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The Hill of Crosses

The Hill of Crosses, Kryziu Kalnas, in the city of Siauliai, Lithuania stands on a small hill, about 10 meters tall. The tradition of leaving crosses began after an uprising of the Polish and Lithuanians against the Russian tsar was squelched in 1831. Relatives of the dead rebels, with no bodies to bury, instead left crosses on this hill to commemorate their fallen. Today there are about 200,000 crosses at the site, excluding carvings and shrines, made out of everything from wood to metal. During the Soviet occupation of Lithuania from 1944 to 1991, the Hill of Crosses became a symbol of defiance against the Communist regime. Three times the Soviets bulldozed the hill, but after each time both locals and pilgrims once again would erect crosses on the hill.

Hill-of-Crosses-1 Hill-of-Crosses-2 Hill-of-Crosses-4

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Betty Diaz
5 years ago

I am quite taken by Dr. Carson as well, but must agree with Paul and Katherine. I don’t think it would do Dr. Carson any justice by expecting him to be our “savior”. And … I would hope he would quickly reject that idea. It seems to me that Dr. Carson knows his Savior, Jesus Christ, personally, and he would set the record straight concerning that matter. However, we need revival and Dr. Carson would agree I think.

Arizona Sage
5 years ago

Hmm.. If this religious exhibit was in America, and not in officially recognized, church established or private cemetery.. The government bulldozers would be on their way Monday morning also. (Sooner than that except most government employees don’t work weekends or any holidays).

5 years ago

Guard this with seal against extremists, Muslim or otherwise. With a match, it could be gone in an hour.

Gloria Hensley
5 years ago

Will there be enough faith-filled people left who would be so bold as to show defiance against government take-over would that be the case now? Viva Cristo Rey!

Mary Van Dyke
5 years ago

we should do the same when the goverment tries to take away our religious freedom.

Ivan Berry
5 years ago

Would that that spirit of resistance was present in our country.

David Peter Patrick Leary, Jr.
5 years ago

I have heard of this story, but have never seen the The Hill Of Crosses. It is indeed a powerful image. An image of great faith in God, that is Jesus. It is also a reminder of the great cruelty perpetrated on people of faith by those who reject God.

May God our Father bless persecutors with light and those who believe in Him holy perseverance.

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