Happy New Year!

new year 2014We at AMAC would like to wish our members, their families and friends a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. We are humbled that you have identified AMAC as the organization that shares your cherished Conservative values. As Conservatives, we are naturally upbeat and optimistic and there is much to look forward to in 2014. We are blessed by your allegiance and you may rely on AMAC, and our unwavering commitment to faith, family and freedom, to strengthen and underscore your voice on the essential issues that we share. 

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9 years ago

If bho and hilarious were republicans, the I-word and list of ‘crimes’ would be front page and evening news topics everyday. As spineless as the repubs have become, they could not handle it. The democrats, media, and some courts have been bought off, and/or squeezed, to stay quiet and supportive. Those are the shovel ready jobs that were being promised, shoveling you know what. You can buy a lot and launder a lot with six trillion tax payer dollars, while demanding even more. Every issue put forward by this adminstration is a crisis, “that must be fixed immediately”, before the American people wake up. I agree, there is no impeachment in our future unless repubs take the senate and keep the house; very little chance even with that.

Everett Foster
9 years ago

Although we, as voters, need to concentrate on the 2014 elections and regain the Senate, Congress needs to fulfil their obligation of starting Impeachment proceedings against Obama for the multitude of violations he has commited against the oath of office, constitution and flagrant mis-use of funds…since he and Clinton was in charge of out foreign policy, we have lost 80% of our closest friend and allies..the rest no longer have any respect nor fear of our strenghts…We are becoming a disrespected and bankrupt nation thanks to their policies…what a shame!!

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