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Hearing Aid Innovations and Prices for 2019

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The Hearing Aids of today are a long way away from the first bulky, clunky and very noticeable devices which were first released over 50 years ago. In fact, hearing aids have only in the last few years taken a major step forward in design, technology and pricing. In today’s market there is now a style and design to suit every wearer. Whether you prefer the conventional type, a discreet behind the ear aid or a virtually invisible hearing aid, which sits comfortably inside the ear canal and is barely noticeable, you will finally be able to find a hearing aid which suits your everyday need.

It is not just the design or style which has dramatically changed in the last few years, technology has too. Cell Phones, TV’s and Tablets have all made huge advancements in technology and hearing aids are no different. For example, hearing aids of today can be connected to and controlled by your smartphone, all through a simple app which gives you the ability to increase and decrease any specific sounds, such as background noise or the television, even without changing the television sound level for others, only the hearing aid sound level changes. Smartphone connectivity also allow the user to tell your hearing aids which environment you are in, by selecting one of the predefined options within the app, such as a restaurant, church or the outdoors, the hearing aids will know which sounds to decrease and increase giving you maximum comfort in all environments. The premium hearing aids of today actually have automatic speech recognition which will through tiny microphones, automatically recognize which environment you are in and manage these sounds for you, again allowing you to hear and understand the sounds you only need to hear, maximizing your comfort and quality of life.

What are the different hearing aid levels and expected price ranges?

The cost of hearing aids really depends on the level of technology you need but not the style. The style of hearing aid does not generally affect the price however it must be noted that some styles have only just been released and therefore only include the latest technology. An audiologist will be able to assess your current hearing loss and give you a professional recommendation on which level of hearing aid you need. The price is also determined by what features you would like, think about buying a new car, you may know what car you want however you may also want to add some extra features to tailor the car to your everyday needs, this is the same as the hearing aids of today. Some selected hearing aid providers also provide much more than the purchase, some can give you added benefits at no extra cost such as; a dedicated hearing consultant, a network of local audiologists, free servicing or even a free consultation. On average, people pay between $3,400-$4,200 for a pair of advanced hearing aids. Entry level devices are great if you live a sedentary lifestyle and have basic needs. However, you could really benefit from more advanced technology if you are socially active, professionally active, or frequent a variety of different environments.

There are three core levels when assessing hearing aid technology. Basic (Mild Hearing Loss), Mid-range (moderate hearing loss) and Premium (severe hearing loss). The table below will give you an overview of what technology and features each level possess and the expected price range for such device.

Are you or a loved one experiencing hearing loss and would like to improve your quality of life? Find out how the right hearing aid can improve your quality of life today.

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Truman Esmond

Where is the rest of the article – the table referred to in the text?

Wynona R Burgstiner

Here’s my take on hearing aids, they are too expensive, are not covered by insurance even with a deductible, people on low incomes can not afford them. I have a dear friend of my grandson who is profoundly deaf and is unable to work anything that requires being able to hear clearly. He picks up jobs wherever he can, because his wife works he is not eligible for any assistance. He desperately needs hearing aids and can not purchase even the old type of bulky behind the ear. There is a mistaken idea that everyone can afford to purchase both hearing aids and dental care in today’s economy let alone people on Social Security. And MEDICARE OT MEDICAID do not pay for either. A minimum hearing aid is out of the question for someone who earns less that 30,000K a year before taxes and that is combined income for parent… Read more »

Judi McCloughan

Where is the rest of this article Darn I need this I fo


This is a blatant ad for No table as indicated and every link takes you to

Richard Krewson

I wear Resound high end hearing aids due to hearing impairment from a serious auto accident. I did my own thorough research for my selection. What I have learned during my experience wearing them displays the lack of knowledge 95% of people have wearing them. AMAC has an educational direction that has become impressive with me. I had a career in sales; was a sales trainer, and know the “pitch” when I hear it. This article was written to honestly talk with the consumer’s interest in improving their hearing loss. Thank You AMAC!

D.L. Wells

My mom has macular and very limited vision. Her doctor was able to get coverage for a more expensive type which were rechargeable overnight and did not require her to try to figure out how to install one of those tiny batteries. And she can tell by touch and flashing red/green lights on the charger if she has situated them in the charger properly.

Gladys Weimer

Do they have good hearing aids that do not need an smart phone? I do not owe one and do not want one.


fake and bloated pricing for tech that cost an average 150.00 to produce each unit and often times even less…


I have found hearing aids to be a money pit controlled by the seller. They never programmed them correctly and although I paid over 5,000 for them, I do not have control of the noise. Be very cautious before purchasing and don’t believe everything the sales people tell you!


The LAST thing I want is a hearing aid that has to be operated from a smartphone! I do not own a smartphone. I do not WANT a smartphone. Smart gadgets are highly invasive of privacy, sending information to people who want to HARM me to make money.