Happy Easter! (Can We Still Say That?)

By Jedediah Bila

Happy Easter, everyone! (But don’t say that too loudly. You might offend someone.)

Todd Starnes reported this week that Heritage Elementary School in Madison, Alabama appears to have a problem with the “Easter” in “Easter eggs” and “Easter bunny”:

Boys and girls at an Alabama elementary school will still get to hunt for eggs – but they can’t call them ‘Easter Eggs’ have the principal banished the word for the sake of religious diversity.

“We had in the past a parent to question us about some of the things we do here at school,” said Heritage Elementary School principal Lydia Davenport. “So we’re just trying to make sure we respect and honor everybody’s differences.”

Television station WHNT reported that teachers were informed that no activities related to or centered around any religious holiday would be allowed – in the interest of religious diversity.

“Kids love the bunny and we just make sure we don’t say ‘the Easter Bunny’ so that we don’t infringe on the rights of others because people relate the Easter bunny to religion,” she told the television station. “ A bunny is a bunny and a rabbit is a rabbit.”

Every time a story like this breaks, my email inbox floods with questions like, “You’re a former teacher. Is this really all that common?”

Yes, this really happens all the time. I’ve seen it in all kinds of schools I’ve worked in. Yes, the PC police are out in force in schools every holiday season. Yes, administrators make these kinds of decisions repeatedly in the interest of not offending this or that student (or more accurately, his or her parent(s)). It’s absurd, but it’s real. Hypersensitivity around everything from Halloween costumes to holiday greetings to the wording of celebratory events is routine. And it’s getting more common, not less.

I hate to break it to Heritage Elementary School, but it’s an Easter bunny. Much like a Christmas tree. And if calling something what it is offends a child, then maybe we should be teaching children to be a little less easily offended.

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isn’t the united states a wonderful country to live in? when some people don’t like something , they want everybody not to like it too oh well HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY, and all you EASTER BUNNIES and EASTER EGGS. see you all next CHRISTMAS

Peter J Shepherd

Happy Resurrection Day, and Happy Passover. We were commanded in the Old Testament, to celebrate Passover, which was celebrated by Jesus, the Lamb of God, just prior to His sacrificing Himself on our behalf, so that the death angel would pass over us. He died for us, so that we could live for Him. Changing the name and tradition to “Easter,” which comes from the pagan goddess of fertility, known as Ishtar, or Isis, along with the bunny and the egg, both of which are a symbol of sex and fertility, is in my humble opinion, an abomination and a stench in the nostrils of God. It was largely because of idolatry of this nature that ancient Israel was destroyed. It’s time to wake up, repent, and remove pagan traditions like this from the worship of the true and living God. If however you’re a member of a pagan religion… Read more »


HAPPY EASTER everyone. I’m not sure now… but I don’t believe that the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs are a religion, nor do they represent one. I grew up with those symbols meaning spring and renewal. Jesus is the religious representation. I have never heard of the Jesus Bunny or the Jesus Egg hunt. “…respect and honor everybody’s differences” ? I say they missed the boat as they are NOT respecting and honoring the people that would choose to use the word Easter including their own teachers. We are to be tolerant, so if you don’t believe don’t partake. I don’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo, I wait for the Fourth of July! but I don’t tell people they can’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo because it is not my belief. I have to question the admin of this school…A parent (meaning one?) questions some of the things done and it immediately… Read more »


Hypersensitivity has also shown itself in common, age-old nursery rhymes. An example is the Ba-Ba Black Sheep…
If folks would look at the history of nursery rhyme they would see that many, most originated as clever political statements, or reflected life of the time. Black wool was greatly desired and considered more valuable for a specific economic or style reason, and does not refer to an individuals skin tone.

Paul Harlan

Hi, Friends: I didn’t count the number of comments so far, however, there were many and I think I counted about three which actually zeroed in on the real reason for the season and it did not begin with Ishtar (sp?). The resurrection of Jesus at the time it actually occurred was not good news to the religious zealots who really had “good” political reasons for wanting Him dead, but He arose, because the grave could not hold Him. What He did is a verifiable historical fact (if you believe in the rules of evidence). Honest people saw Him in that 40 days that He deliberately went in & out among the people. Now the greatest evidence for the resurrection of the Lord Jesus is what he He has done for drug addicts, alcoholics and very ordinary people who had come to the end of their respective ropes, i.e., transformed… Read more »


To those who condemn all religious functions (primarily Christian) in schools… Well, I say, screw you. Those who are doing the complaining are those who seem to have no religious beliefs. And if you don’t have a God to believe in, that guides you, then why do you fear the practices of those who do? And why should it be expelled from schools. When I was in a public elementary school we learned songs of both Jewish and Christian faiths during those religious holidays which helped us understand and respect the two different faiths. It is apparent to me that these anti-religious people really do fear God, even though they say they don’t believe in him, and as long as they don’t hear or see anything about it they feel they have a clear conscious in their denial of God without fear of his judgment. The feelings one has in… Read more »


I have long since left organized religion because it has been infected by extreme Liberalism, so I can’t say that I truly believe in anything anymore, but I am still a morally guided individual. Therefore, I on’t believe that the latest far-left liberalism is good for this Country. It will eventually lead to our downfall because when people are no longer moral the only thing that can happen is chaos and anarchy.


