Gruesome NY Abortion Bill is Pure Hypocrisy

Pro-life individuals have a good reason to be anxious. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill into law to legalize abortions up to birth. The “Reproductive Health Act” moved abortion from New York State’s criminal statute to the health code and allows for abortions up to the point of birth when the life or the mother’s health is at risk or the baby is not viable. Not only did Governor Andrew Cuomo sign the bill that provides access to late-term abortion, he celebrated the expansion of the torturous procedure.

Critics of Cuomo, such as columnist Matt Walsh, point out a mystifying fact. New York prohibits the death penalty for criminals who have committed heinous crimes, yet promotes the right for a woman to take the life of her unborn child up the child’s birth.

Life News shares the experience of a former abortionist. According to Dr. Anthony Levatino, the baby is injected with poison that goes directly into his or her skull or torso. He or she then suffers what is described as a painful death as the unborn child already has a developed nervous system. “If he has been writhing and suffering in agony for the past 24 hours, clinging onto life – then he will be injected again.” The baby, now dead, must be delivered, in a variety of instances gruesomely, such as into the toilet. Permitting this cruel procedure to take place on innocent babies in the womb, yet providing protection against lethal injection for convicted serial killers and child rapists points out the warped mentality of New York’s laws.

Most people say they favor righteousness in laws. The word is defined as devotion to a sinless life. It encompasses goodness, respectability, fairness and justness. Fake news, and leaders from the left, will tell you this new abortion law is fair and just, but the reality is that we are failing as a society to uphold protection of the innocent by permitting the cruelest injections to happen to babies about to be born. Other states, such as Vermont and New Mexico, are moving closer to legalizing radical abortion laws. Cuomo’s desire to protect violent criminals from lethal injection would make one believe that he cares about human life. Yet, his support of late term abortion, whereby human life that is clearly viable can be lethally injected, killed, and discarded, demonstrates an absolute absence of righteousness.

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Gia Ricottone

People worry more about puppies and kittens rather than an unborn baby. It is heartbreaking.

Fred Loe

People do not have an original thought about anything anymore.Neither do they think or reason.It is the herd or group think that rules the day.I always shined away from groups because in the back of my mind this “mob” is mindless and would get me in trouble.To bad the entire whole left, progressive’s ,democrats or what ever they call themselves is full of mindless folks.How about being against capital punishment but be in favor of abortions at any time! You want to talk about Nazi’s, hate to think what is coming with robot minds indoctrinated in our public schools. But what do I know being A deplorable, white privileged ,WASP, and self made 70+ year old!


We can no longer point any fingers at the Nazi’s of WWII. The Holocaust that we have created dwarfs what they did, not only in the sheer scope, but also in the pride Cuomo and the like take in perpetrating these murderous acts upon the most innocent of human beings.

At least the Germans were ashamed of what they were doing and attempted to hide their actions.


God help us!

Thomas Booth

The most guilty are protected and the most innocent are not.


Funny how Democrats fight against the death penalty, supposed abuse of separated illegal alien children, but think it is okay to separate American families by the murder of our own children made legal. Heartbreaking…


A sad day in America when such a heinous sin is celebrated. God help us.

Bruce Kielty

America is dying slowly every day…a home for the depraved, not the brave.


Lord help us. This country needs to return to the teachings of the Bible.

Michael Bloom

Like Sodom and Gomorrah, it’s time for God to act.

Ed M

This is only the beginning for Cuomo. Watch for more restrictions on our freedoms and giveaways to illegal immigrants..


This is absolutely horrible. These people that want abortions should never have a baby. The people that passes these laws and the doctors that perform the abortions will surely go to hell.

Charles Parker

We don’t have a right to kill other people, especially babies, whether born or not. I believe that a human life begins at the moment of conception.

Josephine pooley

This is evil pure and simply! Andrew Cuomo has sold his soul to the devil! May God have mercy on him!


Democrats are Baby Killers!!


Where are the peoples minds about what life really is about? New York people not long ago was about families, looking out for each other and helping raise children together. Now they let a handful of nut jobs run their lives and destroy what their parents and grandparents worked for and believed in what a family was. Killing a child before birth, up to birth is so wrong. Yorkers will reap what they sow. It’s already showing. Bad people will live on as innocent die before birth.


This is criminal! Who approves of this man and his irrational, immoral decisions?

Phyllis poole

They have another life to live when their body leaves their soul. Where???!
There IS. a hell. Somebody should tell them.where are our priests. Pastors. And all of us??! Please pass this on so they wil kmow!!!

Stephen Russell

Watch God Judge & same for NM in joining in 2.


He should be injected and eliminated.