Here’s What’s In The Dangerous “Equality Act”

amac membership Americans refuge core values country great equality actDemocrats introduced the Equality Act to Congress last
week. “The so-called Equality Act undermines fundamental freedoms by mandating a single viewpoint on sexual orientation and gender identity,” said Emilie Kao, director of Heritage’s DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society. For example, under the Equality Act, parents would be pressured to consent to puberty blockers for their children at 11 years old, cross-sex hormones at 16 years old, and “sex reassignment” at 18 years old. Additionally, employers and workers would be required to affirm same-sex marriage through spousal benefits and provide medical insurance for “gender transition.” And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Learn more about what’s in the Equality Act and how it could affect you:

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Reprinted with permission from - The Heritage Foundation

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Ivan Berry
1 year ago

In disregard to the old saw that you should not discuss religion nor politics in general, a Methodist and Democrat Mayor asked a former City Councilman why he was Baptist and Republican. The Councilman said that it was because both his father and grandfather were Baptists and Republicans and that it was a family custom.
The Mayor then asked, “What would you have been had your grandfather and father been horse thieves, reprobates and whoremongers?”
In reply, the man said, “In that case I guess I would be a Democrat.

Frank S.
1 year ago

Is it just me, or are we as a society and culture losing our minds?! When is the media going to put this information out so people can sound off about our elected (and un-elected) idiots? What would the “Greatest Generation” have to say about this?

Archie a Higgins
1 year ago

When will Americans put a stop to forced rule? That’s all we have had since 1865.

1 year ago

What this shows is that the Q’s have taken charge of the LEFT brain. All we need in this country is politicians taking more and more of our freedoms away. What happened to their support that people can do as they dam well please even to the point of changing their gender! Well, ya, if you are liberal only.

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