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Hearing Loss and Your Quality of Life

hearing loss quality lifeThe sounds of nature, conversations with friends and family, concert auditoriums – our ears play an integral part in making all these activities enjoyable. Additionally, our ears are a natural warning system, capable of detecting oncoming traffic, registering a possible home break-in, or alerting us of any other potential dangers. We sometimes take these everyday things for granted, only becoming fully aware of that wonderful and complex organ – the ear – when things appear to go wrong.

You don’t have to wait for hearing loss to remind you how important it is to hear clearly. Our sense of hearing allows us to enjoy the sounds that surround us in our everyday lives, such as our favorite music and our grandchildren’s laughter.

Life is too short to live without the voices and sounds you cherish the most. The first thing to do when you are experiencing a hearing loss is to educate yourself. That is why you will find relevant information about hearing loss here for you to read at your leisure.

Causes and symptoms of hearing loss

It is not easy to admit that our hearing is not what it used to be. We are usually unaware of it until family and friends point it out – and this is the very moment to do something about it. However, studies show that in the U.S., people wait an average of 7 years after noticing the first signs of hearing loss before doing something about it. The use of hearing aids would have significantly improved their quality of life sooner, had they addressed it earlier.

Your loss of hearing can be gradual and subtle, like vision loss. But there is one big difference – there is no stigma attached to wearing glasses.

Everybody knows that exposure to loud noises can damage one’s hearing. Many aspects of modern life put us in demanding listening environments, such as the workplace, on the street, or at home. One example is a concert: most of us have experienced a temporary hearing difficulty after attending an extremely loud music event. Moreover, in the last few decades, more people have been using earphones almost exclusively to listen to music, which can increase the likelihood of hearing damage. It’s important to note that loss of hearing can be a result of a head injury, disease, infection, trauma, stress, diet. Genetics is also a common culprit.

So, when is the right time to seek help? These common signs and symptoms are indicators that immediate help should be sought:

  • Difficulty following a conversation with more than two people at once
  • Difficulty understanding what people are saying in loud environments, such as busy restaurants, cafes, shops, etc.
  • Other people’s voices seem muffled
  • Listening to the TV at a high volume
  • Ringing in the ear (tinnitus)
  • Group conversations are exhausting

Different degrees of hearing loss explained:

hearing loss chart

Are you suffering from hearing loss and would like to improve your quality of life?  Find out how can help you today.

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