My Group Policy With Blue Cross/ Blue Shield Was Canceled

from John Higgins – My Group olicy with Blue Cross/ Blue Shield was canceled because of Obamacare (all small group policies were canceled in NY my agent told me).
My new plan has less coverage and costs hundreds more per month! I now have a high deductible and higher co-payments. I just had a test and my new co-payment was $90 compared to the old $20 co-payment. Mr Reid, don’t you care?

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6 years ago

Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosie. Both of you will go down in history with the others as the biggest liars in history. In time the truth will be told, as it is starting to unravel now. However you are overlooking one important factor. Tomorrow I will be right. You & Pelosie will still be IDIOTS.TIME ALONE TELLS ONE COMPLETE & CORRECT TRUTH.

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