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High Drama – US Attorney Investigating Anti-Trump Probe Says “Whoa!” to IG Findings

TrumpIn a remarkable turn of events, the United States Attorney in Connecticut, appointed by Attorney General Barr to conduct a “wide-ranging investigation” into “origins of the Trump -Russia probe” has issued a “public statement” – bluntly disagreeing with conclusions of in the Inspector General’s report on “political bias” tied to the FISA warrant process. Recall, that process was used by Obama’s FBI to surveil the Trump presidential campaign.

The US Attorney’s statement is significant for five reasons.  They should concern every American.

First, the Justice Department IG’s report – released on December 9th – concludes that, while 17 “significant inaccuracies and omissions” are attributable to FBI personnel seeking surveillance warrants on the Trump campaign, neither FBI Director James Comey nor Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe acted “with political bias.”  Hmmm.

On its face, this seems an odd conclusion, since there are innumerable public and private statements, personal texts, emails and “admissions against interest” on record by both men suggesting, if not intentional targeting of President Trump, serious bias against him.  Is that in question?

To believe that either man undertook to surveil the Trump campaign with motivations “scrubbed” of their political bias seems a bit unlikely.  In fact, given testimony by both men, their somewhat ignominious dismissals, a book by one and testimony of politically- animated subordinates, the idea that this was just a “standard, everyday” investigation by a Democrat Administration into the campaign of a Republican presidential opponent – seems utterly untenable.  Doesn’t it?

Second, the IG report notes that it “did not find documentary or testimonial evidence” of political bias or “improper motivation” in the FBI’s decision to get a FISA warrant to go after the Trump campaign.  That process is intended to be very strict, protecting not just presidential campaigns but American citizens.  A warrant effectively ends 4th Amendment privacy and 5th Amendment “due process” rights.

This too seems odd, as the FBI knew what they were doing – relying on suspect information passed to them by partisans, paid for by an opposing presidential campaign (which they had precipitously cleared of wrong-doing during the summer of 2016).  Why did they rely on tainted information, if not from bias?

They knew the information on which they pushed FISA judges to rely was of dubious veracity, and had a political origin, yet they did not share that fact with the FISA judges.  Why not?  The omission is material – since it would have affected the decision-making process of the judges.

Why did that “omission” occur, if not for bias or fear of being accused of bias?  If they could not defend the warrant application on the law, they should not have sought the warrant.  Right?  By seeking it anyway – on politically suspect information, omitting a politically damaging source – certainly looks like political bias.  Doesn’t it?

Third, the IG report says information known within the FBI that undercut “probable cause” for that curious FISA warrant was hidden from those who should have had it.  Why?  In context of a criminal trial, this amounts to hiding “Brady” or “Jenks” evidence, exculpatory material that helps an accused, renders a case weaker, or utterly indefensible.  Why would such information be kept from key Justice personnel?  Here is another “omission” that, coincidentally, looks awfully politically biased.

Next, the IG report notes Comey’s run-wild FBI sent “confidential sources” to “record” conversations with Trump campaign advisors.  Why?  Notably, the recorded conversations were a bomb.  They offered strong indications that no Russia collusion existed.  That should have immediately turned off any non-biased investigation.  It did not.  Still, the IG … found no political bias.

Rather ironically, the IG report notes that FISA warrant applications must be “scrupulously accurate,” since the point of the FISA process is to protect constitutional rights of American citizens – especially an opposing presidential campaign.  Yet through all this, the IG proffer claims the 17 identifiable “inaccuracies and omissions” have nothing to do with political bias.

Now we come to the crux.  Imagining the IG just wants to keep his nose clean, stay away from politics, avoid feeding into that squirrelly, controversial impeachment debate under way in Congress, what would give rise to a “public statement” by the US Attorney investigating the same origins – albeit more comprehensively – for the Trump-Russia collusion probe?

A few ideas.  Here is why the US Attorney may have felt compelled to speak.  The US Attorney is not conducting an “administrative” probe, but an expressly “criminal” investigation.  He has far wider latitude to look under rocks, and to survey the rock field.  He has been interviewing a wide field of potential witnesses, possesses subpoena power an IG does not have, is likely empaneling a grand jury, and may have indictments to announce.  When?  Maybe soon.

In short, no amount of administrative review, wishful thinking, surmising about non-bias by an inspector general, let alone trying to stay clear of controversy – can begin to uncover, announce, prosecute or do what an empowered US Attorney can do.

The reason – almost certainly – the US Attorney spoke to correct the record, without announcing findings of his own, indictments or contrary conclusions, is that his investigation is finding political bias, perhaps provable criminal behavior – and that will be significant.  He could not let the opposite record stand.

Notably, indictments as to the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion probe would flip everything.  It would delegitimize any article of impeachment tied to obstruction of justice, putting obstruction on the other foot – leading to prosecution of individuals who advanced a false narrative, broke laws and gave wing to their political bias to beat Donald Trump in 2016.  Stay tuned.  This drama may be just beginning.

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Larry Luttrell

I am so sick of all the talk of Dem wrong-doing that has been documented, sworn to etc and yet nothing gets done. Where are the folks with enough guts to pursue this to it’s ultimate conclusion– the unraveling of the Clinton crime family and his majesty obama?


