Here Comes ObamaCare…. Again

by Gene Barrett  – The New Year brings with it a new charge to your health insurance plan. The fee, imposed by a little-known provision of President Barack Obama’s health care law, is being implemented to find out which drugs, medical procedures, tests and treatments work best.

Not only will the cost to insurance companies be passed down to us but a new government bureaucracy, The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, was created to carry out the research, and that cost will be passed down to the overburdened American taxpayer as well.

The government is already providing the institute with some funding: The $1-per-person insurance fee goes into effect in 2012. But the Treasury Department says it’s not likely to be collected for another year, though insurers would still owe the money. The fee doubles to $2 per covered person in its second year and thereafter rises with inflation. Obama’s promise that his health care plan would save insured American’s $2500.00 a year seems questionable at best.

In addition to concerns about cost, political analysts are questioning if the research findings will be used in other areas. They ask if the data collected will be used to make coverage determinations and does this put us a step closer to rationed care.

The institute’s director, Dr. Joe Selby, said patients and doctors will make the decisions, not his organization. “We are not a policy-making body; our role is to make the evidence available,” said Selby, a primary care physician and medical researcher.

But insurance industry representatives say they expect to use the research and work with employers to fine-tune workplace health plans. Employees and family members could be steered to hospitals and doctors who follow the most effective treatment methods. Patients going elsewhere could face higher copayments, similar to added charges they now pay for “non-preferred” drugs on their insurance plans.

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For elaxpme, to grasp the subject matter in school/college, one has to read books (with the support of the eyes), listen to the teacher/instructor (with the support of the ears), get to the campus (with the support of the legs, hands, eyes, ears) walk to the class-room (with the support of the legs)…

Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 25 years it is very interesting to read some of these comments. It is apparent that the government has a much bigger role in the overall cost of medicine than what the average individual understands due to onerous regulation and federal constraints etc. Take a look at the pediatric vaccine market. In addition to government, don’t underestimate the hospital and retail mark up that is in some cases extreme. For example, 25 years ago, I could sell a bottle of 5000 units of a common generic oral antibiotic to a retail pharmacist for $20.00. Since a normal dose was 3 pills a day X 10 days they could turn that bottle of 5000 into >160 Rxs and charge $12-17 per RX. Needless to say a $20 investment equated to $1,920+ dollars, significant profit. Do you understand now why some of your local retail… Read more »

The Obama health care plan HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH HEALTH CARE FOR EVERYONE IN THIS COUNTRY. The plan is to usurp this country by force. Obama care is funding “Obama’s Personal Civilian Army” called the Ready Reserve Corps” It is authorized in Section 5210, Page 1312 in “The Affordable healthcare Act”

Million Man civilian Army, only loyal to him.

He also just took One tril of the omnibus bill to finance the U.N. to put ground troops on our soil.
You people better wake up and contact your state representatives and have them look this up in that Monster of a bill (2,000 page) that no one wanted to read first before signing. Over the Christmas Holiday, he also destroyed half of our military forces. Wake up America. It’s all in the news and on the internet.

Oh, and if you found it on the Intenet of courst it “MUST” bue true! LOL

And what other “conspiracy theories” do you follow?

When is the last time you had your medications adjusted?

