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Heritage Foundation: 9 Ways that Socialism Will Morally Bankrupt America

socialismSocialism must be defeated in our time; the future depends on it. Please read and share “9 Ways Socialism Will Morally Bankrupt America”

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Reprinted with Permission from - Heritage Foundation

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Christopher Turek
8 months ago

People don’t want Socialism, they want access to healthcare, a living wage and an education. Those are table stakes for Americans these days. Because the free hand of the market has been tied by oligaricacal power, those basic things are out of reach for many Americans. What the Neo-Liberals neglected to realize was that removing government regulation from markets would actually destroy them. Capitalism must find ways to deal with inequality or it will ultimately fail.

T Taylor
1 year ago

Ok, so liberals and snowflakes are pulling for socialism; lets go for it with one contingency we tax Billionaires at 95%, millionaires at 85% and those making under a million a year at 70%. Lets eliminate all tax loop holes for this wealthy part of our population and see how it all works out. Of course the poor will not be touched by taxes, receive all the free benefits and the middle class like always will hold the bag!

Paul Simminger
5 months ago
Reply to  T Taylor

T Taylor

Sounds like you’re one of the “poor” or in the non-working group.
Advocating that the middle class would end up “holding” the bag/problem?!?

Bankruptcy of a nation isn’t a laughing matter!!! Anarchy would reign supreme, and death would follow hard on it’s heels.
Are so sure that you wouldn’t be killed by anyone (or by one of your supervisors from a country that wants to overtake us)? Traitors never prosper, either their own countrymen execute them, or the invading country does. Why? A traitor cannot be trusted.

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