A bunch of these people from the Obama administration need to be prosecuted and put in jail !!!!!!!



Wayne D Peterkin

Despite the hype, this IG report was never destined to be very worthwhile. Though the IG was originally reported to be impartial, he still works for the DOJ and his inquiry was pretty limited. Since I highly respect Greg Jarrett of Fox News and his comprehensive research as published in his books, I am surprised and disappointed in the IG’s findings. Calling some of the FBI/DOJ actions “mistakes” seems like a whitewash, but I could be wrong. Again, the IG works for the agency he was investigating and surely knows most of the players personally. The big deal is the investigation being conducted by John Durham. That is where the truth should become known to all based on Durham’s reputation as a very tough, thorough, but fair prosecutor. Durham immediately disagreed with the IG’s report. My concern is how long it will take to get Durham’s results. Durham needs to… Read more »

Thomas Duggan

Would anyone of you want any governmental legal system or legal suit to falsely investigate or prepare documents about you and cause you to defend yourself and family all based upon errors? The FBI and ANY Government agency should be beyond errors when anyone is investigated. How do you recapture your life, reputation.


We need more patriots like Durham to have the backbone to speak the truth, particularly in Senate. No wavering! Most politicians have “flexable” spines and less integrity unfortunately.

Helen Corey

If Dems under Pelosi didn’t lie, they’ld have nothing to say. This morning Pelosi presented impeachment bill based on falsely obtained (by FBI) wiretap warrant. Pelosi followed this with presenting vote on Dem’s “much improved” USMCA trade deal. It was President Trump’s efforts that got USMCA moved to the point of being agreed upon by Mexico and Canada. Pelosi didn’t even mention President Trump.

Robert J. White

I have said this before and will say it again “WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO SPEACK AT THE BALLOT BOX”. We have to send a clear message to all those who hate America and Our Constitution. The greatest EXPERIMENT THAT MANKIND HAS PERFORMED is and will be under constant attack. We have to protect it like a New born Child, nurture , feed and cloth that child so it continues to grow to a responsible, caring Adult. MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HANNAKUKK AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL.

Rick J.

Horowitz just proved he is a partisan hack who is trying to put lipstick on a pig.


And here was all of us thinking the IG was going to be the one to finally reveal the truth.
What did we get instead? Another partisan political instrument standing right behind all these lies, inconsistencies and un accurate information.
Nothing but another waste of taxpayer money.

General Patton

Anyone associated or appointed by OBAMA is a crook or a commie–plain and simple. We endured 8 yrs of this racist anti-white clown.

Stephen Russell

The whole Russia hoax was to take down President only Vendetta only, Day 1 since 1-20-17


It is about time that the truth be brought out to American citizens .

Michelle Prescott

I listen and actually think I went to sleep one nite and woke up to a very backward world. What should be isn’t right???? I really think Bill Barr is the man for the job, I just hope there will be some strong Republicans stand strong with him. Yesterday, I saw some real spunk from our Republican Men. Let’s keep it coming guys. There ugly tricks need to have a come to Jesus meeting for the American true Patriots. Hallaluia! AND AMEN!!!!!

Lynn Miller

When, oh when will the American people whose duly elected President has been persecuted by traitors in these federal agencies… when will we see PROSECUTIONS!!!!!

Ed J

What has been blatantly missing from almost all the dialog surrounding the entire impeachment charade, the Mueller report and now the IG report is a focus on the “objective facts.” Most of what we have seen has been speculation driven by political bias, recitation of “facts” put forward that are obviously purely subjective (and/or outright false) and which do not stand up to the scrutiny of critical review in the light of day, and pure power-grab political posturing by the Pelosi/Schiff cabal. Flawed thinking seems to be ruling the day (so far), and it has risen to the level of being nothing less than an absolute runaway mania. It is refreshing that the United States Attorney in Connecticut has stepped in to comment. This “blunt disagreement” gives hope that we will soon be seeing indictments of the various miscreants who participated in (actually perpetrated and/or aided and abetted) this attempted… Read more »


The thing most people don’t understand about the IG is that its function is basically to ensure process and procedures are followed. The i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. As long as forms are filled out correctly (not necessarily accurately btw) and no one questioned admits to doing anything improper, unethical or illegal, the IG basically going to come to the conclusion that no problems were found. It’s focus is on process, not the underlying substance driving a decision to do something. The IG is NOT a criminal investigative position. The IG has no ability to obtain warrants to obtain documents or compel cooperation, convene a grand jury, demand people being investigated testify under oath or anything else associated with a Justice Department criminal investigation. The IG is simply a compliance checker. Nothing more. So it is NOT surprising that what Horowitz delivered is as pathetic as it… Read more »

Bob Olden

I’m tired of “staying tuned”! The Dems are masters of dragging things out, muddying the waters, and pounding their narrative no matter how crazy it is. The longer this goes before criminals go to jail the more the Dems and their media allies will play their wretched games. It’s got to stop! Let’s hope and pray that in 2020 they will be kicked out and truly “deplatformed” by the voters!


Send your message to elected officials , with your ballot at all elections

Jo Thomas