Hey 2016 GOP Candidates, You Listening?

Here’s a brief bit of advice for potential 2016 GOP candidates, take it or leave it.

Abortion, gay marriage, evolution, birth control, whether you think black and white cookies are unjust—you will potentially be asked about it all. So, here’s a crazy idea: Have a solid answer. I don’t care if you don’t like the question. I don’t care if you think it’s absurd in light of what you deem to be more important topics. It’s your job to be prepared and have a clear, articulate response. No punting, no roundabout, scattered answers that no one can figure out—just a clear, straightforward answer. It’s really not that hard.

The truth is that I don’t care what the media asks or why they do it. I don’t care if there’s an agenda at hand. Your job is to be prepared for it all. And if you’re tough enough to win, you will be. If I were running for President, I couldn’t care less what they’d toss my way. Because I’d have an answer. No excuses, no nonsense.

So you can cry that the media’s unfair, biased, and focuses on all the wrong things. You can punt till kingdom come. Or you can take the time to think about a solid response to questions about issues that we all know will come up…and hence prove that you are unstoppable.

Your choice. I know what I would do.

Jedediah Bila is co-host of “Outnumbered” on Fox News at 12pm ET. She is an author, columnist, and Fox News Contributor. Follow Jedediah on Twitter @JedediahBila.

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6 years ago

RE The Race to The White House 2016 edition ( Feb.2015 Amac. magazine)
Ben Carson You say he is an unknown as to political clout – He headed up a group of Doctors who I’m sure each had their own agenda to form great successful surgeries LEADERSHIP. Of course if you never worked in a hospital you would not know how political they are. I’m sure the GOOD OLD BOYS club will not want him in their circle because he isn’t your typical politician.
You really sound like your competitor AARC when you say people will look for a more experienced candidate. He has not given his formal announcement and you are trying to turn people away from him already.Have you bothered to research him ? or are you just taking the easy way out.
I for one will vote for him if he fully decides to run He is a quite spoken educated man, who stands for the constitution and the USA. If you study the man,you will note he doesn’t use notes or stay standing behind the podium. He moves around and talks to the audience. I really hope he runs and people check in not out like they have done for years.

Alfred Somerville
6 years ago

I agree completely that any viable candidate for any office should have a well-researched, coherent answer to any question that may be asked. There is too much phony “spin” being concocted by professional “spokespersons”, “press secretaries”, and other paid apologists. However, it is not “crying” to point out the truth about the left-wing bias of the so-called “major media”. While candidates who support traditional American values should be open and forthright about stating that support, it is up to voters to have a kind of personal version of Bill O’Reilly’s “no-spin-zone” where a candidate’s response is judged on its merits instead of relying on some reporter’s personal opinion. I “cut my political teeth” on Barry Goldwater’s 1964 campaign for President, and the media distortion was unbelievable. Even at the “tender age” of 15, I was amazed at the way every one of Sen, Goldwater’s public comments was “spun” by the media. The favorite tactic, as I’m sure anyone who follows the “news” knows all too well, is taking remarks out of context, or simply “editing” those remarks to change the meaning altogether. One of the Senator’s most famous quotes, early in the campaign, was that, “Politics-the ward-heeler politics of something for everybody-has no place in an American Presidential campaign”. Instead of honestly reporting what the senator said in full, the media barons made him seem ignorant by omitting the part about “ward-heeler politics”, making it seem that he said that “politics” by themselves had no place in a Presidential campaign. That is only one example of the whole campaign of misinformation waged against Goldwater, in support of the Democrat myth that he was a “warmonger”(the now-infamous “nuclear blast” ad from the Johnson campaign). The way the media fawned over that corrupt Texas cowboy on the Democrat side was disgusting, since Johnson stole most of his previous electoral “victories”. The media attacks were so pervasive that “Landslide Lyndon” added another win to his list. After such a lesson in the effect of media bias, that continues even more viciously today, one can hardly blame conservative candidates for being cautious in their public utterances.

6 years ago

You think candidates should tell the voting public what they really think and believe about social issues? Me too, I can’t wait.

It won’t be long before some probable candidate says something about uncle sugar helping woman who can’t control their libido or gay marriage and bestiality are the same thing.

For some it might be a good idea to hide their views on social issues because they consistently fail to acknowledge that their views are not the views of the majority of Americans.

6 years ago

Not only should they have a well thought out response, it should be what they actually believe instead of what they think they are supposed to say. An honest man who disagrees with me is more valuable to me than one who just parrots what he thinks I believe.

6 years ago

Excellent article and this same exact advise should also apply to every single member of Congress as well. We’re all tired of the watching so-called “professionals” (the term is used very loosely here) who either stare blankly into the camera for several seconds or fumble to articulate something approaching a coherent response when asked a “gotcha question” from the progressive mainstream media. Every single Republican politician should know these type of questions are going to be asked of them. So there is NO EXCUSE for not having a well thought out response ready. If these people were business executives in the private sector, they would be fired for being so unprepared to address areas they know the mainstream media is going to focus on.

6 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

PaulE, why do you think most of our politicians are lawyers? … I am so tired of hearing these people answer a question by asking a question! … We’ll NEVER GET THE TRUTH from ALL these politicians, even the non-attorney politician has learned to answer the same way. … That’s why I back Dr. Ben Carson, he answers each question with common sense answers. … So what if he’s not “experienced” and then gets compared to Obama, he’s NOT Obama! He’s a highly renown physician, at the top or tops in his field. He a wonderful, Christian family man whose life is a great AMERICAN rags to riches story and boy a made-up fable like Obama! The GOP leadership is trying very hard to marginalize his candidacy, that’s okay, because I believe he is going to take this country by storm. The Dems greatly fear him and hope the GOP can defeat him, because they know his candidacy is the one person who can defeat ANY of their candidates! … Even Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard featured Dr. Ben on the front cover of the latest issue and thinks the GOP are not taking Dr. Carson’s candidacy seriously. America NEEDS a Dr. Carson!

I’ll even work to elect Dr. Ben, I’ll NEVER work to elect another Bush or a Christie!

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