I tend to agree with you about the government lawsuits part, but I am not clear on how that impacts drug providers. I mean, even in a socialized medicine system, if there is a drug related lawsuit, would not the private company still be liable? The cost differential between the US and Canada on drug prices is staggering. We constantly see news reports about people up north driving across the border to fill their prescriptions and saving hundreds of dollars even for basic drug treatments. Is it related to volume purchase pricing? That is how I saved hundreds of dollars on my scripts. I use a huge Internet warehouse that is based in Ohio and the savings are even bigger by a several hundred or several thousand percent than the pricing from the “large” warehouse used by GE, my former employer! I think the distributors must be running off with… Read more »
I keep seeing the comment about $1 not being anything to worry about. Hmmm If there are 200 million paying an increase to te government $1, that is $200,00,000 Now if they some how raise that another dollar it would be 400 million dollars. However if they would reduce their greed and somehow cut $2 out that 200 million people don’t have to send in. That would no be so bad in my mind and if you had an extra dollar or two, would you not more than likely spend it on clothing or food or a hot dog. By the way, the cost of a box of cereal went down in ounces and up in price which is just at $1. So you see it’s not just my dollar but the combination of everyone’s dollar that is being taken which makes for a non growing economy and job loss.… Read more »
What you don’t realize is that a few years ago, Medicare was paying $1500 a month for one veteran’s prescription drug. The drug company was selling the same drug in generic form to insurance company policy holders for only $150 a month. The gov’t did finally put a stop to it by reducing the Medicare payouts for that drug. Hmmm, now how many of you have posted against the cost cutting to Medicare proposed by Obama? Seems like it makes more sense to me than the lavish payouts like the one I mentioned which happened under bush. The same logic can be applied to the PRIVATE insurance industry. One drug I was taking costs $900 for 90 pills under a private insurance policy. I found a board certified Internet pharmacy that will sell me exact same 90 pills for only $45 in generic form (the private policy was paying $600… Read more »

Why did your private insurance co. not know of this saveing, it was costing them too.

Sounds familiar. Being self-employed (as owner of a small buesnsis) puts you in the same situation. With the outrageous premiums to cover my family along with the ridiculous co-payment policies, we opted to go the “pay-as-you-go” route rather than the bankruptcy-by-premium route. Granted, we’re done having babies and we’ve been very fortunate health-wise, only having to deal with allergies and asthma.Stories like yours and mine demonstrate why we need Universal Health Care. And as more and more people find themselves in the same situation as more and more buesnsis cannot afford to pay health insurance premiums on their employees, Universal Health Care is appearing to be more and more likely in the foreseeable future.Of course, that doesn’t help you (or our family) in the here and now. What a wonderful healthcare system we have here in the richest country in the world, huh?

The American voter does not have a clue whats going on. Borrow a history book from your childs school and compare it to books written before 1900 on our nations founding. Some of the books our students use now tell a very different tale then books written when the Nation was young. When Kruschev pounded his shoe and said “We will bury You”, he was well aware soviet policies were already at work in our education system. They went broke trying to compete militarily but the propaganda is still in the system, it’s why America is the” meanist country in the world, always taking and never giving back”.

A 100 year oil supply in the US??? In your dreams perhaps. What is your source?

Most of the sources I find say that the entire WORLD supply will be depleted in 35-50 years.

If you are for more trillion dollar oil wars, then so be it. Iraq alone is expeceted to cost $3 trillion by the time we are through paying for it. Yeah Bush!!! Push the debt to the limit!!

I think anything that increases supply is a very good thing. If you want gas at $6 or $8 a gallon then go ahead – circle the wagons, close us off to the rest of the world, and watch our economy be destroyed in the process.

Really? They are broke?

You must have missed the capitalism boom in the former Soviet Union then.

In case you have not heard, Russia is no longer communist. They even have billionaires who own PRIVATE property.

I hate to break it to you, but you are still living in the past.

In fact, I just finished a VERY capitalist venture with Russia working with Exxon on a Russian offshore oil field that is expected to be a major supply to the entire world oil market for the next 45 years!

Sorry to pop your bubble…

As an American in these times I would not be proud of boasting a Russian oil deal of any kind. I would, however, be very proud to boast a U.S. deal!! The U.S. can supply all of our energy needs and then some for the next 100 years. Russia is not communist but they are socialist. That oil deal will do nothing but fatten the pockets of the political elite- those billionaires you refer to.

Insurance rates are already going up anticipating ‘bamacare.
Even if it gets voted down after the 2012 election, the rates will never go back down.

So what else is new? Rates have been going up for the last 20 years at a rate of about 9% a year.

Have you checked yet? If they are going up at LESS than 9% we are gaining ground in our favor.

You have a weak agrument.

The following table summarizes the Aon Consulting Health Care Trend Survey results from 2003 – current. Additional graphics are available upon request.

