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Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

AMAC Exclusive


Dear President Trump,

On behalf of the millions of Americans who wish they could personally thank you for everything, you did for our country and the world, Happy Birthday!

It is a perfect coincidence that the birthday of the most patriotic commander-in-chief in modern history is also Flag Day—the day we commemorate the official adoption of the Stars and Stripes by the United States Congress. No President in our lifetime has sacrificed more or worked harder than you to keep Old Glory flying high and proud over a safe and prosperous country. Thank you, Mr. President, for restoring our national pride, our spirit of patriotism, and, yes, our very identity as Americans. 

Thank you for giving up your life of wealth and luxury to fight for us, the forgotten men and women of America. Thank you for taking on the toughest battles, confronting the most powerful special interests, ignoring the media pressure and political correctness, and saying the hard truths that needed to be said. If you had not done it, no one else would have.

Thank you for making our hopes and dreams your personal mission and for taking the American economy to the greatest heights it has ever reached, lifting millions out of poverty, and delivering record low unemployment for African-Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans. Thanks also for delivering record-breaking income gains and tax cuts for working families.

Thank you for having the courage to call out the entire corrupt system of globalism—withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, renegotiating NAFTA, and taking on Communist China. Everyone is now pretending they’ve seen the China threat all along, but we know it was really you.

Thank you for building the wall and stopping illegal immigration, even when everyone told you it was impossible. Thank you for taking on the violent crime in America’s inner cities and for defending the integrity of our police officers.

Thank you for ending the disgraceful way our veterans were being treated for decades. Thank you for rebuilding our military and having the vision and wisdom to create the Space Force. Just like on so many other issues, they laughed at the idea at first, but now everyone knows you were right.

Thank you for standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel, wiping out ISIS, and shaking up the Middle East with your unconventional diplomacy that brought more progress toward peace than we’ve seen in decades.

Thank you for delivering three conservative Supreme Court justices and hundreds of new federal judges who will protect our rights for decades. Thank you for defending the Second Amendment, standing up for our free speech and religious liberty, and becoming the most pro-life president in American history.

Thank you for the COVID vaccines and Operation Warp Speed. Without your absolutely relentless determination during the pandemic, we know that would never have happened. It’s the fastest government has moved in years, and you were the force of nature that drove it to fruition.

Thank you for continually reminding us that we are one nation under God and that we must never stop asking that God bless America. Thank you for bringing back that beautiful phrase “Merry Christmas” and proclaiming to the world that Jesus Christ is the real reason for the season. Thank you for defending the virtues of our nation and the Judeo-Christian values of our founders from the slanders of the left by punishing statue topplers and honoring American history at Mount Rushmore. In the same way, we were proud when you traveled to Warsaw and defended the greatness of Western civilization—once again, you delivered exactly the message the world needed to hear.

Thank you for trying so hard to bring our country together with incredible moments such as your amazing Fourth of July celebrations complete with patriotic speeches and military flyovers, your commemoration of the 75th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, France, and your State of the Union addresses. The media didn’t give you credit for being unifying, but countless millions of Americans—Republican, Democrat, and Independent—were inspired by what you did.

Thank you for being a man of your word and having the audacity to keep your promises in Washington D.C., unlike so many politicians in the past. Thank you for being our voice for truth in a world filled with the lies of leftist corporate media organizations, critical race theory activists, and big tech censorship.

Thank you for transferring power back from Washington, D.C. to the American people, revivifying the bedrock principle of our constitutional government that “a nation exists to serve its citizens,” and reminding the nations of the world at the UN and at Davos of the plain truth that “If you want democracy, hold on to your sovereignty. And if you want peace, love your nation.”

Without your sacrifice and leadership over the past four years, America would right now be a nation in steep decline. If you had not been elected, the entire American manufacturing industry would be gone. Tens of millions more illegal immigrants would be in the United States. Countless more innocent lives would have been lost to MS-13. Iran, China, and North Korea would be far stronger, while our nation’s military would be drastically weaker. And without you, instead of being energized and revivified as it is today, the Republican Party would be on the verge of death. Thank you for not giving up or giving in even after you left office but continuing your fight for our great country and her freedoms. We know that for you and for America, the best is still yet to come.

But no matter what happens, Mr. President, your place among the greatest American Presidents in history is secure. You helped America win again. You helped Americans believe in our country again. You did exactly what you promised: you put America First—and you did indeed make America great again.

Today, we thank you, and we wish you a very Happy Birthday!


The American People

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1 year ago

Happy Birthday Mr. President!
You are greatly missed.

Lori Thompson
1 year ago

Happy Birthday! I am looking forward to your return in 2024!

