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“Hey Siri, Add Fight CRT to My Back-To-School To-Do List”

By Ian Gargan

Pennsylvania educators recently attended a presentation hosted by the Justice Leaders Collaborative, a Michigan-based social justice training organization that purports to “deepen the understanding of equity, inclusion, diversity, and social justice.” The politically charged online seminar offered attendees a peek into how the CRT movement views those who oppose them. The Justice Leaders Collaborative’s position is that opposing CRT puts you on the far right. They also claim that CRT causes white people moral panic due to their fear of losing political power.

The hour-long seminar, offered to members of the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators across the state, was attended by over one hundred administrators and teachers. Afterwards, many of them claimed that they didn’t know much about Critical Race Theory and had actually thought the class would be a useful tool in helping them answer the myriad of questions about it from the public. But after the link to the online seminar was provided to a Chester County parent through a Right-to-Know request, the content was quickly deleted.

Shayla Reese Griffin, co-founder of the Justice Leaders Collaborative, was the main presenter. She explained how racism is not only about people’s individual actions or feelings of hatred, but a system of unearned advantage that white people have over people of color. And that it is a system that will continue even when we are not consciously thinking about it.

During her talk, Griffin mostly criticized the anti-CRT movement and its alleged goal to maintain political power by stopping people from learning about “real” history. She claimed that by allowing schools to teach real history to white students, we could potentially produce a new generation of adults who would have a stake in making the world more equitable, and in turn make those same adults less willing to support far-right policies.

She continued by encouraging educators to stand firm on teaching CRT, despite the pushback from the public. Attendees were asked what side of history they wanted to be on and signed a pledge to join the fight. Griffin asserted that many of the people who are attending board meetings to combat CRT were not even parents. “This is really a fight for the future of our nation, and really a fight about what the purpose of schooling is.,” she said.

Mark Di Rocco, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators, claims they were just trying to get more information about what CRT it is and is not. But the presentation was one-sided and came to a blanket conclusion that if you didn’t agree, you were a racist. One look at the Justice Leaders Collaborative website would have given Di Rocco a clue. The mission statement is to ‘dismantle a system of privilege and oppression- in all areas of our life.’  Clear enough?

Justice Leaders Collaborative provides teachers with tips about teaching CRT without actually using the term. Common buzzwords include cultural awareness, unconscious bias, cultural proficiency, and courageous conversations.

So, this year after picking up the pens, pencils, and notebooks, keep in mind that your back-to-school list isn’t completed. Parents and families must now actively monitor our kids’ curricula for possible divisive teachings.

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3 months ago

During the period of my life that was between 25 – 50 years ago this is a synopsis of what occurred:
Denied entry into professional schooling throughout the United States because my race was not acceptable to their quotas.
Terminated from 3+ places of employment because I was white.
Not included in any social events of working facilities because I was white.
Unable to gain employment because I was white.

I was a victim of prejudice. I have been told that it was impossible for me to be a victim of prejudicial behavior because I am white.
I am absolutely positive that all those purporting CRT do Not know the definition of “prejudice” and they most assuredly do not know that of “equity”.

By the way, the only reason I listed between 25 – 50 years ago is because I retired and no longer needed to deal with the professional employment issues (and I moved out of California).

3 months ago
Reply to  Jeanine

What was your job of jobs?

Michael Lewis
3 months ago

Our Constitution and human reason establish the need for equal rights not equitable rights. Equitable is the front for you owe because I think I have been or might be discriminated against. It is front for “give me”, “you owe me”, “transfer wealth to me”, “I am entitled”.

My advice: get a job and compete and quit blaming your failures on everyone else! You are not special. You have not been discriminated against. You are not entitled.

Barrett Smith
3 months ago

As a former teacher, I am appalled by this Crazy Race Theory being taught in the classroom, as well as the LGBTQRXYZ and gender nonsense. I always felt that my job as an educator was to prepare each student to be a functioning citizen not to indoctrinate them.

3 months ago
Reply to  Barrett Smith

The true goal of education is to teach an individual to learn for themselves, to be seekers of truth, give students the tools for learning and let them learn. This has worked in the home school movement, as many of those student are doing college level work by the time they are in eighth grade. This also use to work in the public schools until after WWI when the liberals started then to push their agenda.

3 months ago

So this is how 13% of the population wants the rest of us to believe we are bad people. I’m sorry but our policies from our current government administration and their complicit media goons want to take down the majority. I still believe most people are good and we must believe we are and are capable of fair and reasonable thought. Please get out and vote to return our country to what it was less than 2 years as go.

anna hubert
3 months ago

They are not teachers,but indoctrinators many are semiliterate what could they possibly teach. we spend most in the world per capita to end up at the bottom of the heap

3 months ago

You can already see it happening.Just look around you.

3 months ago

It is all pretty simple. CRT drives the wedge between the races, which is just another form of Marxism. Parents have a right to review, criticize and protest what is taught in the classroom
especially if it defies values and norms. To put it mildly, education without parent involvement can lead to Socialism. The agenda of the Left is to push this country to Socialism and the best place to do it is the classroom.

Robert Belcastro
3 months ago

REMEMBER: CRT is only a THEORY! A theory is an idea that isn’t based on actual, observable or provable objective data! It is JUST a theory – and a theory ISN’T a FACT!
“Theories, theories everywhere and how their brains did shrink…They substituted theory for fact and now they cannot think.”

