emails during the FBI’s and House Judiciary Committee’s investigations. The FBI ultimately concluded that no clear evidence of intention to violate law was found. However, Clinton and her colleagues handling of classified material was deemed “extremely careless.”

According to the FBI, Clinton’s decision to use a private email server posed a national security risk. During a press conference, when asked about wiping her server clean, the Democratic presidential candidate coyly replied, “Like with a cloth or something?” Her long-standing cavalier attitude may now need an adjustment. On Monday morning, a hearing took place whereby Circuit Court Judge Paul F. Harris ordered Clinton’s lawyers to face a bar investigation amidst “allegations of destroying evidence.” Three lawyers stand accused of helping the former Secretary of State to delete her private emails. The judge announced that the complaints lodged against David E. Kendall, Cheryl Mills, and Heather Samuelson were “egregious” and could not be dismissed as frivolous. The three Maryland licensed lawyers could face professional sanctions if they are found guilty of misconduct.

Judge Harris’ ruling came after Ty Clevenger, a Texas attorney who lives in New York, filed a complaint arguing that Clinton’s lawyers engaged in misconduct by destroying evidence. The FBI initially denied an open-records request into its investigation, citing a lack of sufficient public interest to overcome Clinton’s privacy rights. Mr. Clevenger appealed to the Justice Department which recently ruled that it would expedite his request, indicating that the case meets the threshold of public interest. Clinton, who claims she relied on her legal team to sort through her electronic communications, will now be faced with more questions from the public on her handling of emails; a painful subject she believes helped cost her the election.

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It’s about time that the team of lawyers orchestrating HRC’s cover-up and obfuscation of the e-mail fiasco. There is no doubt at all that destruction of evidence occurred and the FBI has been astonishingly cavalier and negligent in investigating this aspect of the e-mail case…or, more alarmingly, they deliberately ignored it

Maybe it was more Comey and not the FBI as a whole that let Her Highness off the hook
In her book why would She include Comey as one of the reasons for The Loss
When he kept her out of jail.
Don’t forget about the Clinton Pay to Play Foundation

We know WHAT HAPPENED! She lost and now with her new book, she will enrich herself on the back of the American people. Just as obama will. These people have now shame. And I believe that Comey was threatened. That’s what hilarious does. Jail the rat!

Maybe enough people will boycott her book and tour and she won’t make as much as she’d like. I’m sure the book actually is a comedy…. Perhaps if they find misconduct for destroying evidence against her lawyers there may be an opportunity to use that to get her to pay for what she’s done – then her book sales could become a legal defense fund! Yes, I’m an optimist! I’m not sure about Comey’s role but I haven’t trusted him for quite some time, especially after he said she’d done nothing and then right before the election he threw her to the wolves. Not that I think she didn’t deserve it but it sure seemed unethical on his part to me.

I can’t imagine giving up one precious moment to read even a paragraph in this book… She can’t SPEAK a TRUE sentence why would I PAY to read a book full of lies? I certainly HOPE that most of America would wise up and agree with my view point, too. There are so many who swallow her every lie and continue to worship her, it is frightening. American’s have usually been thought of as intelligent people but the last 8 years leaves a lot to wonder about that, doesn’t it?!

Unbelievable but “100’s of her supporters lined up outside a Barnes & Noble in NYC all night to buy her book! She surprised them by delivering pizzas!” These people don’t have a clue. How is that possible? They love her more now that she sent pizza! OMG!

Barnes & Noble in NYC
Isn’t that in the East Village
Where all the extraterrestrials from the movie Men in Black reside.

Did those lined up wear pink cat ears too?

Her book should be considered tragedy
Tragedy that the Benghazi Liar gets any attention or respect

Comey being threatened
Strong probability
Typical of the Clintons and other operators in the swamp

Hillary is a criminal who was protected by Obama because he was knee deep in her email server crime. He emailed back and forth with her on the private illegal server using an alias. Obama set the stage for Comey’s refusal to recommend (not FBI job-was Lynch’s DOJ job) charges in an April 2016 interview where he said she had no bad intentions. Same thing was leaked to left owned media by DOJ in May 2016. All set stage to get the public to think Comey’s “careless” comment and refusal in July 2016 was acceptable. It worked like a charm keeping their crimes hidden but still hurt Hillary in the election because a big chunk of USA population did buy the left owned media’s and Obama admin story and knew it was a cover up.

Anyone else in this country had done what Clinton’s done and her attorneys have done would all be sitting in jail with orange jumpsuits on! When did she become above the law? What does she have over these folks that always seem to say they “care” about social justice and “fairness” but let their elitest off the hook? Hypocrites the whole lot of them! It’s time the left was exposed for what they really are!!!! Power hungry, opportunist who don’t give a rat’s backside for anyone!!!!