Victoria Johnson
1 year ago

Happy birthday, Mr. President.
We are in for some very perilous times. I don’t think we have even begun to see how bad things are going to get under this administration. I fear for what they have in store for you and all the members of your family.
May God bless you and your family and keep you safe.

1 year ago

Thank you President Trump for believing in us and our country. I can’t wait to see you in the White House again. You are a true leader.

Jerry sims
1 year ago

We are reminded of that blessed phrase: “do you miss me now?” And certainly the answer is yes. Happy birthday mr. President!

1 year ago

Yes, Thank You President Trump for ALL you did in the 4 years you spent as our President!! I sure Pray that we shall see you in 2024 as our President!! May God continue to bless you and your family.

1 year ago

Happy Birthday, Mr. President. This country needs you and you are truly missed. Your policies were and are to keep America great and moving forward. WE thank you for all you have done and the article above does an excellent job detailing the good you have done.

1 year ago

Happy Birthday Donald Trump. You are the greatest president of the United States since George Washington. (Obumma, the worst, of course.) We, the people are forever grateful for all your efforts to Keep America Great!

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

My 2 cents… DO NOT reply to the naysayers here, give them ZERO recognition. Done…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

1 year ago

Amen! Happy birthday and God bless President Trump and the USA!

Roger G Vales
1 year ago

God bless you, President Trump!

Jim T
1 year ago

“Happy Birthday” to the best President EVER!!! Hwo Loves God and this great Country! Mr. Donald Trump!

Sandra Burke
1 year ago

Happy ???? birthday ????

Michael G MacLean
1 year ago
Reply to  Sandra Burke

Have you been living under a rock?

1 year ago

I love the words of honor and thanks to President Trump. (Usually words cannot adequately express the greatness like this article did.) God gave America a great blessing and I, along with millions of Americans are thankful for him. Praying for God’s blessings on our true President and on America.

1 year ago

You lot sound like you’re hoping Trump reads this. Hysterically expressing your faith in your phoney, orange, bellowing cult leader. Let’s all line up and kiss his asssss!

A man who thrives on the attention and whose ego surges when the people who believe his BS fawn all over him, is no worthy man at all. He loves throwing you all red meat so he can relish being cheered. It’s all about him. His ego. A man of no noble integrity.

1 year ago
Reply to  Harry

Their is no ego in Love of God !, Love of Jesus Christ !, Love of Country !, Love of the People (All People ) !, Love of our Constitution !, Bill of Rights !, Civil Rights, Your Freedom !, Sovereignty of this America ! Love of Prosperity for all Americans ! America First !

If you Believe all of the Above for our Country ! YOU ! Can Believe in the Man’s Love of Country !
May God Bless Him ! For all he Did for our Country ! and continues to do.

Instead of complaining of his Great Work ! ( You Know it is all true ) ! You just don’t want to see the TRUTH !!

Will Pray someday you will be a Patriot of this Country ( AMERICA ) May God continue to Bless Her !

A Patriot !

1 year ago
Reply to  Harry

Actually, if you were and are paying attention, it’s about America. “We The People”, He is one of us. It’s the end results. Who cares if he has “orange hair” or has a big ego. Get over it. We want America to be great FOREVER so our grandkids have something to strive for. I want low prices and opportunities, good health care, freedom and peace!

Lee McQuillen
1 year ago
Reply to  Harry

Guess you don’t know what a real patriot is.

Michael G MacLean
1 year ago
Reply to  Harry

So, you think your senile president is doing a better job? You can’t see the truth when it is in front of your face. You are to be pitied.

Harry Childers
1 year ago

Happy Birthday Mr President

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

A beautifully written Happy Birthday message to our President…Donald J. Trump is the most accomplished president in my lifetime of 67 years…I happily made ( 4 ) contributions to the Trump reelection campaign & not a penny to the RNC at the time…I wanted my money to go where it counted & not be spread around so the RINO’s could use it. I continue to maintain that principle…
Donald J. Trump is our duly elected POTUS & I along with 76+ million people wait with bated breath for his reinstatement soon…Trump is the master of ” multi-tasking ” as he is exactly the man we need to clean up the mess created by a ” Manchurian ” candidate allowed to steal an election…
Happy Birthday Mr. President…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

Sally & Steve
1 year ago

Wow, your words are such a great tribute to OUR LEGALLY elected President – Donald Trump! Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Jan Phelps
1 year ago

We share the same birthday Mr. President, Donald Trump, still my President. How the Real Americans Miss you SOOO Much! We pray you will become our President again and the sooner the better before the Left destroys America. It is fearful out here with you not in the upper most seat of our country. God Bless you and God Bless America.

1 year ago

Happy Birthday to my favorite President in my lifetime (since Eisenhower)! Sure miss you! ❤️

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