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Harris Faulkner | Faith Still Moves Mountains | EP 188

Six-time Emmy Award Winning Journalist Harris Faulkner joins the Better for America podcast to discuss her NYT best seller, Faith Still Moves Mountains. Harris shares her divine assignment to inspire ALL people that faith and the power of prayer will prevail in the darkest of hours, sharing real-life stories of God’s work. Find out how you can get your hands on a signed copy of Faith Still Moves Mountains!

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4 months ago

Beautiful and inspiring…we need to pray more in today’s world.

4 months ago

Thank you for sharing the Goodness of our Lord

4 months ago

This was very inspiring! I think Harris is just so beautiful and elegant! I think this book will be a present for a lot of folks I know who can use some prayer in their lives!

4 months ago

What an incredible message from an incredible woman! Thank you for posting this.

Dale REGENIA Keeton
4 months ago

Love Harris and you too Rebecca. Thanks for sharing. God bless

4 months ago

Very good and helpful podcast. Mainly people of prayer will “get it”. As a nation, we better wake up!

It does?
4 months ago

then Why is it just making a bad book?
man gods losing his swag lol

Philip Hammersley
4 months ago
Reply to  It does?

Thanks for a totally INCOHERENT post! Guess you went to a public school!

4 months ago

I noticed the same thing. Incoherent with seeming alcohol or drug-induced response. Or, more accurately just another dumbed down progressive that has no intention to “do their homework” and then make an educated response.

Just telling you
4 months ago
Reply to  Glenn

you know that home school diploma your mom gave you to celebrate graduation is not accepted by employers right? Lol

Davey ravey
4 months ago

you were homeschooled and still got bullied by the teacher lol

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