Its been difficult to convict her when all the key witnesses keep ending up: “DOA – suicide – by firearm – to back of head – from a distance of 10 feet”!

Well said!

The only way the FBI will ever get my trust in them agin is to fully investigate and prosecute Hillary. Starting with Benghazi. After hearing Tucker last night I have no trust in the FBI until they really clean house. The Obama holdovers must go and go NOW.
If we had a real FBI they would not stop with Hillary, Fast and Furious and IRS needs to be next.


At this point in time it seems to me that the FBI is not a criminal investigative unit, seeking the truth, but is a criminal unit in itself, hellbent on deceiving and confusing the unsuspecting portion of American Citizens. Who else, but the unsuspecting would by into the bogus they continue to spew?

$1,200 to go hear her? If she were to offer to pay me $12,000 to go hear her, I would turn the offer down.

Do those who pay to hear her get a copy of her book?

Are you kidding? If people got a free copy of her book that would mean less money. Talk about Wall St. greed!

I would probably decline the invitation at $12,000,000 as well. Above that, you MIGHT twist my arm.

If she and the DNC would agree to assume sole and full financial responsibility for the $12 Trillion Obama and their ilk added to our national deficit I’d give her 5 seconds to violate my ears with her cackling.

I’d listen to her one time for $12,000. I can think of some good religious and other conservative organizations that could benefit from that money.

About Time

Are these the same people who were in the basement of The Department of State building deciding what information to hand over to the Benghazi Hearings after the ATTACK ??

What took them so long? Hillary and Bill have been riding this wave of crime for a long, long time. You have to wonder what else they’ve been up to.
For you legal types out there, is she able to profit from her crimes by selling this book? After all, getting away with what she has done and then possibly being elected PRESIDENT would have been the crime of the century! But you won’t see it in the MSM.
I’ve heard on local radio that Amazon and other vendors have discounted her book 40%. Okay, so she can spend 40% less time in an orange jumpsuit…
While the’re at it, they should investigate FBI’s Comey, who declared Hillary innocent way too early in the process.
I am SO not interested in hearing from her ever again.

H. Clinton and her lawyers should be investigated both of which are guilty of putting the nation and its security at risk.

Her new book is set to be the shortest book in history – a whopping TWO words, “I LOST” LOL Of course she will never admit it and will blame her loss on anything and/or anyone else until she passes away.

And the government-dependent will claim to believe every word she says!

All of this shows how deep the corruption goes… everyone has a price at some point.

Everybody…e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y knew she and all of her encampment committed a felony from the very beginning. We all also knew our own Justice System would allow her and her husband to commit any crime they wish. This is why she lost. We are addressing the Justice System.

As long as the media remains in the hands of liberals, Hitlery will walk!

The only way the FBI will ever get my trust in them agin is to fully investigate and prosecute Hillary. Starting with Benghazi. After hearing Tucker last night I have no trust in the FBI until they really clean house. The Obama holdovers must go and go NOW.
If we had a real FBI they would not stop with Hillary, Fast and Furious and IRS needs to be next.

About time! Sometimes the wheels of justice roll slowly but they do inexorably roll on!

“The FBI initially denied an open-records request into its investigation, citing a lack of sufficient public interest to overcome Clinton’s privacy rights.”

WHAT???? Lack of public interest? Who are they trying to kid?

Just another drowning in the Washington Swamp.

Ah, yes. I think back fondly to the days when we had a government that one just MIGHT consider honest and working for the people. Yep, I think back about 200 years. Didn’t take ’em very long to pervert the Constitution, did it?

There never was anyone more guilty than Bill Clinton, in the impeachment hearings and he got away with that. Hillary will come out smelling like a rose. Relax everybody

Ha! $1,200 to hear her. I guess the Clintons need to add to their Clinton Foundation slush fund.
I hope the team of lawyers stick to their guns. She should have to answer for deleting the emails among other questionable things she did – like the money missing from the State Department and Benghazi.

Hillary is a slimy lying traitor and a phony. She lost …when asked what her platform was she had no answer, then stumbled incoherently about women being discriminated !! she could NOT say one reason why she should be elected. She should be iN Leavenworth with her lying felon husband. What flops !! Oh — did you know that Chelsea is entitled to a political leadership role ? What has she done?

ALL of them are nothing but a pack of left wing, anti American, Socialist Pigs and CRIMINALS!!!

She is a scoundrel. A diabolical liar.
A treasonist. A communist. A thief (remember the China, furniture, curtains, etc. she stole from the White House). Why anyone want to support her is unimaginable! And Billy is almost as bad.