Spring 2003 Spring 2004 Spring 2005 Spring 2006 Spring 2007 Spring 2008 Spring 2009 Summer 2010
Medical — Actives & Retirees <65 (with Rx)
HMO 16.40% 14.10% 13.20% 12.20% 10.90% 10.60% 10.40% 10.50%
POS 16.10% 14.10% 13.00% 11.90% 10.80% 10.50% 10.40% 10.60%
PPO 15.70% 14.20% 13.00% 12.40% 11.20% 10.70% 10.70% 10.70%
Indemnity 17.20% 15.30% 14.60% 14.40% 12.70% 12.40% 11.90% 12.40%
CDH 14.10% 12.70% 12.50% 10.70% 10.50% 10.50% 11.00%
Medical — Actives & Retirees <65 (without Rx)
HMO 14.70% 13.40% 12.90% 12.00% 11.00% 10.80% 10.50% 10.80%
POS 14.50% 13.50% 12.70% 11.80% 10.90% 10.50% 10.50% 10.90%
PPO 14.40% 13.50% 12.70% 12.30% 11.30% 10.90% 11.00% 10.90%
Indemnity 16.40% 14.70% 14.60% 14.40% 13.10% 12.60% 12.40% 12.80%
CDH 13.30% 12.40% 12.30% 10.70% 10.30% 10.40% 11.10%
Medical – Retirees Age 65+ (with Rx)
Medicare Supplement 11.50% 11.20% 7.30% 6.60% 7.50%
Medicare Advantage 10.20% 9.20% 7.70% 7.30% 6.70%
Medical – Retirees Age 65+ (without Rx)
Medicare Supplement 9.90% 9.00% 7.30% 6.60% 7.80%
Medicare Advantage 8.00% 8.00% 7.00% 7.00% 6.30%
DHMO 4.80% 5.00% 4.70% 4.80% 4.50% 4.20% 4.10% 4.20%
PPO 7.60% 7.30% 7.10% 6.70% 6.10% 6.30% 5.90% 6.00%
Indemnity 7.60% 7.70% 7.60% 7.10% 7.00% 7.00% 6.50% 6.80%
General 17.70% 14.40% 13.10% 12.20% 9.50% 9.40% 9.30% 8.40%
Specialty 17.00% 15.10% 12.40% 13.20% 14.00%
3.80% 3.90% 3.90% 3.60% 3.10% 3.10% 2.90% 2.90%

In most cases ( not all ) I still believe that people are poor because they want to be poor. I came to this great Country over 50 years ago from a Communist Country. I ended up in Chicago and I didn’t know anybody. I went to night school to learn English, then to a college to get myself a good education. I always had money to pay for my education and my rent in a rooming house. Sometimes for weeks I lived on bread and cheese. I am retired now and I hope I have enough money and income for the rest of my natural life. If you are not lazy and have a job flipping hamburgers I do have respect for you for working there, but you should not make that for your carrier. Go to any school learn a trade or something useful and practical in a… Read more »


Amen – you sir are what this country needs more of!

Gary F
Stop and think millions of people go to the Dr, right? Right! Then $1 does add up to be wasted. Now if it were a penny maybe say forget about it. They also said it would double and rise with the inflation putting more taxes on us the working poor. Get your head out of the sand!

This is nothing the people at AMAC need to tell you about HR-4646 that the dems. are trying to sneak through AFTER the election of 2012. Maybe people will wake up and say no more to obama the want to be king.

I just wanted too say i have a related family member who thinks Obama health plan is the best thing that happened too America in its history .obliviously he is mistaken. i told him rates would go up and you have too go b/4 a board too see if you can get health care if your 59 or over ,. he doesn’t believe it… could you send me the health care bill where it says that .. in hope he changes his mind to he is going too vote for. he soee how this dictator is gthe best thing happened to the u.s.a. oh by the way he is ( black)..that might not be anything . but i think somebody as stupid as what we have now it cant be anything else.please send me the documents of the health care that says the very thing i discussed in this letter,… Read more »

Steven O Stop worring about 1 dollar you don,t get nothing for a dollar and the government sure ain,t going too give you anything. wake up.

Sorry. No offense intended for you. My other posts were directed at the other Gary.

I am not the one worried about one dollar. All the rabid conservatives posting here and the author of the original post are the only people worried about one dollar.

