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H.R. 7 – No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, Passes House

andrew-mangioneby Andrew Mangione – AMAC is pleased to inform our members that H.R. 7, the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” was passed by the House of Representatives on January 28, 2014. AMAC, which supported this significant piece of legislation in December 2013, commends the House for recognizing the critical need to take action to protect both the unborn and the American taxpayer. H.R. 7 codifies policies that prohibit the federal funding of abortion and also prohibits tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies authorized by ObamaCare from being included in health plans with abortion coverage. AMAC believes this bill is an essential step in the right direction, as the national discussion on health care reform – and the sanctity of life – continues. As H.R. 7 moves forward in the legislative process, AMAC now encourages the Senate to consider how new health regulations passed at the federal level – like those in ObamaCare – propound the use of taxpayer dollars for uses that may conflict with the ethical and religious beliefs of many American citizens. AMAC remains a proud supporter of H.R. 7 and promises to bring our 1.1 million members the latest news and information regarding the status of this bill as it unfolds.

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Don Cole
8 years ago

Every 25 seconds we are murdering another babe in this country. Ever wonder why there are not enough people in the work force to support the elderly? Would another 60 million productive people help?
Forgive us Dear God. We kill what you create

8 years ago

I seem to have missed this good news in the news feeds – it has all been about Justin Beaver and the Super Bowl, sigh.

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