Help AMAC’s President Meet President Trump

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When you receive the current issue of AMAC Advantage Magazine, please sign & mail the petition located in the center to get AMAC’s President, Dan Weber, a meeting with President Donald Trump!

In the current issue (Volume 12 Issue 5) of your AMAC Advantage Magazine there is a tear out petition to President Trump to meet with Dan Weber, president and founder of AMAC. The purpose of the meeting is to introduce to the President our proposals to save and improve Social Security, reduce the cost of health care and to offer solutions to the immigration crisis.

We need many petitions returned to show the White House that we have a true membership of one million four hundred thousand members and that our members want action on these issues.

There is an old expression, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” and that certainly is the case in Washington, DC.

AMAC is your voice in the Capitol!

If you want us to be heard – please tear out the petition from the magazine, sign and mail it to us today. Let’s exercise our right to petition in order to protect our nation from those who want to replace freedom with socialism, religion with secularism and personal rights with government control.

God Bless America,

Dan Weber
President, Association of Mature American Citizens

To request additional petitions, please fill out the form or call 888-262-2006

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Robert Windle
2 years ago

I find it hard to believe that you don’t also have a way for your members to sign the petition ONLINE for Dan Weber to meet with the President. I am a paralyzed (quadriplegic) person and do all petitions online with my speaking program and have never not been able to do so since I was paralyzed 10 years ago! Disappointed, Robert Windle Member ID: 760444

2 years ago

With all the lobbying AMAC does in Washington, on your various proposals, you mean to say you can’t get a summary of your proposals to the WH Chief of Staff? Have McConnell or one of the other Republican Senators or members of the House send a copy via e-mail to the attention of the President or his staff. Certainly you must have already delivered copies to Trump’s HHS Secretary over the last two years as well. Now if you want a photo op with the President, then I can understand why you want a face to face.

2 years ago

I am no signing such a petition as I do not agree with Weber’s proposals on Socisl Security.

Paul Treuting
2 years ago

I don’t agree with sending a postcard with my signature & information on it thru the mail system. Why isn’t there a site to sign the petition ONLINE?

Evans Bradley
2 years ago

In this date and time you are telling me you can’t come up with the means to do an online petition? Really!!!
On these items
1). SS: Collected funds under no circumstances be touched for anything other then Social Security.
2). HC: everyone needs to be free of all exclusive medical benefits like the ones the members of Congress have they should have to deal with the same crap ? as the rest of us.
3). Immigration: Build the damn WALL!

Lynne Edwards
2 years ago

There is an online petition form to petition the White House. Someone could submit this as well. This is the URL:

Lorna Hornbeek
1 year ago

I agree with anything president Trump has chosen to do.

Ellwood Hoff
2 years ago

Please create an online petition. It is archaic to use mail which is inviting identity theft.

J. B. Thorstad
1 year ago

I have to agree with the member below who wonders why members can’t sign the petition online as well. There are many, many petitions available for signing online… AMAC should join that list. ALSO, you should address the fact that the “other” senior citizen organization endorsed The Affordable Care Act, and as a result the Obama administration rewarded them with $80M… which has to beg the question, whose best interests does “that other” organization put first?

Betty Long
1 year ago

I really don’t think the Government should be in the Insurance business, just the Social Security and Medicaids and SSIs and the Medicare. There are many Insurance Business that want more business and have the professional business setup. Maybe the Insurance Companies need to quit being so profit oriented and be regulated and restricted as to what the Insurance Companies can or can not write off or add. The Insurance Companies probably pay millions for their multi-media advertising, junk mail, magnets, ask-a-nurse, skype doctors, etc. programs they give to entice clients. I don’t want any of those things, I just… Read more »

Diana C Smith
1 year ago

I’ll just tell Trump about you since I recognize you as part of my old network.

Wayne Prentice
1 year ago

Dont have a printer to copy this info

1 year ago

Im a bit confused…why do you ask us how many petitions we want? So, if we request more than one petition, in your drop down menu, does that give us more chances of being heard..or..?? I don’t get it?

William Burns
1 year ago

My Vol 12 issue 5 had the petition removed. I hope no one is removing the petitions trying to prevent us from sending our petitions in to be counted. I know from working for President Reagan that it is important to have signed paper petitions because the opposition inflates their numbers and creates false petitions and most times they are never challenged. Conservatives are held to a different standard and must always prove our numbers so signed paper is important. I had to go online and request three petitions be sent to me for me and my family to sign… Read more »

2 years ago

I’ve heard that US mail delivered in sacks full of physical presence, deliver a more potent statement, than a summary, which can be deleted with a keystroke. This is why old fashioned methods of phone calls trump e-communications, and personal meetings trump phone calls. I’m betting that AMAC’s professional marketers are not as hapless as some might think. Additional formats might seem like the only right thing to do in all cases, but I think that in the case where a company has a specific mail-in campaign, it may just keep a lot of people from responding to their request… Read more »

2 years ago

Guess what! I don t even receive a magazine, never have and have been member since 2013!

2 years ago

What difference is there between a petition and “righteous protest” of the liberals.. Don’t you think the difference bet Conservative and Liberal is that Conservatives are more accountable and therefore perhaps supportive? Is there any possible way WE could be the ones to stop this childishness of treating every President like Santa Claus? I think the whole idea of politics is civic duty and not always belabor the duties of our elected officials. This should initiate the process (possibly aligned with bi-partisanship but also “checks and balances”) letting The President know that we like what we see and would like… Read more »

Johnie Price
2 years ago

Pass a law that exempts seniors from paying any more income taxes. If we are retired and on social security / pension, our income now is fixed based on our lifetime earnings. We have paid more than our fair share. We should also be exempt from state property taxes. Also fight to get our expensive and cost-prohibitive drug RX’s to where we can afford them. Our RX’S cost the most of anywhere in the world. That is ridiculous. Johnie P.

2 years ago

Great idea!

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