Blindness to one’s religious past does no one any favors. We were “blessed” with hundreds of years of Inquisitions and Crusades, which killed millions of people around the world (at that time). The “Dark Ages” were the direct of the power of the Catholic Church and when the Reformation started, they too discriminated against the Catholics, not mention us Jews. Extremism in anyting, from religion to economics is a vey bad thing. I happen to be Jewish and I do NOT get offended by Christian (or any other religious) holidays or symbols. However, a PUBLIC school system must defer to the different faiths within that system. A PRIVATE, RELIGIOUS run school system certainly can push their own beliefs. That’s the difference in America. I assure you that if Hinduism (for an example) were the dominant religion and they excluded Christian things, you would be very upset. I’m also amazed at… Read more »

Juliana McQuaid

I feel this country is turning into Rome, which most of us knows what happened, (It burned)! Christianty changed what was going on those dark days! The world became a better place because of this, We are going backwards I’m afraid to those dark days, when we turn our heads and don’t speak up! We still have that most important freedom! Free Speech!

Bob Russ

God help this once great country. We can all thank these idiot college professors and their warped liberal ideas. It,s too bad our public school teachers aren’t brave enough to speak out and ignore the so called administrators who also have no courage.


The origins of Easter aren’t religious in nature. Spring is the time most ancient cultures used for celebrating fertility. You will not find Easter mentioned in the Bible. Merchants use this time of year to exploit a Christian holy day with an Easter Bunny just as they exploit other holy days such as Christmas with the use of Santa Claus. It’s all about making money for toy makers, candy makers and advertising. We are not offending any one with celebrating either Holy Day. I’m offended by ignorant whiners in the government run school system who think they are qualified to make judgements on what is right and wrong for students to say and do. A degree in education doesn’t show me you know anything. My child has first amendment rights and those rights don’t stop at the school entry gate. If my child feels compelled to wish a teacher “Happy… Read more »


I hope Principal Lydia Davenport is NOT celebrating Martin Luther King day at Heritage Elementary School because it has Religious affiliations – in the interest of religious diversity of course. I would love to hear her comment on this subject.

The name of Heritage Elementary School should be changed, it is hypocritical to what they are professing. They are stomping out “Heritage.” May be Communal Elementary School might be a more fitting name.

Maybe schools should not be taking any days off for any type of reasons. No winter, spring or summer breaks.

Since the educators want kids to skip childhood, they could have children graduate at 16 vice 18, moving young adults into real-life sooner.

Better yet, Ms Davenport should be placed in a corner, told to be quite, and color.

Ms Davenport, I pray for your soul!


I don’t understand why these people are against evrything; Easter, Christmas, etc., but they sure don’t mind taking the benefits from these holidays! If it’s so terrible to them, why do they take the days off with pay at work, school or anything else? What about our rights, that want to enjoy God and all he stands for, because of them I can’t enjoy anything, seeing a cross, nativity, saying Merry Christmas or Happy Easter or anything to do with religion. This has gotto stop, and the courts siding with them all the time. God will forgive, butfor how long will these people not get punished for what they do? HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYONE.

Father Daniel

Other than having the word “Easter” in his/her title, the Easter bunny has nothing to do with the Christian religion. There’s no cute bunny with baskets of chocolate eggs in the Bible.

It is more likely the Easter bunny is some remnent of an old pagan fertility festival.

In fact, some Christians don’t care for the bunny, feeling it takes attention away from the Risen Christ, the true reason for Easter.

Personally, I enjoyed the egg hunts and if children continue to like the Easter bunny, what’s the harm?


I’m so grateful that the Lutherans, Catholics and Baptists still have schools that are not ruled by the politically correct crowd. Most of them offer educations far superior to what is offered in the public sector. “Too expensive”, you say? What is a more important use of your family income than seeing to it your children have a good education. What does that have to do with us who are now parents and grandparents? What greater legacy can we leave our next generations that to spend our money we would leave after our death in advance for that quality education.

Edward Lee

We are being bullied by the minority, and we are afraid to voice our real opinion because of “political correctless”. Any opposition seems to be view as either hate speech or racism. I’m 75 and will not live to see the worst of O’bama’s emplemented, but my children will, and they have no idea what they are in for. Seniors are being berated because we have the gall to suggest that we have actually paid for our retirement over the years. If we had been allowed to invest the money ourselves (and we did that), 15% of our wages would have been invested “wisely” instead of handing it over the the government. The trust fund got too big for polititions to ignore and of course they raided the account and spent the money buying votes in one program or another. What amazes me is that the government has prople believing… Read more »

Katherine Harms

The Easter Bunny has nothing to do with religion. It is a cute fairy tale for children. The Christmas tree is reputed to have some connection with Christianity. The same with the idea of giving gifts at Christmas, as the Wise Men did. Halloween certainly has nothing to do with Christianity, even though it has its roots in some perversion of the liturgical calendar. Still, it is a real stretch to find some way to be offended about these things, but some people are extremely needy, in the sense of needing everyone’s attention at all times. Taking offense is a geat way to get attention and to manipulate the desire of most civilized people to avoid harming others. I think it is time for Americans to grow up. The culture is diminished, not strengthened, by the constant need to worry that we might say or do some trivial thing that… Read more »


Happy Easter everyone! Why should we change?

Robert L Harkness

The Holiday traditions we all grew up with, seem to be in jeopardy. I’m glad to see the younger generation expressing their opinion, but they seem to be dictating to strongly to my generation. BACK OFF< Just let us all except what we are comfortable,with, and be more compatabile.


As a former teacher I can tell you that Jedediah Bila is not exaggerating. The PC police run rampant in our school system. From the time a child enters kindergarten they are indoctrinated and intimidated with the politicallly correct philosophy.

Before Christmas or Easter vacation ( called winter and spring vacation) I would say to my students, ” If you celebrate Christmas/Easter I hope you have a wonderful Christmas/Easter and I hope everyone has a fun and relaxing vacation.” This was in a school where 99% of the students celebrated Christmas and Easter. The sad thing was that many students were afraid to wish me a Merry Christmas or a Happy Easter because they have been brainwashed into believing that those words were “inappropriate.”

God help us. HAPPY EASTER!