Here Are 4 Ways the Left Is Grabbing Power in America

left power america radical-house-fair-congressional-oversightThe left is setting aside constitutional norms in a ruthless power grab according to a recently retired Congressman.

Former Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R.-Utah, who served on and chaired the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and is now a Fox News contributor, made the case that the left is using a variety of underhanded strategies to fundamentally change American elections and tilt them in their favor.

Chaffetz lays out his argument in a new book, “Power Grab: The Liberal Scheme to Undermine Trump, the GOP, and Our Republic.” He argues that the left is using underhanded strategies to fundamentally alter the nature of U.S. elections, making them less stable and subject to rigging.

Chaffetz explained his argument in a talk at the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday. Here are four of the tactics he highlighted on the left.

1. Trolling at Town Halls

One of the left’s more effective tactics, Chaffetz said, is using activists and media allies to go after conservative politicians at town hall events.

That’s what happened to Chaffetz during his last term in Congress.

He said Democrats mobilized a group called Indivisible Utah, which “had a specific manual to take over a town hall meeting.’”

Their strategy was to create the impression that Chaffetz was being attacked by his own constituents on account of President Donald Trump, even though he represented a predominantly conservative district.

“[T]hey wanted to create this illusion that a conservative Republican in a safe district—who just happened to be chairman of the Oversight Committee with the newly minted president of the United States, Donald Trump—that his voters were mad,” Chaffetz said.

“It was used as a tool and a prop. They paid people to come in. There were people from all kinds of states there,” Chaffetz said. “But they wanted to create this media illusion that it was an organic Utah phenomenon in a conservative Republican’s district.”

2. Weaponizing Nonprofits for the Democratic Party

In addition, the left has been effective at manipulating loopholes to weaponize nonprofit groups, Chaffetz said.

Nonprofit groups often hire for-profit groups to do fundraising using what’s called a 990 form, and one of the most prominent fundraisers for liberal groups is Grassroots Campaigns Inc.

“They will put on t-shirts—ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, Planned Parenthood—and then they’ll start knocking on doors,” Chaffetz said.

“Planned Parenthood will say ‘Hey, we’re raising money, 50 bucks, you know, for Planned Parenthood. You with us or against us?”

The person then might reply: “Oh, I love Planned Parenthood. Yeah I’ll give you $100.’ What does that tell you about that voter? … You think they are going to vote for a Democrat or do you think they are going to vote for the Republican?”

This process allows Grassroots Campaigns Inc. to collect data on voters that can help predict voting behavior. The problem, Chaffetz said, is that people working for these groups can then carry the collected voter data when they go to work for campaigns or a political party, like the Democratic National Committee, “bypassing all of the campaign finance rules.”

3. Nationalize and Skew Elections

Another big initiative of the left, according to Chaffetz, is to change the rules of elections to stack the deck in favor of Democrats and progressives.

This strategy can be seen in the legislative priorities of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Chaffetz said:

“If you look at the priorities that they have put forward in Congress and you look through any poll that’s out there about what are the most important issues, you’re going to hear about health care, you are going to hear about the economy, you’re going to hear about immigration.”

But this isn’t what the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives prioritized.

“Why is it that Nancy Pelosi has H.R. 1, House Resolution 1 … what is her first bill? Does it have anything to do [with] Pew’s top 20 or top 50 issues? No, it doesn’t,” Chaffetz said.

“H.R. 1 is about how to reconfigure elections. [Pelosi] wants to reconstitute how we do elections in this country because it’s their calculus. This is my theory that I lay out in the book, that they have to reconfigure how we do voting in this country for them to win long-term.”

H.R. 1, which the House passed but was never brought up for a vote in the Senate, would have made a number of changes to America’s election system. Among them are mandatory voter registration, a mandate that states allow felons to vote, and a ban on states setting their own rules about voting by mail.

These are just a few of the bill’s many proposals. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called the bill a “naked attempt to change the rules of American politics to benefit one party.”

4. Ballot Harvesting

A fourth strategy is the practice of “ballot harvesting,” which H.R. 1 did not address, Chaffetz said.

Ballot harvesting is when an individual doesn’t have to be present to cast a vote. Instead, their vote can be cast by someone else.

“Democrats, in legislation, have supported the idea. They want to make this [the] law everywhere you go, that you do not actually have to be present to vote,” Chaffetz said.

“Vote harvesting allows someone [to] go around … collecting ballots from all of you. [They] can go knock on your door and say, ‘I know that you didn’t get to the poll, I know that you didn’t fill out your ballot, I know it’s inconvenient for you, but if you just give me your ballot, you know, fill it out, I’ll turn it in for you.”

A lot can go wrong with this process, Chaffetz said. He noted that even in Utah, thousands of votes for Democrats are alleged to have rolled in “after the deadline.”

Ballot harvesting made a huge impact in recent California elections, where the tactic threw a huge number of House Republican seats to Democrats. Thousands of new and unexpected voters showed up to certain districts and flipped seats.

“I don’t know how you win an election in California when Democrats play by different rules than Republicans and engage in this type of vote harvesting,” Chaffetz said.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Jarrett Stepman

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Morty Tupperman
10 months ago

With all respect due, Mr. Chaffetz – you forgot one way the left is engaging in a “power grab”: our children. The public schools have – at least in “blue” states been controlled by leftist teacher unions and have brainwashed our children with revisionist history and frightened them with fabricated environmental scenarios. They threw out the “three R’s” years ago and teach thinly veiled Marxism instead. Shame on us.

