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High School Senior Saves Heart Attack Victim

Middle  Island, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) A Long Island teenager is being hailed a hero after she jumped into action to save a man’s life at a school concert. Kayla Parmely, 18, a senior at Longwood High School in Middle Island, was in the front row of the school’s auditorium when she saw an elderly man having a heart attack. Parmely used her recent training as an EMT at the Middle Island Fire Department’s explorer program and grabbed the school’s defibrillator.

“I shocked him and as soon as I shocked him his pulse started coming back, continued CPR and he started breathing on his own,” Parmely told CBS 2.

The man is expected to survive, CBS 2 reported. Parmely said she will continue her EMT training in college next year while studying psychology.

AMAC salutes this courageous young woman!

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9 years ago

Thank you Kayla for your courageous action. Good luck with your college education.

9 years ago

Excellent story!

Pastor C . R O G E R C A R R O L L
9 years ago

This youth should be awarded with a scholarship for her actions in saving a human life .

9 years ago

I wonder how communities are going to make up the difference in the absence of the Boy Scouts…who were trained in CPR for First Aid, Swimming, and other Merit Badges.

Uncle Tim
9 years ago

Great work, Kayla! You’re heroism is deeply admired!

Doug Muncy
9 years ago

Great news…training will make you even better at saving lives.

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