2 months ago

Agree completely…a theory is an unproven supposition or guess which may or may not be supported by facts or postulates…There once was a theory by the racists that Blacks were not really human , but kind of a (inferior) “missing link” between the animal and human world and , being inferior , were done a favor to be allowed to live among and be cared for by Whites…Sorry , but true…

Ken Carter
3 months ago

It is much easier to indoctrinate than teach students to read and write plus do a little math!

anna hubert
3 months ago
Reply to  Ken Carter

Since they are not being taught that perhaps going to school for 8 years would be more than enough

3 months ago

point of view has been shown to be of incredible importance in ever life concern and moral issue. If you believe in Jesus Christ we learn there IS right and there IS wrong. over 2000+ years there is empirical evidence that “right” is safer and makes life in mankind more peaceful and harmonious. you don’t have to look far to find all the opposing elements of “wrong” is causing unrest, violence and death. it’s as simple as that. we need to be strong and unbending on “right” for all in America.

Patricia A Arsenault
3 months ago


Lee Anne Guryn
3 months ago

Strangely, I don’t have to be a parent to voice my concern and fight things like CRT. I am a citizen and a taxpayer in a school district.

3 months ago

I’m tired of being discriminated against because I’m “white”! . . . In 1974, I took a test with the statewide phone company that covered the entire state of Connecticut. I took a multiple test with among 50-60 others. I was the first person called in after they graded it and was told that I had the highest mark, a 96, and already had 4 years experience in advertising sales that I was the best qualified person for the job but because of Affirmative Action, they had to hire ANY MINORITY that got a 70 first! At the time, that was a top of union payscale and was paying 40k / year and in 1974, that was huge money. And eventually that position paid over 100k / year. So I know all about discrimination!

Bill Hopkins
3 months ago

Very informative indeed. I must be racist…

3 months ago

I just had a thought today. I don’t know how feasible it is but at least a discussion could be started. Since during COVID, students were having on-line classes because they couldn’t physically attend, why shouldn’t parents have access to listening in on classes via online. There was a time when parents were allowed to visit their childrens classrooms. At least provide the option in the elementary school. We need accountability right now. Too many things are happening because nobody is watching.

Lee Anne Guryn
3 months ago
Reply to  Gabriele

The issue would be viewing other kids in the class. If a parent doesn’t give permission, then they can’t be on camera.

3 months ago
Reply to  Lee Anne Guryn

Rules can be changed. There would have to be a firewall of some sort and only parents would have access. It could also just be audio.

Andre Bixby
3 months ago
Reply to  Lee Anne Guryn

With technology today, this issue can be overcome by pixel distortion of all with the exception of the instructor. Or just the instructor is projected on screen. This issue you raise is easily overcome. The only reason not to do this is to prevent transparency.

Victor Virzi
3 months ago

What am I missing? Conservative Media prints everything the Left says that is negative about conservatives while the Left never says anything positive, period. Let’s print everything that is right and good about conservatives and not print what they are saying about us. All lies constantly repeated are believed by the masses. We do not need to support their lies by repeating them. Please get this message. V

Linda Baker
3 months ago

Disgusting and what twisted and evil minds these people have! A cancer in our country.

3 months ago
Reply to  Linda Baker

If they can corrupt enough young minds now, imagine the compounded influence at college level in years to come. “Love your country but fear big government”. We will eventually crumble from within if we don’t stand up and fight now.

3 months ago

How does less than 25 percent of the population have the power to dictate anything?

Joe Smith
3 months ago

“Common buzzwords include cultural awareness, unconscious bias, cultural proficiency, and courageous conversations.”
I’ve heard every one of these terms in multiple training sessions in the NC school district in which I work. “Courageous conversations” is my favorite because it’s “courageous” if you’re on one side – the presenters’ side – but to say anything that doesn’t support their narrative will undoubtedly provoke professional repercussions. I’m keeping my mouth shut until retirement.

3 months ago

Just get rid of government schools. Defund them. They are the enemy of the people. There are alternatives.

Smitty 550
3 months ago
Reply to  porterv

Yes, and if you challenge the insane CRT agenda, you are automatically branded as a RACIST, a WHITE SUPREMACIST or a DOMESTIC TERRORIST, and whatever you say merely digs a deeper lie against you by the CRT Nazis, who long to bury the White Race, even though the Black race has hardly contributed a thing to further the advancement of Society as a whole. Most of them are nothing but Porch Monkeys whose only claim to fame is the amount they get from their monthly Welfare checks.

Anne W
3 months ago
Reply to  Smitty 550

It’s attitudes like yours that have caused the rest of us to endure CRT, woke ideas, and cancel culture. People of all races, including blacks, have made important contributions to society. No one should denigrate an entire race of people because of their perception of a few. CRT is wrong because it teaches that all white people are racist oppressors. We need to fight the theory being taught, not put down all people who don’t look like us.

3 months ago
Reply to  Anne W

I thought that is what they were teaching us in the 60s and 70s. Obama’s rule made a right turn to progress that had been made since then. When one watches a racist in action, then they will turn against his bull [email protected]

3 months ago
Reply to  porterv

While we are at it let’s get rid of the Federal Dept. of Education.

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