R. Shoemaker
10 months ago

These tactics are working for radical liberals EXCEPT Trump is calling some of it out and exposing it with his Tweets. That is why radical liberals have labeled him public enemy #1. The Bush Presidents were too “civil” to call out these tricks, so they were not a threat.

10 months ago


Josephine pooley
10 months ago

Horrible! Bur now that these tactics have been exposed conservatives have to counter them! We cannot sit idly by and wring our hands!

10 months ago

We can complain, analyze, predict, and suggest all we want to, but the Left engages in these practices because they are allowed to. Yes, they have the media on their side and that’s a big factor helping to drive the narrative in their favor. But there is no “aggressive” opposition from the other party, not only from the leaders, but also the people. Incumbents are still elected over 90% of the time. At first the left simply twisted the truth to silence highly controversial topics they disagreed with and promote radical topics they were in favor of. When they experienced… Read more »

10 months ago

And what should the Republicans do to counter this move the by Democrats???? We have to be proactive and do everything to ensure that votes are counted correctly without any anomalies from the [email protected]@ng democrats. We, Republicans and Conservatives have to be VIGILANT to be sure our votes are counted properly.

10 months ago

I’m counting on all this negativity to bring more and more people over to President Trump’s. I’m sure there are thousands of people just like me who are sick and tired of the Dems BS!

10 months ago

The LEFT today is a mirror of Communism and if we do not recognize this FACT we are in trouble. Your freedoms will be gone. Don’t be suckered by all of the free sht they are promising you. Not gonna happen!

Rick J.
10 months ago

If the democrats regain power, this nation will never see free and fair elections again. Those of us who
care about the nation must become engaged and fight back. If we don ‘t our children and grandchildren
will be living in a socialist nation. Hate to say it but we are in a due or die situation. WAKE UP and FIGHT BACK!!!

Diana Erbio
10 months ago

We must reach the next generations with knowledge about how our constitution and how our government is structured to protect our individual rights. Free stuff sounds good…but there is a cost, and that cost is individual freedom! 🇺🇸

Deb Day
10 months ago

Living in Oregon, the “you can only vote by mail state”, gives me insight into the manipulation allowed. When you get a driver’s license, you are automatically registered to vote and will receive ballots. The legislature recently allowed illegals licensing. Or you can go online and register to vote, supplying the bare minimum of information, and then “swearing upon penalty of the law” that you are legal, allowed to vote, etc. People vote at college and at home. Non-existent people vote, people in care homes have their votes stolen. Returned as undeliverable, moved, etc., ballots are kept in the archives… Read more »

10 months ago

I hope it all gets exposed and stopped. this is illegal tampering with our votes. they are a threat to everyone. Political correctness be gone, call it as it is. We have to rise to the occasion even in our own communities and stand up for what is right. We don’t want Communism/Socialism here and look at Hong King flying American flags for the freedoms we have. We need more big mouths that are not afraid to shout out and counteract these terrorists liberals.

10 months ago

Democrats have never cared for rules…unless those rules favor them and their addiction to power and control. The folks that buy into this lying leftist crap are the ones we need to reach. Unfortunately, most leftist I run into are so indoctrinated, they refuse to listen and facts don’t matter. Sad!

10 months ago

It’s nice to think that they would be exposed and then expect something to happen. But it won’t. The Clintons have yet to be punished for the many evils they have done including murder. The Obamas have yet to be punished for all the crimes against the constitution they committed. The democrat party is now a Godless party of socialists made up of evil and wicked people whose only goal is to socialize America by any means possible. Since they have no morals, honor, honesty, integrity, or character, they are free to do what it takes to push their agenda… Read more »

10 months ago

The only one we truly should be worried about is how they are skewing elections (while at the same time trying to impeach the President for “interfering” in elections). Everything else they do will be proven when people actually vote. A LOT of people in the silent majority who feel they have lost their free speech as far as being able to freely say they support Trump, except when we vote. They are trying to break the back of our economy and our constitution and turn us into socialists, and if they can mess with elections, I can’t think of… Read more »

10 months ago

There is only one way that this mess is going to get fixed: The Lord says: “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins, and heal their land.” People of faith get on your knees, only God can change the tide!!! He will hear us if only we ask. Have faith, God put president Trump in office and He can keep him there and bring this dear nation back to our constitutional roots!! PRAY PRAY PRAY

Brenda Blunt
10 months ago

Another reason to vote this scoundrels out of office and place them all in jail!! We do not need a dictator ! We are a free country.allowed to vote however we please!!

10 months ago

We need to keep the electoral college, that several states have now voted to bypass this. This is just a power grab for the high populated states.
Also, can anyone explain the Acorn group that was associated with Obama & election process at that time?? Do no hear anything about Acorn anymore.

10 months ago

Look Americans have been warned it has to be True Americans to put things right get rid of these socialist communist muslums atheists out of our government State and Federal and if they see someone cheating on votes turn them in immediately it is our Elections not these criminals illegals, must be a citizen of America to vote, these democratic politicians are criminals we need them held acceptable for their disgusting behavior to under mind our votes, to cheat is unacceptable must be prosecuted

stephen russell
10 months ago

& the Union Govt vote, & miscl Union vote?? & Online trolls.
Beware online sites : Right Wing Folks, & Disquiss comment base, FYI & Big Tech Censoring OUR Voices & Values
Sue DNC, Govt Unions, Big Tech, they have funds for US

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