I am only worried about the fact that they are all upset about one lousy dollar. And it is actually millions of dollars if all the individual dollars are added up, so we will in all liklihood get something back for our lousy dollar.

Steve, just because it’s a lousy dolar to you, that one dollar may mean a lot more to others. Plus it’s going to the government I doubt we will get anything out of all those dollars but fattening someone elses wallet!

Her Highness Nancy P. told congress you have to pass the Obama Health Care Bill so we will what it in the bill. Would you buy a house with out knoeing a thing about it. Would her Higness Nancy P buy that house. Anyone who would vote for anyone who would make a comment like that belongs in the same loony bin as hHrt Highness N.P

People – Obama care is only one of many ways the liberals and/or neo-cons are leading America into one world order, etc., etc. Vote wisely!

Dr. Einstein! I have most certainly worked and for over 32 years and as a senior engineer at some of the best of the fortune 500 including GE and Exxon. By the time I am through, I will have paid over $250K into the Medicare system through my own labors. So, since YOU are the REAL obvious MORON, I will not even take insult at your stupidity. I forgive your because you are either the real idiot or a teenage hacker troll trying to stir up trouble. If you were a REAL man you would post with a REAL name! But, I will say I know what is for the greater good of our society. And, anything that will lower the cost of our current PRIVATE insurance system is a good idea and is a good $1 spent. Go get your rabies treatment before you kill someone!

Steven O–Please take a deep breath. Are you through bragging about yourself? Thank you for still working for me to have my benefits. I, too, paid into the system 50+ years. You do not need to call somene a moron or refer to the person as not a real man. I cannot judge you or your heart, but with a remark like that, I would assume your soul needs a little polish.

It was not my intent to brag. Our resident “genius” Dr. Einstein said that I had probably never worked. I could not let an obvious error like that go unaddressed. And, only a person of low intelligence would call himself Dr. Einstein and make a remark like that knowing knowthing about my background. And he threw the first insults, even going so far as to suggest I had a mental health problem. Where is your correction to his remarks? Is it missing because perhaps you agree with him? And you still have not answered about the hip replacement. What do YOU plan to do when the GOP gets its rabid way and privatizes Medicare so that only seniors in perfect health will be offered an insurance policy? Is it because you are over age 55 and don’t care about those of us who are under age 55 and who will… Read more »

Steven O! Dr. Einstein is on the right track. I have only one thing I will say to an obvious clueless liberal idiot like you: You, sir, (like all liberals) arrive at a battle of wits unarmed!!!

There’s only one word for anyone who would buy into a law that the congress won’t make applicable for itself. Sucker!

If you want to know the difference between Truth or Fiction, go to There you can get a true update.
You will find a lot of non-truths being thrown around throughout the media.

We need a bill that would repeal all of congreses exemptions from the laws that they have forced upon us all. Let them abide by the same laws that we have to. No exemptions period, what they pass also applies to them.

I agree Robert, but I am pretty sure this won’t happen im my lifetime :(

Does America not know what Obama is all about or they just dont care and are happy with the reality shows?

Lenin said ” Religion is the opium of the masses ”
In our Country it is baseball, football and Hollywood are te opium of the masses.

Steven O fails to see thru the Audacity of Deceit that President Obama and his ilk are subtly “transforming” this country into a European Society. Obamacare is designed to put all the private insurers out of business and put the government in the business of Health Care. Wonder what Steven O will think when he is 75 and needing a hip replacement and as a result of the measly $1 per person he paid the study reveals his doctor should give him the red pill and comfort care only. No surgery for him. I only hope I live long enough to see this LIE exposed for what it is!

That is pretty far fetched. It would only happen if the GOP gets its way and privatizes Medicare and then overturns the pre-existing condition laws so that only seniors in perfect condition will be able to buy a health insurance policy.

And you fail to realize that I have the means to pay my own way. I am more concened about others than myself and my own financial greed unlike most of you people.

It is true that ignoring rabid foaming at the mouth pit bulls like Gary is bliss.

But tell me now. Is Canada really bankrupt? They have a fraction of the debt of the US. And they have full blown socialized medicine unlike the so-called “Obamacare” that once again – let me spell it out – is based almost entirely on the P R I V A T E insurance industry.

Steve O, tell me- is it true? Is it really true?? Is it really really true that ignorance is bliss?? It is the ignorance like yours that will destroy this great country! America will survive idiot politicians like Reed, Palosi and Obama. It will NOT survive the idiot Americans like you that put them where they are!! Sorry, but those of us that want to keep America from becoming a socialist Europe-like state will have to start with removing the ignorance of the general population first. Then we can concentrate on the idiots in Washington. You’re first Steve O!!!!!!!!!

I know where I am headed but I cannot speak for the rest of you. And I am not speaking about eternity. We were discussing a hip replacement. Let’s not get off topic and change the subject.

And, yes, when it comes to our medical care, our means do in fact save us. As I have posted many times before and many even conservative studies have reported, some 45,000-50,000 Americans die every year due to lack of means (aka medical insurance.)

Oh, Stephen O. there you go again. Please, Please. Do you not know where we are headed? Do you think your “means” will save you?

The American people spoke out against this Medical plan of Barry’s. We should not pay one thin dime towards it. We need to get rid of Barry, Nancy, Harry and a few other in 2012

Medicare was bad from the start. Barry Goldwater knew it but President Johnson was lying to the American people about it. My wife had a baby in 1964 and I took her to a private hospital and was able to pay all doctor’s expenses , hospital bill was covered by insurance. By the way I had a very low salary at that time. As soon as Government Medicare came in all the medical costs sky rocketed. And like President Ronald Reagan said the more frightening words are ” I am from the Government I am here to help you “

How can you be sure the costs did not skyrocket because of the fact that most hospitals overcharge people with insurance (or can self- pay) in order to make up for “losses” incurred by them not getting payment from people who are uninsured or who cannot afford to pay? It happens all of the time. And, don’t forget, most employers did not start really providing medical insurance benefits until the late 50’s and early 60’s as unions started to gain strength in the USA. I am currently uninsured. I went to the clinic for routine blood test. It now costs me $350 whereas it used to cost my insurance company only $120. It is really an unfair system. But, alas, there is always the opportunity to shop in the free market medical community. I found the same test at my local grocery store pharmacy for only $110. The only catch… Read more »

@Steven O: Yes, it is a socialist medical plan in the fact that, not only will those of us working and making a decent wage, will have to pay more because of the people who aren’t working will need to be covered. We already have it in the forms of medicaid. Not only will we be paying more, employers will be FORCED to provide coverage and there are at least 14 new taxes in this obamacare; mostly to be paid by small businesses. Any added fees to insurance companies will be passed down to us. The whole thing needs to be scrapped and started over again; make sure the next one is read BEFORE it’s passed.

If conservatives vote wisely and independents actually think before they vote, we should end up with a majority in the House and Senate and hopefully the presidency. It might not be a super majority (however, I hope it is), but it will probably be possible to DEFUND Obamacare and then take it down completely in the courts. If the SCOTUS does their job constitutionally this coming year as they hear arguments, it will be a moot point. If not, conservatives will have to fight it all the way to the mat. It MUST be stopped. This country cannot afford this disastrous attempt to take over at least one sixth of the free market, healthcare. I know Obama claims he pushed it on America because his mother died due to not having insurance, but that among many other things he says is an outright lie. Do some research; the truth is… Read more »
You are right Carol, we must vote out the liberals in congress as well as the president. Barry did it for his mother? I doubt it, doesn’t he hate whites even though his white grandparents raised him and his black father was irresponsible and did not participate in his childhood, not to mention that his white mother ditched him? He appears to be an ungrateful and angry person, determined to be a robin hood. Being rejected is painful and he relates better with the “underdog” because of his experience. I feel bad for him and his painful childhood, and I feel bad for under privileged and suffering people, however, I can’t wait until he is gone as well as the corrupt liberals in congress, that includes both parties. This wonderful country deserves better. We need shorter terms for congress persons, the president and the judges as well as eliminate the… Read more »

IN 2012 any one in Congress that will not vote to get rid of Obomacare should be voted out